A Blimp Fruit in Super Mario Galaxy 4.

Blimp Fruits (also known as Blimp Berries in RedYoshi's Universal Conquest and in Super Mario Universal too.) are items debuting in Super Mario Galaxy 2 which turns Yoshi into Blimp Yoshi, and allows him to float in midair for a limited time. A meter showing how long the plump dinosaur can float is shown on the screen, and when Yoshi runs out, he will have to collect another Blimp Fruit to get more flying time.


Super Mario: Multicolored Mayhem

Bulb Berries Make an apperance once more in Super Mario: Multicolored Mayhem, as well as the Dash Pepper, and the new Chlly Bean. It first appears in Yoshi's Tree Town. If Yoshi eats it, he turns into Blimp Yoshi; he is automatically lifted into the air. Yoshi 's power runs out if he runs out of air, or if B is pressed. Yoshi can hold his breath and save air if A is held.

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