Blank Out is a miniseries for Fantendo - Drive written by Sr.Wario that releases in 2016 as a sequel of sorts to Fantendo - Gaiden: Legacy and a prequel to Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory that focuses on the popular character Blank as she goes back to a life in the ghetto, but takes up the life of a brutal vigilante using her experience as an Operative.


  • Blank: An abrasive but good person who has a lot of baggage and is returning to her old life after a long period in which she was a real "hero". Now, she's battling against crime and using her experiences and training to deliver brutal justice.
  • Lenny: The manager of Blank's apartment complex. He's an anthromorphic Garbodor, which reflects his attitude and personality, constantly hitting on Blank who is clearly NOT interested.
  • Sable: The secondary antagonist, Sable is a psychotic murderer with enhanced senses that acts as Unix' muscle and represents the Parasites as a gang. His motives seem to be pure loyalty to Unix, who "saved" him when he was at his lowest point by giving him a new home, name, and powers.
  • Dr. Unix: The primary antagonist, Brad Troy leads Project: Parasite under the guise of the sinister Doctor Unix. He's brilliant but views ethics as a foolish ideal for children, having only an interest in advancing technology and profiting from that technology. He's not a violent man, hiring people to do his dirty work, using Sable to take on threats to the operation. However, things aren't as simple as they seem for him.
  • Dr. Dames: An old friend of Unix, Ruth Dames was a former A22 Enterprises employee trying to take down Project: Parasite and assisting Blank so she can end the evil plot fror good.
  • Aero: A newbie Misfit, Amber Arlen is an ambitious woman who is looking to stop threats and ends up being assigned to destroy the Parasites. She can use aerokinesis and ends up battling but befriending Blank alongside her close partner Beam.
  • Beam: A newbie Misfit, Eliza Baxter is a slacker who's always joking around and must learn to take her job seriously. She can create blasts of energy that range from weak and annoying to painful and stinging. She ends up defeating Blank with Aero, but they let her go when she explains the situation.
  • Logia: Blank's friend and partner in the Operatives, the two are left with a strained relationship when Blank leaves. This is due to their obvious unresolved sexual tension, both of them being disinterested in resolving it due to their underlying fears.
  • Sinn: The director of F.A.N.T, Sinn has a minor role, only appearing when Logia gets him involved with the Blank/Unix fight and providing assistance in various ways.


1: Blank Out

Blank returns to her apartment but finds an awful new problem.

The issue begins with Blank arriving at her old apartment, key in hand.

Blank: Almost three fuckin' years.

Blank looks around, expecting people to be afraid or intrigued at her, but everyone is unfazed.

Blank: Some things never change. No one here gives a shit.

Blank turns the key and opens the apartment, to find nothing has changed.

Blank: Nothing even happened.

Blank then smells something rancid.

Blank: Oh god, what's that terrible smell?

Blank looks in the fridge to see 3 year old food.

Blank: This makes me want to throw up. And I'm an alcoholic who lives in the ghetto.

Blank sits down on the couch and gets out her purse.

Blank: On the bright side, not everything is the same.

Blank shuffles through a stack of hundred dollar bills.

Blank: My severance pay.

She then finds several things, including a note that she crumples up before we can see it.

Blank: I didn't miss this shithole. But it feels kind of....right.

She takes a single look at the note before tossing it in the trash.

Blank:....I'm hungry.

Blank takes a look at a pamphlet on her counter for a deli.

Blank: Damn. I ate some fancy stuff when I was an Operative. But a sub sandwich sounds better right now then any of that.

Blank throws it down, takes out her car keys, and leaves the room.

Blank walks into the lobby and spots a Garbodor.

Blank: Holy shit.

The garbodor turns toward her and looks surprised.

???: Blank?
Blank: It's been three years Lenny.
Lenny: Yeah? Has it? Wow. I like the new outfit. Really highlights your curves, Blank.
Blank: You're disgusting.
Lenny: You're almost 30, Blank, don't act like you're too good for me.
Blank: I'm just surprised you didn't clear out my apartment so you can upcharge some douchebag.
Lenny: Guess I forgot. So that's the terrible smell on floor 3!
Blank: Well now I'm back, so we'll be seeing more of each other, like it or not.
Lenny: Why should I let you just show back up?

Blank sighs and hands him 3 hundred dollar bills.

Lenny: Have fun!
Blank: Oh, can you clean the shit outta that fridge?
Lenny: Maybe...

Blank rolls her eyes and hands another hundred dollar bill to Lenny.

Lenny: Will do, sweetie.

Blank sighs and exits the apartment complex.

Blank: How the hell did he end up being the manager of this?

Blank counts through her stack of cash.

Blank: Well, they are both garbage...

She then walks off, headed to the deli.

Blank is walking down her familiar streets.

Blank: Here's home.

A quick few panels show drunkards, criminals, druggies, and drug dealers hanging out and mucking up the street.

Blank: Not much. But I feel ambivalence towards these losers. We belong together. It's not...difficult.

She walks under a bridge with a tram on it.

Blank: The old bridge.

Blank then sees a hobo sitting on the street, asleep.

Blank: I have a soft spot for homeless people.

She stops by, lifts up his beanie, and drops a hundred dollar bill into it.

Blank: We're all homeless here. Some of us more then others.

Blank spots the deli and jogs to it.

Blank: But we all know how it feels to be like this.

She opens the door and heads in, a bell ringing as she enters.

Blank's laying back on the couch, eating the rest of her sandwich.

Blank: Why the hell is that deli here?

She tosses the wrapper into her trash can.

Blank: It's too good for anyone here.

She gets up and finds that her fridge is cleared out.

Blank: Myself included. I really need to get some groceries.

She thinks for a moment.

Blank: And a car.

Blank goes to her matress.

Blank: And a new bed.

Blank sighs and falls down onto her bed.

Blank: Things have changed so much.

She stares up at the ratty ceiling.

Blank: If I could go back.....I never would've went with her.

She groans and rolls over, face in pillow.

Blank: But I can't.

She then hears a scream from outside.

Blank: Oh shit.

Blank rushes out of the apartment.

Blank: I wasn't planning on this.

She quickly makes it outside, looking around.

Blank then sees a woman getting beat up, but not by anything visible.

Blank: What the fuck?

Blank cautiously approaches her.

Blank: Look, lady, you need h-

Blank is then knocked to the ground.

Blank: Piece of shit.

Blank throws a punch forward and hits the invisible man, causing their skin to appear for a moment.

Blank: Nice camoflauge. I can do better.

The invisible man throws a punch, but Blank uses her training to catch the arm and twist it, breaking it.

Blank: Asshole.
Invisible Man: You bitch!

The invisible man falls to the ground and his skin becomes visible once more. Blank helps the woman up.

Blank: Call the police. Stay safe.

Blank then runs back to her apartment.

Blank is shown on her couch, watching a small TV as a news program comes on.

Newscaster: Scientist Ruth Dames was attacked today in a seedy part of New York City.
Blank: That's the woman I helped.

Blank looks as the police contain the solution.

Blank: A scientist, huh...what the hell was she doing here?
Newscaster: Police arrested an unknown individual who reportedly had the ability to become invisible.
Blank: An invisible criminal seems like a waste of good powers.

Blank shrugs.

Blank: Maybe I'm wasting my powers. But maybe I can still help people.

She snuggles into the couch as the news program goes on.

Blank: Without them. On my own. How I want to.

She then turns off the program.

Blank: Probably won't make a fucking difference.

Blank lays back and looks upward.

Blank: But I wasn't meant for great things anyways.

She relaxes as a panel shows the note she threw away. It reads:

Don't leave.

2: Blank Time

Blank has to survive an encounter with violent criminals in her home.

Everything is a blur as Blank slowly rises out of bed.

Blank: Fuck!

The world spins a bit before things come into focus.

Blank: I got way too drunk last night.

Blank then clutches at her stomach and runs to the bathroom, vomiting off-panel.

Blank: I've been drinking for a long time.

She comes out, looking agitated.

Blank: Too long, thinking about it.

Blank then opens her closet which consists of duplicates of her outfit.

Blank: Guess I was tired of being sad. The bottle makes you dull.

She shrugs and closes it.

Blank: And being dull is better than feeling alive.

Blank then walks to the kitchen slowly, rubbing her head.

Blank: I'd rather have a hangover than emotions. Hangovers just need aspirin and ginger ale. Emotions have no easy answer.

Various panels show a montage. This first shows Blank chugging a ginger ale can and taking an aspirin.

Blank: I kind of miss the globetrotting, to be honest.

The second shows Lenny winking at her as she flips him off.

Blank: The fancy wine.

The third shows her buying more aspirin at a drug store.

Blank: But not the company.

The fourth shows her getting gasoline.

Blank: My shithead father and my drunken mother were always alone in the world, I suppose.

The final has her beating up a mugger in an alley.

Blank: And the apple never falls far from the tree.

As the sun sets, Blank comes back to her apartment complex where Lenny apprehends her.

Blank: Do you understand what no means, trash can?
Lenny: Sorry, Liv, not in the mood for seducing you today.
Blank: I paid my rent for like....a thousand fuckin' years.
Lenny: That's not it.
Blank:....So your point?
Lenny: A few people have complained about you.

Blank rolls her eyes and cracks her knuckles.

Lenny: Apparently you talk to yourself a lot? They think you're crazy or some shit. About like, beating up criminals and a bear?
Blank: Tell them they can go fuck themselves.
Lenny: That's not good for business.
Blank: I don't really care.

Lenny sighs as Blank walks to her apartment.

Blank opens the door and sets down a bag on the counter.

Blank: I talk to myself because I can't stand the quiet.

She then hops on the couch and picks up her remote.

Blank: I know how fucked up that sounds, but it's the truth.

She turns on a news program.

Blank: The quiet is peaceful. Comforting for most.

Blank puts her feet up.

Blank: But for me.....quiet means I'm thinking too much. Thinking can never be good.

She then stares up at the ceiling.

Blank: I think and then I realize how much I've fucked up. How much my life has been fucked up. And then I get sad.

She lets out a big sigh.

Blank: And that's what leads to me drinking.

Blank glances at the fridge for a moment.

Blank: A part of me is scared that I'll drink myself to death. But the other part of me almost wants to fall asleep and then never wake up.

She turns up the volume on the TV.

Blank: I wouldn't be sad then.

Suddenly, a gunshot destroys her door.

Blank: Oh fuck.

Blank rolls onto the ground and runs to her bedroom to hide.

Two shady looking men walk into the apartment. The first, a grizzled man with an eyepatch and shotgun looks satisfied while his lanky dark haired friend looks annoyed, searching the room with his eyes quickly.

Grizzled Man: We know ya' here, luv.
Dark Haired Man: A shotgun? Really?
Grizzled Man: Thought it might scare the bloody woman.
Dark Haired Man: Clearly not. I can hear her breathing though.

Blank, hiding in her closet raises her eyebrows and covers her mouth.

Grizzled Man: Those enhanced senses are creepy as all hell mate.

Blank, hearing that, takes her hand off her mouth and opens the closet loudly.

Grizzled Man: Now that one I could hear!
Dark Haired Man: She's drawing attention now.
Grizzled Man: Or she's just a twit.

The dark haired man glares at his partner and they go into the bedroom where they find that she's gone.

Dark Haired Man: She's in the fire escape.

The next panel shows Blank looking pissed off as she hangs onto the fire escape.

Grizzled Man: Come on, darling...

Blank then climbs back to her window and leaps into the room, feet first, kicking the grizzled man in the face and knocking him out.

Blank: Never call me darling, douchebag.

The dark haired man strikes Blank swiftly with his fist as she recovers from the flying kick.

Blank: Fuck!

Blank's sight becomes a bit blurry again as she's punched in the gut, knocking her onto the ground.

Dark Haired Man: You'll regret messing with the Parasites.

Blank looks confused as the man picks up his partner's shotgun and points it at her forehead.

Blank: Hey, asshole, this isn't the first time a gun's been to my head.

Blank then pushes her full weight onto the slender man swiftly, knocking him off her.

Dark Haired Man: Nor will it be the last.
Blank: That's how I like it.

She picks up the shotgun and uses it to swiftly knock him out.

Blank: What the fuck is a Parasite?

Blank drags their bodies and throws them out her window.

Blank: That should be the last of those two dumbasses.

Blank sighs and sits down on the bed for a moment.

Blank is sitting on the couch, watching TV.

Blank: Gonna have to get that door replaced. That'll be a real bitch.

She looks over at the fridge.

Blank: But.....I don't think a drink is the answer.

Blank then remembers the warning the dark haired man gave her.

Blank: What the hell have I gotten myself into now?

3: Drawing a Blank

Blank meets a woman not dissimilar to herself.

The opening panel shows Blank's bedroom ceiling.

Blank: 3 days sober.

She rolls over into her pillow.

Blank: This is....harder then I thought it'd be.

She then rolls over, getting up, running her hands through her hair.

Blank: Where I grew up, people didn't fix their addiction.

Blank walks over to her bathroom and starts brushing her teeth.

Blank: They let it kill them.

She then brushes her hair and puts it up in a ponytail.

Blank: But I refuse to die, groaning in some ratty hospital bed. I want to die triumphantly.

After putting on some lipstick, she turns off the light and leaves the room.

Blank: Gunshot maybe. Decapitation, if I'm lucky.

She then heads to her living room, sighing.

Blank walks into the lobby.

Lenny: Wow! You really got dressed up.
Blank: What do you want, garbage bin?
Lenny: No need to be so hostile.
Blank: I'm only not hostile towards my friends.
Lenny: You have friends? That's news to me.
Blank: Get to the damn point.
Lenny: Fine, fine. A man asked for you.
Blank: Oh great.
Lenny: In that get-up, I can't blame him...
Blank: Shut up. What did he look like?
Lenny: Tall, dark-hair, pale skin. You could do better, to be honest.

Blank realizes that it's the man who nearly killed her and gasps.

Lenny: I see you have experience with this fellow?
Blank: Yeah....

She then runs out quickly as Lenny looks confused.

Lenny: First talking to herself, now this.....she's a real weirdo. A hot weirdo.

Blank goes outside and finds the dark haired man sitting on a bench in a business suit.

Blank: I beat the shit out of you and threw you out of a window. What part of that does not scream "RUN THE FUCK AWAY" to you?

The dark haired man chuckles and puts out his hand.

Blank: How do I know you aren't going to kill me with that?
Dark Haired Man: I have enhanced senses, Ms. Melini. Not magic.
Blank: Fine.

Blank quickly shakes his hand, looking at him, annoyed.

Dark Haired Man: We got off to a bad start.
Blank: Yeah, you almost murdered me.
Dark Haired Man: Nothing personal, of course. My name is Sable.
Blank: You had some sadistic fuckin' parents.
Sable: Not really. I had a real name like you, once. But we changed.
Blank: What do you want from me? Why act all friendly?
Sable: Because my orders have been changed up. If my orders were to kill you, you'd already be dead.
Blank: Comforting.
Sable: But my employer believes you'd be an asset to the Parasites. You would be generously rewarded.
Blank: I'd rather shoot myself then work for your gang. I'm trying to clean up these streets, not muck them up.

Sable sighs and shakes his head.

Sable: Alright, come on out, Empty.

Blank then quickly looks around, seeing nothing.

Blank: You piece of sh-

Empty then leaps out of the alley next to them, striking Blank in the side and knocking her into the road.

Sable: Kill her.

Empty nods and Sable darts off into the alley.

Blank: That....hurt....

Blank, groaning, gets up but finds Empty is gone once more.

Blank: I'm the master of hiding, bitch. I'll find you.

Blank looks all around but finds herself at a loss. She heads into the alley, and Empty drops down from the rooftop, breaking her fall on Blank.

Blank: Fuck!
Empty: I have to kill. I have to kill. I have to kill.

Blank slowly gets up, dazed.

Blank: They....fucked you up....lady.

Empty then uses a right hook to Blank's jaw to knock her out.

Empty: Oh god. Is she...oh god.

Empty looks around and picks up Blank's body, throwing it over her shoulder and running off.

The panel shows blackness, as Blank slowly comes to.

Blank: Everything.....hurts.

Blank wakes up and finds herself in a ratty apartment worse than her own.

Blank: Why am I not dead? Or maybe this is hell.....that'd be funny.

She tries to get up, but realizes she's tied down.

Blank: Ropes, huh?

Blank then sees Empty, who walks into the room.

Empty:'re up.
Blank: No shit.
Empty: Look....I'm....
Blank: Insane? Yeah, you kicked my ass, broke some of my bones, kidnapped me, and tied me up. Also, you stole my powers and Empty is literally just a FUCKING synonym for Blank, you piece of shit.
Empty:....Sorry about that. You ever get involved with the wrong people?
Blank: Too many times.
Empty: It's like that. I've lived here my whole life.
Blank: Oh.
Empty: I....haven't had it good. So I saw an experiment in the paper.
Blank: How the hell do you know this about me?
Empty: I know nothing about you. I was just told to kill you.

Blank looks intrigued.

Empty: A22 Enterprises. They were offering....big money. Enough to get away from this city forever. Live a normal life.
Blank: Those assholes.
Empty: They gave me....clear you have. I tried to run out of there but they caught me.
Blank: So that's how you ended up like that?
Empty: After that....I don't remember much. Tiny flashbacks Fighting. Becoming strong. The next thing I knew, I saw you knocked out in that alley.
Blank: So that's why you were doing that weird ass death chant?
Empty: I was? Oh god....I'm so sorry.
Blank: They must have experimented with you. So A22 and the Parasites.....they must be connected.
Empty: What are the Parasites?
Blank: The people you were working for. So then you must be their attempt at a second ME.
Empty: That's awkward....
Blank: Really fuckin' awkward. I'm sorry for snapping at you, though.

Empty does a hand gesture, waving it away.

Blank:'s what you're gonna do. Take a few hundred dollar bills from my purse. Untie me and let me go. Leave the city. Never come back. Get a new life.
Empty: What about you?
Blank: I'm way too deep in this shit to leave. I need to figure out the full story. And kill that prick Sable.

Empty shows a small smile and considers Blank's advice.

Blank: Look, lady. I fucked up my life. I regret so much. But you can still go. You aren't done for. I am.

Sighing, Empty nods and takes out the money from Blank's purse, then using a knife to cut the ropes.

Empty: Thank you so much...
Blank: Leave. Go.

Empty nods, smiling, and Blank leaves the apartment.

Blank returns to her apartment to find the door, fixed up.

Blank: Hopefully no more shotguns.

She opens the door and walks into the living room.

Blank: Or dopplegangers.

Blank goes to the fridge and sees beer, but groans and takes a water bottle instead.

Blank: I need to stop these assholes.

She then sits down on the couch.

Blank: I wasn't planning on getting into some dumbass conspiracy.

She then turns on her TV.

Blank: But life never goes how you want it to.

Sable is sitting in a private jet, drink in hand, talking to someone on his phone.

Sable: Blank is done for, Dr. Unix. I assure you.
Unix: Good. She has connections. And skills. Too much of a threat to live.
Sable: I agree.
Unix: Things are going quite well on my side. The other doctors are unaware of our dealings. Project Parasite will be incredibly good for our finances.
Sable: Excellent.
Unix: You'll be rich soon, my friend.
Sable: Thank you, sir.

Sable hangs up, but then gets another call.

Assistant: Sir.....she's not dead.

Sable groans and puts his hand on his head.

4: Blank vs. Misfits

Young aspiring Misfits are sent out to take down a gang and encounter Blank.

Two young adults in traditional Misfit armor are shown inside a car, driving into the ghetto where Blank lives.

Misfit #1: Fuck this place.

When the first Misfit gets no response, she turns to her friend, who is reading an Amatsuchi! manga.

Misfit #1: Are you seriously reading that garbage?
Misfit #2: Don't kinkshame. I saw your copy of Hawkdick.
Misfit #1: Fine, but it'd be nice to have my partner pay attention. This is our first big mission, Beam.
Beam: Don't call me that garbage, Amber.
Amber: I for one like my codename! Please adress me as Aero.
Beam: Fine, Aero. It's not like this mission matters anyways. We punch a few criminals and have a chance of moving up to Old School. Big deal.
Aero: We go step by step, Beam. Today, New Birds. Tomorrow, Starsnow!
Beam: With robo arm and his hot girlfriend? In your dreams.
Aero: Dreams come true!
Beam: You're watching too much Disney, Aero.
Aero: Better than that Amatsuchi! garbage.
Beam: Shut up! Aren't we almost there, anyways?
Aero: Yep. Looking for the Parasites. Scary name bad could it be?
Beam: It'll be easy. I shoot a few energy blasts, you blow them away with those cool wind powers, we call it a day.

Aero sighs and the car parks in a bar parking lot.

Beam: I'm up for a drink.
Aero: Let's take down these Parasite assholes first.

Beam grunts and the two get out and quickly disappear into a nearby alley.

Blank is shown eating a bowl of cereal in a T-Shirt and shorts at her table.

Blank: Gotta say, these stale-ass Fruit Loops aren't as good as I remembered.

She sighs and tosses the bowl into the sink.

Blank: Better get used to it though.

She then gets out of her chair and throws herself onto the couch.

Blank: From fancy life and having friends to this....

Blank grabs the remote and turns the TV on.

Blank: It's a bit of whiplash.

Blank groans as she finds nothing good is on.

Blank: Really wanna punch something right now. Stop fucking thinking.

Getting up, she finds that she only has a 100 bucks left on the counter.

Blank: Not like I can afford some fancy fuckin' gym either.

Blank rubs her temples vigorously.

Blank: Stopped drinking and that only makes everything worse.

She then slams her head into the couch.

Blank: Maybe I should move to Colorado. At least weed is legal there.

Blank groans and gets up.

Blank: But something tells me that this is a headache you don't cure easily.

She then sees her window shatter and glass falls to the ground.

Blank: Holy shit!

Blank jumps behind the couch as Sable drops into her apartment.

Sable: Heard that you let Empty go. You can imagine my distress. Don't worry, I'll take good care of her.

Blank leaps out and pins Sable to the ground in anger.

Blank: Leave her alone, you ass-

Blank's senses are then dulled as she falls beside Sable, who gets up.

Sable: Good thing I brought that syringe with me. Finely crafted and well tested. You won't be getting up for a bit.

Blank looks up at Sable who paces around.

Blank: Y-you don't know me then.
Sable: I know everything about you, Olivia Melini. I know about your abusive father and your drunk mother. I know about your record with alcohol and tobacco. I know that you've never had a relationship in your life, but you still sleep around.

Blank narrows her eyebrows at Sable.

Sable: I figure, if you won't die or join us voluntarily, we'll just make you our slave.

Sable then punches her roughly in the ribs.

Sable: Welcome to the Parasites, Blank.

Blank then falls unconcious before she can reply.

Aero and Beam are walking through the alleys, Aero quickly and discreetly moving through and Beam sulking through them.

Beam: What does a giant superhero organization want with some ghetto gunmen anyways?
Aero: Apparently these guys are all superpowered in one way or another. And nobody knows who's at the top of the chain. Plus they have a big budget from what intelligence tells us.
Beam: By intelligence you mean the nerd who looks at gas station recordings?
Aero: Do you do anything but snark and slack?
Beam: Do you anything but grump and complete missions? Everyone has personality traits, Amb.
Aero: I'm only grumpy because I really want this. People like Four will do anything they can to destroy everything. I want to be the woman who stops that.
Beam: I just wanted to blast people with cool energy beams and get girls.
Aero: There's your problem, Liz.

Beam rolls her eyes when a dart is fired into her side and she falls unconcious.

Aero: Eliza!

Aero looks around when another dart is fired into her own backside, knocking her unconcious as well. The next panel shows Sable, with a dart gun on the rooftop above them.

Sable: They sent novices to do this job. Not surprised.

Sable climbs down and whistles, summoning various lackeys that pick up their bodies and load them up into an armored truck that then drives off.

Aero and Beam wake up in a bright white room, whincing at the light shing down on them and realizing they're both tied up in chairs.

Beam: Can't believe I signed up for this shit...
Aero: Not now, Liz!

Sable then walks into the room, smirking.

Sable: Amber Arlen and Eliza Baxter. I'm Sable, and I think you've been looking for me.
Beam: So you're the ringleader for this freak circus?
Sable: I prefer gifted opportunist.
Aero: Let us go or the full force of the Misfits will be on you and your gang!
Sable: No one is coming for you, Ms. Arlen. To Mr. Leverletto, you're lackeys. Two soldiers fighting against a minor threat. To me two are the perfect test for my new toy.
Beam: Come back here, you fucking asshole! Fight me, prick!

Sable rolls his eyes and walks up to a steel door, opening it and entering the room attached to it.

Sable: Once I free them, your orders are to kill them both. Understood?

We then see Blank, who nods, an empty expression on her face.

Sable: Excellent.

Sable opens the door and Blank follows, slowly marching forward into the room.

Sable takes his time, slowly approaching the Misfits while Blank stays in place, looking eerily lifeless.

Beam: Hey lady! Help another superhuman out!
Aero: Don't think that'll work, Liz.
Beam: At least i'm trying!

Sable chuckles, amused by their banter and continues to walk toward them.

Beam: That dumbass slow walk doesn't scare me!
Sable: Hmm....I suppose you're right. I'm all too excited to see what my friend does to you, anyways.

Sable dashes toward them, Aero shooting a glare at Beam, who looks away.

Sable: Alright, Blank. Get ready.

Blank stretches and nods, muttering something to herself as Sable cuts the ropes from Aero and Beam.

Beam: Fuck you!

Beam leaps up and pounces on Sable, but Blank quickly kicks her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

Sable: I appreicate your audacity, Ms. Baxter.

Aero uses a wave of wind to knock both Blank and Sable back, defending her friend.

Beam: T-thanks.
Aero: It's what teammates and friends are for.

Beam shows a small smile to Aero as Sable loudly closes and locks the steel door, trapping them with an injured and enraged Blank.

Beam: Oh shit.

Blank sprints toward Aero, but Beam blasts a quick projectile of energy at her, tripping her over.

Aero: Is that all you can do?
Beam: On such short notice? Yeah!

Aero leaps toward Blank, who elbows Aero in the chest, sending her back as she cries out in pain.

Blank: I have to kill. I have to kill. I have to kill. I have to k-

Beam then throws a quick punch at Blank's jaw that knocks her off balance, Aero blasting wind at Blank and throwing her into the steel door.

Blank: I have to kill.
Beam: This is so fucked up.
Aero: Guess that's the life of a Misfit.

Blank gets up and rushes toward the two, punching them both and sending them back, using a lot of force on Beam. Blank picks a dazed Aero up by the throat and squeezes.

Blank: I have to k-

Beam blasts a giant energy beam that scorches Blank and knocks her unconcious, releasing Aero, who falls to the ground.

Beam: What do you have to do now, bitch?

Aero coughs and Beam helps her up.

Beam: It's what teammates and friends are for, Amb.

Aero tightly hugs Beam, smiling.

Beam: Alright, now let's get the hell out of here.

Aero looks down at Blank and frowns.

Aero: I don't think she was completely in control. We should take her with us.
Beam: Fine. Softie.

Aero playfully punches her partner in the shoulder and throws Blank over her shoulder. Beam blasts energy at the steel door, breaking it open, and they leave.

Blank wakes up inside of a large base, and sees Beam and Aero.

Blank: W-what the hell happened?
Beam: You beat the shit out of us. We won though.

Blank grunts and rubs her head.

Blank: Did I....did I do some weird death chant?
Aero: Yeah.
Blank: Sorry about that. Let me explain.
Beam: Still kinda pissed about getting kicked in the face like that...
Blank: Those Parasites....I've been trying to take them down for a little bit now. Their leader, Sable, broke into my house and injected me with a serum to get revenge. Next thing I know, my memory starts going in and out, and I have no control over my actions until someone knocks some sense into my ass.
Beam: That kinda sounds like overcomplicated bullshit.
Blank: We live in a world where anthromorphic fuckin' bears save us from genocidal aliens. I'd say mind control isn't that implausible.
Aero: She has a point, Beam.
Blank: Thanks for beating me up, by the way. Not joking. I really do appreciate it. Who the hell are you guys?
Beam: Misfits. Proud of it, too.

Aero grins at her friend.

Blank: You two can seriously fuck people up. But leave the Parasites out of it. This is my fight, and that prick Sable is mine to kill.

Aero begins to talk but Beam does a hand motion waving it away.

Beam: We're off of the case anyways. Something about being too good to die from some gang.
Aero: Are you sure?
Blank: You guys have helped enough. I need to get some sleep and tell my landlord that the window is broken. That should be enough excitement for today.

Aero shakes Blank's hand.

Aero: I'm Aero, if you ever need our help.
Beam: I'm Eliza....but you can call me Beam.
Blank: Got it. I think this is a fight for me, and me alone, though.

Blank gets up and walks away from the base.

Beam: Everyone needs help, dude. I learned that today.

Blank doesn't reply and leaves silently.

Aero: She has trust issues.
Beam: Eh, so did I. We all come around. Like it or not.

Aero gets out her wallet.

Aero: Want that drink I promised you?
Beam: We're Old School now! We deserve a fuckin' drink.
Aero: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Aero and Beam talk as they walk off together.

Blank walks into her apartment building and sees Lenny, sitting back.

Lenny: Holy shit, Liv! What the fuck happened to you?

Blank glares at her literal garbage landlord.

Lenny: I'm seriously concered, Blank. I care about my tenants, believe it or not.
Blank: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
Lenny: Honey, I'm actual trash. Nothing spooks me now.
Blank: Okay fine.....I'm a vigilante who is currently fighting against this big international conspiracy.
Lenny: Huh. I thought you were a hooker, to be honest.

Blank rolls her eyes and heads to the elevator.

Blank: Oh by the way, my window is broken.

She dashes into the elevator quickly, before Lenny can reply.

Lenny: Damn that woman!

Blank walks into her apartment, and looks around at it's broken state.

Blank: Wish I had a steady income. Beating the shit out of criminals is less rewarding than I remembered.

She walks into her bedroom and falls down, face-first, into the bed.

Blank: I need a fuckin' day off.

Sable is sitting in an office, sipping wine from a glass, when his assistant walks in.

Assistant: Uh....sir?
Sable: What is it?
Assistant: We checked the facility you rented, sir. Blank and the two Misfits are....gone.

Sable drops his glass, wine spilling onto the carpet.

Assistant: I'll get someone to cl-

Sable grabs the assistant by the shirt.

Sable: I leave for a few MINUTES!

Sable slams the assistant's head into the wooden wall.

Sable: Everyone here is so incompetent!

Sable repeatedly slams the head into the wall, blood dripping onto the ground and mixing with the wine.

Sable: Am I the only one dedicated to this cause?!
Assistant: N-no si-

Sable snaps the assistant's neck and he falls over, lifeless.

Sable: This is the last time I watch my plans fail. I'm done with trying to use her as a weapon. She's going to die.

Sable looks down at the body on his floor.

Sable: And anyone who fails....they will, too.

Sable stomps on the assistant's ribs, causing an audible crack.

Sable: I won't fail.

5: Blank Life

Blank takes a day off but finds herself being called repeatedly and then hung up on.

We see Blank and Logia on a white couch in a white room, nothing else of importance except for each other.

Logia: I know, in TV shows or movies, you see grand confessions of love, but all I can say is....
Blank: Yeah? What is it?

Logia clears his throat and sits up.

Logia: (Ringing Noises)
Blank: What the fuck?!
Logia: (Ringing Noises)
Blank: I don't understan-

We then see Blank jolt up from her bed, looking tired and agitated that her dream was interrupted. She then hears the ringing and looks over to her bedside to see her cell phone going off, with no Caller ID for the number.

Blank: Goddamn it.

She then answers it, rubbing her head.

Blank: Who the hell is it?

They then hang up on her and she gets up.

Blank: Thanks for nothing, asshole I don't know the name of. Can't go back to sleep....

She runs her hands through her hair.

Blank: And they always say you shouldn't fight when you're tired. I never listened to "them", but I did say I needed an off-day.....

Blank then walks over to her bathroom.

Blank: Well, I guess this is it. Woo-hoo.

Sighing, she closes the door.

We see Blank at a small diner, sitting at the counter. A nice old waitress walks up to her.

Waitress: What can I get for you, hon?
Blank: Coffee. Black. No cream. Bacon, lots of it. Scrambled eggs, too. Anything that tastes good.
Waitress: On it, sweetie.

The waitress flashes a smile at her and she forces a tired, fake smile out. As the waitress walks out of view, her face goes back to it's usual half-agitated half-depressed expression.

Blank: I'm sure you're wondering how I'm paying for all this shit.

The waitress brings the hot coffee and Blank sips it, hoping for the caffeine to start working on her.

Blank: Well, you're probably NOT wondering, considering I'm just talking to myself. To fill the silence.

Blank yawns and takes another drink.

Blank: As you know, I dabble in being a.....vigilante.

The next panels show her stepping on a criminal's chest, breaking a thief's arm, and kicking a thug in the testicles.

Blank: I've just been stealing from all the pleasant drug dealers, thieves, murderers, and rapists I meet. Some would say that violates civil liberties and that in itself is a crime....

The waitress brings Blank a plate of food and Blank nods in gratitude.

Blank: But I don't give a fuck. Neither do the cops around here, they'll turn a blind eye to almost anything...

She eats a slice of bacon and sticks her fork into an egg.

Blank: I guess that's a bonus of not being some champion of the law.

Blank takes a bite out of a sausage and pushes her mug forward to get a refill.

Blank: Zane's a knight. Shy Dude was on some, fuckin', redemption quest. And Hugo.....he was just a normal guy. Who happened to be a bear alien.

The waitress returns with a full cup of coffee.

Blank: That's why this could never work matter how bad I wish it could. I'm the kind of person who snaps, and steals, and maims.

Blank crosses her fork and knife and gulps down her second cup, getting up.

Blank: At least, that's what I keep telling myself. And if I keep telling myself that....maybe it'll be true. Eventually.

She sticks down a 20 to pay for the meal and a 20 as a tip for the waitress before silently walking out of the diner.

Blank walks out to her new car, a used Ford Explorer that has clearly been through some shit and gets inside, the hunk of junk barely starting.

Blank: Yeah, here's my new car, bought with the previously mentioned douchebag-money.

She pulls out of the parking lot, swerving a bit.

Blank: Well, it's not exactly new. Or a car.

Driving down the road, we see the sun rising far in the distance.

Blank: But it'll do. I'll make it do, if it fuckin' kills me. And it very well might.

She then feels her cell phone vibrate in her pocket and groans, picking it up.

Blank: Never have I been so reluctant to have something vibrate.

She answers it to hear nothing but dead silence like before.

Blank: Wrong number, asshole!

Blank hangs up and sets it down again, but then hears it go off again.

Blank: I swear to fuckin' god!

Blank answers the call and prepares to deliver a good yelling when she hears a female voice on the other side.

Woman: Hello. Are you Olivia Melini?
Blank: Depends. Who the hell are you?
Woman: Doctor Ruth Dames. You were the one to s-
Blank: Save you from the invisidickbag? Yeah. I'm Olivia. You can call me Blank, though.
Dr. Dames: Well, Blank, I'm very grateful for your assistance against that superpowered brute.
Blank: Look, it's just what I do.
Dr. Dames: Regardless. I've looked into your personal life a seems you dislike these criminals like I do.
Blank: The point?
Dr. Dames: I'd like to take you to dinner as a show of gratitude and to discuss some information that would benefit the both of us.
Blank: Info about those asshats? I'm in.
Dr. Dames: Meet me at Vuoto's at 12.
Blank: Fancy Italian place?
Dr. Dames: Yes. See you there.

Blank grunts and hangs up, throwing the phone onto the adjacent seat.

Blank: Huh. Tips and food. Looks like my luck is looking up.

She then sees her gas tank is near empty.


Groaning, Blank pulls into the nearby gas station.

Blank walks into Vuoto's and looks at her phone, seeing she's 20 minutes late. The host then approaches her.

Host: Ms. Melini?
Blank: Oh great, you know my name too.
Host: I've been asked to direct you to your table.

Blank shrugs and the host walks forward, leading her to a booth where Dames is sitting expectedly, tapping her fingers.

Dr. Dames: You're here!

Blank sheepishly nods and Dames waves off the host, the two sitting opposite of each other.

Blank: Sorry about being late. Car troubles.

The next panel shows Blank kicking a robber in the face at the gas station.

Dr. Dames: No, no, it's fine. I'm just glad you're here.
Blank: I never pass up helpful information. Or food.

Dames chuckles and Blank peruses the menu.

Dr. Dames: How much do you know about the Parasites?
Blank: They're a gang hired by A22 Enterprises to accomplish something sinister or some dumb shit like that. Some guy named Sable is in charge.
Dr. Dames: That's mostly accurate. But I have some things you don't know.

The waiter walks over, looking to Blank and Dames.

Waiter: What can I get for you two?
Dr. Dames: I'll have the Mushroom-Sausage Ragù.

The waiter nods and takes their menus, walking off.

Dr. Dames: Spaghetti?
Blank: Excuse me, snob.

Dames shows a small smile and Blank sits back.

Dr. Dames: The Parasites weren't hired by A22 Enterprises, they were created by them. And Sable isn't the highest this goes.
Blank: He's just a lackey?
Dr. Dames: A dangerous, psychotic lackey. He reports to a man named Dr. Brad Troy. But they call him Unix.
Blank: So this Unix guy is creating a gang of superhumans to just fuck shit up? That doesn't make much sense.
Dr. Dames: Unix has a motive. I would know, I used to be his friend.

Blank looks surprised and Dames sighs.

Blank: That's gotta be rough.
Dr. Dames: It is. We went to college together, working in advanced chemistry and biology. Considering the world we live in, there's a lot of potential for innovation. To make people stronger. To make the world safer. But it became clear to me that Unix wasn't interested in improving people, he was interested in making soldiers.
Blank: So that's where all the experiments come from?
Dr. Dames: Yes. The others are in the dark, he's gained their trust, and now he has complete control over their experimental biology division. That means he has nearly unlimited resources. I used to work in the division, but I figured out his goal. He's making these people, using a serum to control them, and planning to sell them to the highest bidder.
Blank: Aren't the Parasites a waste of time then?
Dr. Dames: He's using them to make the streets a worse place. That makes people desperate for money. Then the ads for those experiments promise them a fortune. It all makes sense, no one is going to miss the undesirables that live here.
Blank:.......Holy shit.
Dr. Dames: Indeed. I quit immediately, so they sent the invisible man to make sure I didn't blab on them. If not for you, I would've died with this knowledge.
Blank: Why are you telling me this?
Dr. Dames: I've been keeping tabs on you, and you're the only one in this fight with me. I figured you should know.
Blank:.....I'm not sure if this makes anything easier.
Dr. Dames: The point is that destroying the gang isn't the goal. You'll need to bring down Unix and expose his plans.
Blank: Look, lady, my skill is to blend in and punch people really hard. I'm no detective.
Dr. Dames: My tip is to find Sable, he's the closest to Unix. There's got to be some paper trail that shows the terrible things he's been doing.
Blank:.....I'll try.

Dames nods and the waiter walks up to them, food in hand.

We see Blank at a grocery store, beating up some thugs who are assaulting a woman, and taking a nap across the day. This, of course, is interspersed with someone calling and hanging up on her repeatedly. The last panel on the page shows her returning to her apartment building.

Lenny: You look good, Ollie.
Blank: Never call me Ollie.
Lenny: In a bad mood? Did you get beat up again? Need someone to comfort you?
Blank: Don't you understand what no means?

Lenny shrugs.

Lenny: In school they teach 'ya to be persistent.
Blank: You don't strike me as much of an academic.

Lenny flips her off.

Blank: If you must know, it's been pretty busy. I was trying to take a day off but....I'm still exhausted. And depressed.

Lenny looks genuinely interested.

Lenny: Cigarette?
Blank: Nah, I'm trying to quit.
Lenny: Suit yourself.
Blank: The thing is....I know why I'm sad. I know how to make it better. But I'm scared. Scared it's too late. Scared of messing it up.
Lenny: You want my advice, V?
Blank: Surprisingly.....yes.
Lenny: You're fighting against a giant conspiracy. You have clear skin and know martial arts. You have the willpower to rebuff the advances of someone so charming as myself.

Blank grins and Lenny looks straight at her.

Lenny: Nothing should scare you. Go do it.
Blank: Thanks, Len.
Lenny: I have my moments!

She walks to the elevator quietly and Lenny has a smug look on his face. We then see her walk into her apartment and fall onto the couch.

Blank: I feel like a kid with all these butterflies in my stomach. But I gotta nut up.

Blank takes out her phone, and it starts ringing again.

Blank: Jesus fuck, this is gettin' really annoying!

She answers it to hear complete silence, but then a familiar voice.

Logia: Hey.

6: Blank Space

Blank wakes up in the sewers and has to get out.

We see a void of complete blackness, when something appears in the distance. The next panel zooms in and shows the thing to be Beta Unten.

Beta Unten: I don't look evil. I look like a cuddly teddy bear. Maybe that's what makes me scary. Evil hidden in an appealing shell. Just proof that you can't trust anyone....

Beta Unten disappears before another past terror appears amid the endless darkness, the panel after revealing it to be the sinister Gray Demon.

Gray Demon: I killed your friend. The woman who guided you. Who got you to this place. Everything you love dies, Olivia. That's the truth of it.

Gray Demon then collapses into a pile of goo that drips down into a bottomless pit beneath the darkness. We see Sable rise from the darkness, as well as a human we can't quite identify.

Human (whispering): Liv.....

The panel slowly zooms forward, Sable smirking and looking toward the reader.

Sable: I know your flaws. You deserve to be alone. To rot where you are. I know everything about you.

We then zoom forward and see that the human is a grizzled, middle-aged male, namely, Blank's first nemesis: her abusive father.

Blank's Father: You're a spitting image of us, Liv! A drunk like ma, violent like me! And 100% worthless!

Her father is then joined by Beta Unten, Gray Demon, and Sable. The four slowly walk forward toward the reader, the sight of the darkness being blocked out by them crowding together.

Blank's Father: We're the reasons you'll never be happy, Olivia.

In a flash of light, we then see a mucky gray and green sewer, Blank waking up against a brick wall as the waste water runs down like a river of trash.

Blank:......Aww, shit.

Blank is laying on her couch on the phone, right where we left off at the end of the last issue.

Blank: So....uh....I guess you're my fuckin' mystery caller?
Logia: Y-yeah. Sorry about that. I had a hard time going through with calling you for real, know how Shy Dude and Zane are.
Blank: Oh....yeah. How are they doing?
Logia: They've been worse. Life's been pretty uneventful though, without you. Eric is doing good....he's a natural leader. Made the rules a bit stricter, but he's doing better than before, at the least. Jake's leading the 410 squad now.....much to James' annoyance.
Blank: I'm glad things are going smooth for you all. You deserve it after that Gray Demon shit.
Logia: How are you, Blank?
Blank: Ehh. Dealing with some personal shit.
Logia: Anyway I can help? I am friends with the Director of F.A.N.T, after all...

Blank chuckles and we see Logia, sitting on his bed and smiling.

Blank: Nah....I'll leave you bastards out of it. This is my fight.
Logia: Don't get yourself killed, Blank. I couldn't bare it.
Blank: Which spelling? B-A-R-E or B-E-A-R?
Logia: Fuck off.

Blank smiles and twiddles her thumbs.

Logia: Well.....I have to tell you something. I didn't want to do it, but......everyone is on me about it. Even Zabrent. Especially Zabrent, actually.

Blank listens intently, hearing a knock on the door but ignoring it.

Logia: I can call back later if y-
Blank: What the hell is it?!
Logia: I-I love you.

Before Blank can form a coherent and not-insane reply, the door is slammed open and a thug shoots her in the neck with a dart, causing her to crash to the floor, the phone dropping onto the ground.

Logia: Blank?! What was that?! Olivia?!

The thug rolls his eyes and steps on the phone, whistling and causing a group to come into the room. On the other side, we see Logia frantically hopping up from his bed.

Logia: I have the worst luck ever!!

He then runs out to the main floor of The Base, absolutely terrified.

We see Blank walk down the "sidewalk" next to the flowing waste, looking dazed and unfocused.

Blank: I need at least 4 beers once I get outta this literal shithole.

She rubs her head and sighs.

Blank: Actually at least 10. Maybe 12.

Yawning, she continues to cautiously make her way through the sewer.

Blank: Oh yeah.....I'm trying to quit. Anything to be less like my loser parents.

Slowly walking along, she trips over her feet and lands on the cold, hard ground, her ears ringing hard.

Blank: Looks like that fuckin' dart had some....after effects.

Looking down at her scraped and bloody knee, she sighs and gets up, using her hand to hold herself up.

Blank: Wait......Logia.

She recalls what happened and looks worried.

Blank: First of all, he said that he loved me. Second of all, he's probably scrambling to find me by now. Shit. Shit. Shiiiiit. Fuck today. Fuck the Parasites. Fuck Sable. Fuck Dr. Asshole, most of all.

She bites her lips as she walks alone.

Blank: I never wanted to get F.A.N.T involved.....but it looks like I can't avoid this forever.....just gotta stop being a dumbass baby and tell him how I feel, too. I fuckin' owe Hugo that, at the least.

Looking down the tunnels for some sort of opening, she can't seem to see anything in the blackness ahead of her.

Blank: Though putting me in a sewer seems like an annoyance at most...and at the least it's a waste of manpower. Sable is a douchebag.....but he's not a stupid douchebag.

She then hears a gunshot as a bullet blasts toward her. Blank tries to grab it but it just tears through her hand, causing her to fall to her knees in pain.

Blank: Shit! Why the fuck did I think I could do some Matrix shit and grab that??!!! This dart is messing with my head!

She hears faint laughter before hearing a microphone start up.

Sable: Do I have your attention?
Blank: C-come out here, asshole!
Sable: Oh, of course, Olivia. Shooting you to death would be so uncivilized. So anticlimactic. I have more planned for you.

Sable comes out from the darkness and into the dimly lit area where Blank is kneeling, her hand bleeding. He shows her a smirk while she frowns angrily.

Sable paces around as Blank patches her hand up with cloth from her shirt.

Sable: You know, I heard you talking to yourself. Isn't that a sign of scizophrenia?

Blank looks up and glares at Sable.

Sable: I heard something that admittedly frusterated me. You've gotten F.A.N.T involved. That's cheating.
Blank: Cheating? What are you, a kid?

Sable's face gets red and he steps on Blank's hand, causing an audible snap.

Blank: FUCK!
Sable: I am NOT a child! I thought that maybe I had a worthy adversary when we met.....but now I realize I've just been sloppy. You're a fool who spouts curse words and throws punches. You couldn't understand our game if it HIT YOU IN THE FACE!
Blank:......You're nuts, dude.

Sable throws a heavy-handed, rage-filled punch that Blank dodges, causing his hand to break due to the force he put on the concrete. She gets up quickly, the effects of the dart causing her to fall onto her back, while Sable slowly approaches her.

Sable: Only now do I see it all so clearly. You stumbling back as my fist pounds down.

She slowly tries to get up again, Sable smacking her across the face and knocking her back down.

Sable: We were both abused, you know. Oh yes, I know about that. I did thorough research on you, Olivia. And I'm so very disappointed.
Blank: Getting....abused.....isn't an excuse to do these awful, shitty things to innocent people!
Sable: Small-minded.

He kicks her in the ribs, causing a groan of pain.

Sable: Dr. Unix was the first person to give me a true home. To give me my gift. To give me a TRUE name. He's why I became Sable.
Blank: He.....manipulated you! You're just a fuckin' lackey to him!

Sable throws a heavy punch into her jaw, causing Blank to spit out blood.

Sable: Don't say that! Nothing in life is simple, Blank! Right and wrong are.....just concepts made by the human mind. You use it to comfort you because you are aimless! Childish! Still that little girl who got slugged in the face on a daily basis! Loyalty is the only thing I have! And disgusting waste of threaten the only thing I live for!

He grips her throat and squeezes, Blank gasping for air and weakly trying to fight him off.

Sable: Now die!

In a desperate attempt, Blank throws all her weight at the sloppy Sable, knocking him back to the ground.

Blank: I.....I feel sorry for you. You think that by'll mean something. But I mean something, Sable, or whatever your real name is. Because.....I fight to protect matter who I follow....or no one for that matter. The truth is're still just the angry boy who gets beaten. And you'll never be more than that.
Sable: N-no!

Blank grabs his neck and quickly snaps it, giving him a relatively painless and quick death. Trying to get up, she collapses, unconcious, right next to her fallen enemy.

Blank wakes up in a room inside the F.A.N.T infirmary, feeling bruised and battered. Looking outside, she sees Sinn pacing back and forth when he spots that she's awake.

Blank: Well, I guess I'm not dead.

Sinn walks into the room and Blank attempts to get up, causing her to yelp in pain.

Sinn: I'd try to stay as stationary as possible, Ms. Melini.
Blank: All due respect, no shit, Director Sinn.

Sinn chuckles and sits in the chair next to her hospital bed.

Blank: For some crazy fuckin' reason, I actually missed this place. But why I am here? I'm not an agent.
Sinn: I considered dropping you off at a public hospital, but Logia pestered me into putting you here.

Blank shows a small smile while Sinn rubs his head.

Blank: Wait.....where is Logia?
Sinn: Back at The Base. Once we got you all hooked up and made sure you'd be alright, he headed off.
Sinn: I assume he told y-
Blank: Yeah.
Sinn: Everyone was pestering him about it, to be fair. He's a good man.
Blank: You don't need to tell me that.

Sinn shrugs while Blank slowly shifts.

Sinn: I'll leave the love life of my agent alone, though. The more important topic at hand is.....who the hell did you kill and why?
Blank: It's a long story.
Sinn: I have all day.

Blank sighs and slowly begins to tell him while we see Logia slowly walking toward the infirmary door, but turning around instead of going in.

7: Blank Identity

Blank teams up with an old ally to defeat the conspiracy, but nothing about it will be simple.

Following almost right after the last issue, we see Blank take a deep breath as she finished recapping what went on.

Sinn: So you're saying there's a doctor inside A22 that's kidnapping poor people and making them into superpowered slaves? And you murdered his minion named Sable?
Blank: Well.....uh....yeah. It didn't sound that fuckin' crazy in my head.
Sinn: Honestly, Ms. Melini, nothing sounds crazy to me, anymore.

Blank lets out a sigh of relief.

Sinn: Generally, the NYPD frowns upon vigilante murder, but I'll take care of that. You're not going to jail, at least for that. But this investigation isn't yours any longer. This is clearly a large conspiracy involving superpowered people and that makes it F.A.N.T territory.
Blank: Fuck no!
Sinn: It's not up for discussion.
Blank: Look....I know F.A.N.T is made to deal with this crazy shit. But I started this fight. I've fought this fight. I'm not just giving up now and handing it over to you. I'm doing this no matter what.

Sinn rubs his chin and considers it.

Sinn: What if....I made you an agent again? I need more people I can trust and it'd let you participate in this case.
Blank: You know that there's no way in hell I could go back.

Sinn sighs and massages his temples.

Sinn: I try to be as objective as possible for this job. I don't let my emotions get in the way, that's just being a good director. helped us take down Gray Demon. I'm grateful for I'll let you take the lead on this case. But next time, I won't step in and save your ass.
Blank: You won't regret this.

Sinn grunts as he leaves the room, Blank looking up at the ceiling.

Blank: At least I can take care of this my way.....but, still.....ugh.

Sinn walks out of the infirmary and heads into the waiting room, where he sees Logia drinking coffee.

Sinn: She's gonna be fine, Logia.
Logia: Thank you, Eric. For bringing her here.
Sinn: Where the hell did you get that coffee? I really need some.
Logia: Eh, it's the watered down stuff from the lobby.
Sinn: Regardless, I need caffeine. Oh, and by the way, I'm letting Melini take the case with some of our help.
Logia: Oh.....huh.
Sinn: Look. I like you. You're a good man and a great agent. But you're going to regret it if you can't confront her about your feelings. Trust me, I would know.

Logia reluctantly nods and Sinn heads out to get some coffee.

We see Dr. Unix eat in his apartment, a fancy open suite with a white color scheme and large balcony. Silently, he chews his steak and drinks his wine. As he eats in peace, his phone begins to ring as he groans, annoyed, and gets it out, answering the call.

Dr. Unix: Unix speaking.
???: Sir, I have important news.
Dr. Unix: What is it?
Assistant: Sable's attempt to kill resulted in his death. Now, she got F.A.N.T involved....they're here at the A22 office. As we speak, I'm about to be interrogated.

Dr. Unix chokes on the steak from the news before coughing a few times.

Assistant: Are you alright, sir?

Dr. Unix coughs once more and swallows, clearing his throat.

Dr. Unix: I.....I'm fine. Is there any way you can deflect their attention?
Assistant: No, sir. It's too late for th-

Dr. Unix shakes as he sees that he was hung up on.

Dr. Unix: That woman....she destroyed everything I was working for. My whole legacy. What my life has been about....

Dr. Unix hurls his glass at the wall, the wine falling on and soaking the carpet as the glass shatters against it. Getting up, you can see pure rage and hatred in his eyes and face.

Dr. Unix: She slaughtered Sable.

He swiftly dashes toward his room and opens up the bedside drawer roughly, tossing out objects with no regard until he reaches a syringe filled with a blue liquid.

Dr. Unix: She murdered my project. She just sent back my progress infinitely.

Wrecklessly stabbing himself in the arm with it, he injects the entirety of the liquid into himself, as we see it pump through his veins.

Dr. Unix: Everything I worked for is dead. Now she'll pay for this.

Dr. Unix grabs the doorknob and pulls off the entire door with a light tug, hurling it out of his way.

Dr. Unix: There's no Brad Troy anymore. No doctor. She killed them. There's only Unix.

Dr. Unix snaps his fingers and the lights in the apartment building go out as we only hear screaming.

Blank is sitting in her room and watching TV when she switches to the news channel and sees a building being destroyed.

Reporter: Breaking news as at least two people are confirmed dead after an ongoing attack on a high-rise apartment complex.
Blank: Oh, shit.

Looking up close, she sees that it's no average psychopath as the building is torn apart with inhuman speed and strength.

Blank: Really wish I had the fuckin' Operatives on hand right now.

Suddenly, we see the perpetrator, Unix, fly out from the wreckage and toward the camera, picking up and tossing the reporter into a brick wall.

Unix: I've had too many people fight my battles for me. So, here I am. Blank, if you're seeing this, and I bet you are, it's lovely to meet you. My name is Unix.
Blank: Oh my fucking god.
Unix: You clearly believe you're some valiant hero, destroying my entire life's works in the name of "morality". Now, it's your fault that these people are dead. And more will die. Everyone I can kill before they take me with them. It'd be wonderful if you came up here to watch the show.

The news channel then cuts the footage and goes to a technical difficulties screen.

Blank: This is fuckin' over.

Blank hops out of her bed and takes off the electrodes on her, grabbing her classic outfit and changing into it in the bathroom.

Blank: I'm going to go fight someone, alone, with 10 times the goddamn strength I have. Immense speed. Flight. Probably other crazy shit. But if I take that bastard someone....then it was all fuckin' worth it. All this bullshit.

Busting through the infirmary doors, she ignores the nurses and doctors as she runs into the waiting room and sees Logia watching the coverage and looking shocked.

Logia: I-
Blank: Car keys, now.

Logia nods and tosses his keys to her.

Logia: It's the car out b-nevermind, you know.

Logia gets up and goes behind her.

Blank: No, Hugo, this is my f-
Logia: I'm helping you, Blank. There's no stopping me.

Blank groans but nods as the two run out from the HQ and into his car. The next panels show F.A.N.T agents arresting the Parasites, Sinn seeing the destruction on the office's lobby TV and picking up his phone, a woman running from the rubble, her child in arms, and Unix destroying the police trying to stop him.

Unix: F.A.N.T is your hero! They'll save you! Like they saved me! But.....where are your heroes now?

We see the car pull up as Blank leaps out and stands behind Unix, who's making his grand speech to the people cowering in fear in front of him.

Blank: I'm not a hero, Unix. But you're no saint either.

Unix turns around and makes a mocking slow clap.

Blank: Enough with the fuckin' sarcasm, you sick bastard.
Unix: You prefer a more direct approach?

Unix flies toward Blank and punches her in the gut, knocking her onto the car window as Logia gets out.

Logia: Olivia!

Unix grabs her by the throat as she struggles to free herself.

Unix: I've always disliked the idea of morality. An invention of the human psyche that acts as a barrier. I have no care for WHO buys my innovations....all I care is the progression I make. But now you've RUINED my brilliance!

Logia blasts him with telekinesis, knocking him back and freeing Blank, who falls to the ground, gasping.

Blank: T-thanks.
Logia: Everyone needs help sometimes.

Blank nods, smiling, and gets up, charging toward Unix, who punches her in the jaw with super strength.

Unix: I always saved a particular vial for myself. For safekeeping. And now it comes in handy....the last of my great inventions.

Blank spits blood as Unix heads in for another punch, which she dodges and counters with a hard punch to his chest, sending him reeling back.

Blank: I'm sorry about Sable. I know how he loved you. But this isn't a fuckin' excuse to murder.

Unix chuckles and does a sweeping kick, knocking her off her feet.

Unix: Like I care about Sable. He was useful muscle. But men can be replaced....all my priceless work, on the other hand....

Blank looks disgusted as she gets up slowly and jumps back, the two at a standstill.

Blank: You didn't even give a shit about him? really were just manipulating someone who loved and trusted you. For some insane bastard.
Unix: Insane?! You weak minded, worthless idiot! You'll never be anything!

Blank lets out a cry of rage as she charges forward, but Unix dashes out of the way with super speed and darts back at her, picking her up and flying into the air.

Logia: No!

Unix laughs as he looks down at Blank, preparing to drop her and disgrace her in death.

Unix: This is what you've fought for.

Blank, weary and injured, sees her dream from before, her old enemies taunting her and sees her father calling her worthless.

Blank: I'm.....I'm not....worthless.

Blank slams her fist into Unix's jaw, knocking him off guard and disorienting him as he drops her and falls to the ground. Logia quickly uses his telekinesis to hold Blank up and softly set her onto the ground, while Unix crashes into the road and breaks his neck, instantly dying.

Logia: Oh my god.

The police rush to take care of the situation with Unix as Logia runs over to Blank and she looks around, her vision blurry as she sees Logia's yellow fur.

Blank: H-hugo...
Logia: I have you, Blank. It's going to be alright.

Blank wearily nods before falling unconcious.

Blank wakes up in the infirmary of F.A.N.T once more to see Logia by her bedside.

Blank:......I dunno about you, but I'm real fuckin' tired of waking up in infirmaries.
Logia: You're preaching to the choir, Blank.

She smiles at him and grabs his stubby hand, holding it.

Blank: I can't believe all of those people died....because of me.
Logia: It was NOT because of you!
Blank: But-
Logia: That man was a psychopath and you brought him down. He killed them. Not you. And don't ever think otherwise, Olivia.

Blank shows a small smile to him and slowly nods.

Logia: I'm just glad this is behind us....or you, I mean. It'd crush me to see you get killed.
Blank: Yeah.....thanks for the help, man.....
Logia: Well, it's not the first time I've saved your ass.
Blank: Fuck off.

Logia grins.

Blank: How do you reach things with these stubby hands?
Logia: Fuck off.

Blank grins and Logia gets up.

Blank: Hey, about what you said on the ph-
Logia: Let's....let's talk about that later. For now, can we just be like this?
Blank: Yeah. I'd like some normal for once, damn it.

Logia shows a small smile before leaving and heading into the waiting room, where the 410 squad, Sinn, and the operatives are sitting there.

Everyone: What did you guys talk about?!

Logia sighs before shaking his head and leaving the room, the seven looking disappointed.

Blank is sitting in Sinn's office.

Blank: The office looks really fuckin' good, Sinn.
Sinn: Thank you. I figured a change would be healthy.

Blank nods and Sinn folds his hands together.

Sinn: I was in retirement for a few weeks....probably the worth experience of my life. I let something bad get to me. Helen got me back into fighting monsters....and it gives my life meaning. I think you'd be a great asset after how you dealt with that conspiracy nearly single handedly. And if you ask me, you need F.A.N.T in your life.
Blank: I tried to live an easy, simple life. But here I am. I have to beat up count me back in. I don't NEED F.A.N.T....but I do need to do good. So I'll rejoin the Operatives.

Sinn nods and shakes her hand.

Blank: First off, I need a day to get my affairs in order. Deal with my personal shit.
Sinn: I'll set up a truck to take you there.

Blank gets up and walks away, quietly closing the office door behind her.

8: Blank Past

Blank must let go of her past.

Blank is sitting in a F.A.N.T truck after what has clearly been a long trip. Her head against the window, and a pair of headphones around her head, she looks out to see the ghetto for what might be the last time.

To send my love a letterbomb
And visit me in hell
We're the ones going...

Looking out, she sees the truck go under the bridge as a tram goes by on top of it. The truck then soon passes the deli next to the tram and she shows a small smile.

We're coming home again
We're coming home again

The truck pulls up in front of her apartment building and she unbuckles her seat belt, getting up and waving to the driver in gratitude.

I started fuckin' running
As soon as my feet touched ground
We're back in the Barrio
But to you and me, that's jingle town that's...

Hopping out of the F.A.N.T truck, she walks to the door and opens it, a bell ringing as she enters.

We're coming home again

Taking off her headphones and folding them up, she stashes them in her pocket and walks over to Lenny, who's eating a meatball sub.

Blank: It's 10 in the morning, Lenny.
Lenny: Never too early for sandwiches!
Blank: Yeah...sure. What I wanted to tell you is that I'm getting the hell outta here.

Lenny looks to Blank, intrigued, marinara sauce covering his face.

Lenny: Found a better landlord? I doubt it.
Blank: Have you ever heard of F.A.N.T?
Lenny: Yeah. They deal with freaks. By using freaks.

Blank shoots daggers at him.

Lenny: Oh! You're one of their freaks! I offense.
Blank: It's fine.
Lenny: Aww, damn it. That means I have to give you back your money.
Blank: Nah. Keep it.

Lenny has a shocked expression.

Blank: You're gross, and crude, and you can get on my nerves. But the advice you gave really helped me out. I know that I'm not worthless now, that I shouldn't let my past control me, that I shouldn't try and take on the world by myself. You gave me a place to figure out these things. So keep the cash.
Lenny: Aww!
Blank: Ugh....don't get all, fuckin' sappy on me.
Lenny: I love you!
Blank: You've got marinara sauce on your face. Bye.

Blank walks to the elevator as Lenny touches his face and then runs to the restroom.

Blank is sitting in the truck, same as before, now with her purse at her feet.

Blank: I haven't had many opportunities to talk to myself like a fuckin' nut.

The driver looks back and sees her talking to herself and looks weirded out but shrugs and goes back to driving.

Blank: It's been genuinely nice.

Blank taps her foot a few times, looking out the window.

Blank: They didn't exactly have the budget to give me a private jet to go on my dumb quest for closure.

Sighing, she looks out and sees a familiar sight: her old home. The truck then comes to a halt.

Blank: And yeah, I get how cheesy it sounds. But I won't get any sleep at night unless I.....get this shit done.

Unbuckling her seatbelt, she gets up and out as the truck parks. Blank cautiously walks to the door and knocks on it.

???: Who is it?
Blank:''s Olivia.

The door quickly swings open as we see Blank's mom, who has clearly cleaned up since we last saw her. She looks stunned, both that Blank is there and how she looks.

Blank's Mom: Ol-olivia.
Blank: Yeah. Things changed.

Her mother pulls her into a tight hug and squeezes her. Though Blank looks uncomfortable at first, she then smiles and closes her eyes.

Blank's Mom: look beautiful. And it's been all these years.
Blank: You look good, mom.
Blank's Mom: Things changed. Please, please come in. I know what I did to you was....unforgivable. But I have to know how you're doing. Please. Give me 20 minutes.

Blank sighs and nods, making a hand signal toward the truck driver before coming in with her. Blank looks around to find that the house has really been fixed up, and the two sit on the couch.

Blank: Look, it's all a really weird story. And super long. But...
Blank's Mom: I'll listen.

A few panels show her undergoing the experiment, being approached by Rizzo, fighting Gray Demon, and holding Logia's hand.

Blank's Mom: That's quite the story. I'm just so glad you're safe. So glad you found someone you love. So glad you can be happy. So glad you can leave this hellhole.
Blank: Well...uh, thanks. Seems like you have a story, too.
Blank's Mom: Not NEARLY as interesting as yours. But....yes. When you hit me. It hit me how I was letting my past hurt me. And hurt you, more importantly. I went to rehab...I got better. I fixed up the house, got a job as a's been fine.
Blank: That's good.
Blank's Mom: I understand you'll never be able to really forgive me. And after all these years I won't pretend like I was or am a real mother to you. But I love you, Olivia. I always have. And I want you to be happy.....never regret it. You have a chance that few people do. So take it.
Blank: Yeah. I will.

Blank hugs her mother and the two embrace for a few moments before she leaves and heads into the truck, a big smile on her face.

We see pure blackness.

Driver: Hey! Wake up!

The darkness is then illuminated as we see Blank waking up from a nap. She yawns and takes her belt off, stretching as she gets up from the seat.

Blank: I'm up. I'm....ugh...up.

Rubbing her eyes, she gets out of the truck and we see her final destination before returning to F.A.N.T: a graveyard.

Blank: I was a little tired, if you couldn't tell.

Walking through the open gates, she sighs and slowly makes her way past the various gravestones.

Blank: I had to wake up early for the ride here...and I was up finding what happened to my parents.

She stops abruptly at one of the gravestones. The next panel shows us her perspective as we see the gravestone belonging to one Mark Melini.

Blank: Drunk himself to death a few years after we left.

She sits down on the grass in front of the gravestone.

Blank: All my life....I was never able to have a relationship.

She twiddles her thumbs.

Blank: I was always so scared of hurting someone. Of someone hurting me.

She gets up and stares down at the gravestone.

Blank: But I get it now. I'm not worthless. I'm not like you. I can be my own person. And I'll never hurt the people I love.

Taking a deep breath, she walks away and through the graveyard gates, headed back to the truck.

Sitting in the truck, she sees she's not heading back to Washington, but instead, a F.A.N.T landing pad.

Blank: Are we taking a fuckin' detour? I didn't think this was like, a secret agent cab.
Driver: No, mam. I was instructed by Director Sinn to take you here, specifically.

Blank is thinking to herself as the truck parks. Looking out at the window, she sees The Base landing and a smile overcomes her face.

Driver: Mam....after driving throughout these places. Seeing where you needed to go.....I realized that you're an interesting person. A very interesting person.
Blank: Yeah.....I guess I am. Thanks for the ride.

Blank takes off her seatbelt one last time and gets up, opening the door and breathing in some fresh air before stepping out onto the concrete. The truck drives off as Blank walks forward to see The Base as it docks.

Blank: Here goes nothing.

She runs forward in front of the hatch door as it slowly opens, Shy Dude, Zane, and Logia standing there waiting for her.

Zane: Blank!

Zane flies forward and Shy Dude runs alongside him excitedly, the two hugging her tightly as she chuckles and smiles.

Blank: I missed you bastards.

Shy Dude then points to Logia and Zane stares at her, the two letting go. Sighing, she walks forward toward Logia, who is simply speechless as he stands in place.

Logia: I-

Blank grabs him and kisses him, hard. Shy Dude and Zane cheer as Logia grins. She stares into his eyes, and he does the same.

Logia: Hey.
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