BlackBirdo is a Birdo who lives in BlackYoshi's castle in RedYoshi's Island in the RedYoshi series. BlackBirdo helps BlackYoshi kidnap RedBirdo, but she does not know exactly why he does so. It is because BlackYoshi plans on cheating on her. Their plans, however, are always ruined by RedYoshi. It is unknown if BlackBirdo is somehow relatively linked to RedBirdo. She has a rumored crush on RedBoshi. Thankfully, no one knows if the rumor is actually true. Fantendo calls her and RedBirdo the "sex symbols" of the series. BlackBirdo seems to enjoy flurting with BlackYoshi.


BlackBirdo first appeared in the fourth game in the RedYoshi series, RedYoshi Wii. She does appear in the crossover game McQueen Mario & RedYoshi at the Olympic Winter Games alongside BlackYoshi on RedYoshi's team. BlackBirdo is said to appear in every other RedYoshi series game.


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