The Black Pit Bob-omb seconds before detonation.

Black Pit Bob-ombs, also known as BPBOs, are a species of Bob-omb that originated on the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, and are now being adapted for game appearances. They are capable of creating an explosion powerful enough to create gaping pits, referred to as "black pits"

Goomsday Wii

Black Pit Bob-ombs appeared in Goomsday Wii as the Maskplex's anti-intruder system. If a player attacked a Shy Guy, an alarm would sound and the BPBO would be fired at the hotel from a distant location. The Game Over short portrayed General Guy's top-floor room ejecting like a rocket to avoid the explosion. After the General's defeat, a BPBO would be fired after 5 minutes.

After the defeat of Goomboss, Bowser hurled a BPBO at Almighty Waluigi. Waluigi himself survives, but the Scepter of Superiority falls into the black pit. Bowser Castle is soon rebuilt, covering the pit forever.

Future Appearances

-Wowser will use at least one Black Pit Bob-omb in The Brother of Bowser.

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