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Black Night is a violent trilogy, all three games have been rated M. The first game "Black Night: The Quantum Uprising".



Justin the series main character is a soldier that served in many battles of the First Galactic War, he displays great leadership and heroism. One of his heroic attacks involved saving his squad and an planet from the brink of destruction by risking his own life.

Justin is called by the Ambassador of Earth to join a dangerous mission to the pirate stronghold world of Jericho VI. Justin is given the option of his party. He takes former lover Maria Williams and College Roommate Matthew Ryan. They board the "Shadow Colossus", Justin's flagship and heads to Jericho VI. While along the way Justin is contacted by the Ambassador and is told that the mission was not a negotiating operation but a far more important mission. The Team is tasked with the mission to bring down the Stronghold.

Chapter 1

Justin sat in the command seat of the Shadow Colossus pissed off on how the Ambassador lied to him. He tinkered with his cigar as he listened to the pilots chatter. Maria came to his side and whispered something into his ear. Justin followed her off the bridge and into her room. The room was dark aside from three lit candles to his right.
"You don't remember what to day is do you?" Maria asked
"Sorry, but I don't." Replied Justin
"Five Years ago your heroism saved my life and many more on Ylum."
Justin smiled, "Ah, Yes...But why did you bring me here?" Justin asked
Maria returned the smile, "You turned down my offer and told me 'Maybe in a Five Years'.".
Justin was confused, "What offer?"
Maria stepped closer, "My gratitude for saving my life"
Justin no realized what she meant. "Yes, I did, and I intend to keep my promise"
Justin stepped closer, Justin placed his arms around Maria, They kissed.
Maria took off her shirt and pushed Justin on to the bed, "We got 30 minutes before we reach Jericho VI, lets make this good".