Blade Battle
Developer(s) Crysonis Games & Lubrix Games
Publisher(s) Crysonis Games & Lubrix Games
Genre(s) Fighting
First Game Blade Battle: Next Gen (ROBLOX)
Most Recent Game N/A Yet
ROBLOX Player Beta, PC.

Blade Battle: Next Gen (ROBLOX)

It all started out as a testing place, where i tested various things like: Making Custom Swords, a Character Select GUI. All that stuff, but as time progressed...It turned out to

become it's own game, and was published as a Lubrix Game. (Lubrix is a Game Development Team on ROBLOX). It was pretty simple, there were 3 Characters:

Kaizo: Main Character of the Series. Weilds a Silver Sword with the sound of a Light Saber.

Minist: While it's unofficial, i consider him as the Villain of the cast. (He was going to be a Villain in the unreleased Blade Battle: RPG). Weilds a Golden Sword.

Neon: First Female Character, and also the first Knife User. Is the Sister of Kaizo.

STAGES: CrossLand

          Abandoned Dome

Blade Battle: RPG (Unreleased/Cancled)

Blade Battle: RPG was going to be a new title in the series, though it was shortly cancled after lack of knowledge on making RPG's in ROBLOX.

What it was going to feauture:

'PLOT:' Minist has caused the winds of Despair to fill Earth and released 3 Beasts, the Beast of Darkness, Depression, and Despair. That's all i thought off back then.

Blade Battle: Next Gen (PC)

While it hasn't been officially announced, Zyphyris CEO of Crysonis Games has been sketching concepts of this game on his Notebooks when he has the free time.

There's nothing known much about this game other than it's under consideration of development.

Blade Battle: No Tommorow (ROBLOX)

While it isn't in Development yet, it WAS Announced on the Lubrix Games Fan Page a while ago.

Not much is known, about the game.

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