The Blind Man is a character central to many events in the Pathverse.


The Blind Man was originally a citizen of the Inner Realm, chosen by the Masters in the Zero Age to become the king and start a new nation. The Masters then left, leaving him to rule. While he ruled well, Inferadness sought to create chaos by inciting a rebellion amongst the people. He told them that the Blind Man had actually killed the Masters, and so the citizens started a rebellion. They gouged the king's eyes out, and were about to kill him when the Masters, realising they had made a mistake, returned and quashed the rebellion. In apology, the Masters granted the Blind Man the gift of immortality. He considered the gift a punishment, however, and grew bitter at the Masters, leaving on a self-imposed exile.

In the Seventh Age, when Lyx wiped out all organic life, the Blind Man survived due to his immortality. Similarly, when the Masters destroyed the Realm in the Eighth Age, he survived and was expelled to the nearest Realm, that of Arceus himself. The Blind Man asked Arceus if he could recreate the Inner Realm so the Blind Man could reform society. Arceus granted the Blind Man the opportunity, giving him the ability to travel through time.

Travelling back to the First Age, the Blind Man began recruiting people throughout history who he thought would be helpful in recreating the Realm. He took them to the Ninth Age, where the Masters had recreated the Inner Realm as it had been in the Zero Age. The Blind Man and those he had taken with him rebuilt Devotee Castle and re-established the Devotee kingdom, which the Blind Man became the king of.


The Blind Man wears a black robe and hood, with silver markings all over them. The hood comes down to cover most of his face.

Underneath the hood, his face is scarred and both of his eyes are gouged out.

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