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Blank is an ally of F.A.N.T and an Operative. A young woman who ran away from her past who ended up in an experiment, Olivia "Blank" Melini joined The Operatives to put her power to use.

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Physical Appearance

Blank is a beautiful white woman who, due to the experiment, has skin as clear as glass, allowing her to camoflauge. She has beautiful green eyes that stick out, and is rather tall.


Blank has the unique power of camoflauge, but not invisibility or intangibility. This means she can be found with a careful eye and touched, but for the most part is rarely detected. This is due to her high levels of acrobatics and athleticism, allowing her to find unique ways to hide.

In addition, she is also a black belt in an unknown form of martial arts that is brutal and fast, being a skilled fighter.


Blank is a cynical woman who has little trust and faith in others, due to her unfortunate and mysterious past. She also struggles with lonliness and alcoholism.

Despite this, she does have a sense of humor(even if it's dark, dry, and sarcastic) and does genuinely care for other people, especially people with a bad past and genuinely wants to help change the world for the better.

Blank has little faith in the government, and joins out of personal reasons related to helping others rather than any loyalties.







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