Developer(s) Blender Maximum
Manufacturer(s) Blender Maximum
Console Type Portable console
Generation Ninth Generation
1080p / 60 FPS
HD Graphics
Multi-Screen Functionality
Online / LTE Functionality

The BlendaDeck is a ninth generation portable gaming console created by Blender Maximum. The console is set to be released in early October 2017. The console is modeled after faces of cards, having one main controller with four detachable screens. It is somewhat similar to the New Nintendo 3DS in terms of design and the way that it works, but is largely different in several aspects. The console has been met with mostly positive reviews although some have stated that its multi-screen controller seems "a bit gimmicky" at times.


The BlendaDeck's controller has a right and left analog stick, a D-Pad, a series of "ABXY" buttons (labeled as Heart, Diamond, Spade, and Club), an L and R button, a "-L" and "-R" button, a home button (labeled as a king's crown), a start button (Ace), and a power button. The controller also has a closed compartment on the back of it and a stylus. Inside the compartment are the console's four screens with symbols in the upper right-hand corner resembling the four card faces. One of the screens can be attached to the middle of the controller as the console's main screen. If the game allows for it, the compartment can also be lifted upwards similarly to the 3DS for another screen to be placed onto it. The other two screens are not able to be used unless the player either switches them out or for local multiplayer, in which one player will use the main controller and additional players will use the other screens, adding digital buttons to them.


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