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The Blendaverse is an alternate Fantendoverse in a similar style to the Mynisverse and Lethalverse. The project was created by Blenda and focuses on drastically changing characters while still keeping their "cores."

Important Characters


The Blendaverse version of Boare was the hero of Zeon's prophecy instead of Unten.

Sara Beetlehands

Sara Beetlehands is a parallel version of Leah Needlenam, meant to portray herself in a world where the Twisted Cross didn't exist.


An original character, S'heavena is a mentally insane girl from a hidden town. She utilizes alternate versions of herself as weapons, almost always killing them.

Fuse Troupe

A collection of nineteen different characters that work together with no rules, no restrictions, and no control. Each member is unique and has a different ideology.