Some fires are impossible to put out

Blaze the Koopa: Reburnt is a reboot of the Blaze the Koopa series and the 4th game overall. It's a Nintendo Switch exclusive title.


From a young age, Blaze always hated working for Bowser. Every day, he's forced to work for 12 hours and he doesn't even get payed. One day, after a particularly rough day, he's had enough and decides to rebel against the monster. Along with his friends Goombit and Metal Bro, the three escape the Castle and make it to an abandoned Castle, where they plan out there rebellion. They decide to train to use Power-Ups, and start training with there respective power-ups: Blaze uses a Fire Flower, Goombit uses a Mushroom, and Metal Bro uses a Metal Cap.

After a while however, they learn of Bowsers new plan: while Mario, Luigi, and others are off on vacation, the Koopa Troop will take over the Kingdom one section at a time. The hero's, knowing it was up to them, set out to defeat Bowser and his army with the training they have.


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Gameplay screenshot

Blaze the Koopa: Reburned plays quite differently then the old games. It's a 3D open world platformer with Beat 'Em up elements thrown in. There are 10 different worlds and all of them are open world. Like Super Mario 64, in order to beat each world you need to find at least 5 of the 7 keys, each one needing to be unlocked if different ways. The keys will unlock the Boss gate, and once you beat the boss you'll go to the next world.

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The games controls

You control 3 characters, each one with different abilities: Blaze the Koopa (Fire), Goombit (Growth and Shrinking) and Metal Bro (Metal). In 4-Player Mode, the 4th player will just play as a recolored Blaze. Each character controls the same but have different abilities, and you'll need to swap between them during gameplay to solve puzzles. Each character also shares a health bar in single player, but in multiplayer everyone has there own. Also, if a player dies, you can revive them.

Throughout the game, you'll level up via finding the keys, defeating enemies, and grabbing coins. You can then upgrade your abilities to do more damage or gain new abilities entirely. Upgrading abilities can help you access new areas or help you on a part your stuck on.












4-Player Mode


Secret Animations

Throughout each of the 10 Worlds, there is a DVD that you can find and collect. Doing so will unlock a series of animated shorts based around Blaze and the group messing around.





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