Bleak Industries

Bleak Industries is a newly formed multimedia company founded by Bleak Moonlight (tbc) on July 1st, 2017. The company succeeds Illusion Works, and contains all of the projects created in late 2017 onwards. 


Bleak Industries Icon

The company's icon

Bleak Industries was founded on July 1st, 2017, following a username change by the leader of Illusion Works, as his works took a different turn from previous projects. Many projects were picked up from Illusion Works but recreated in a new light, including some "development hell" titles and cancelled ideas. The Pure Fantendoverse was the main title created by the company, focusing on Parvati and the like. 

More new games started to be created by the company such as the third game in the Tessellate series, Tessellate: Mind Games and Power Trip, a war video game. However as of 2018, a lot of these projects have been put on hold as the founder has lost interest in a lot of his work, so it is unknown whether these titles will be seen to completion.




  • This is the sixth company set up by Bleak Moonlight (tbc) over his lifespan on Fantendo.
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