Bits & Pieces is an action adventure game originally created by Zentech Studios and planned for a 2015 release on their Zentablet console, but was cancelled due to time restraints. The game was eventually adopted by Lone Planet Productions, who shifted the release to 2018 for the Pharo before another delay occured and development transitioned to the Nucleo platform, Steam, and consoles. In this game, the player controls Vin, a Byte species, he is a robot humanoid like creature who has interesting powers, he can turn into tiny bits and roam the air freely, he is also able to turn into pieces, so Vin can solve puzzles. The main goal is to reach the end of the level and rescue a Power Orb and beat the boss at the end of each world. This is the first game in the Bytes (series).


Vin is a happy Byte who lives in the city called Blockade, a block filled city full of Bytes. But one day, an evil cyborg human known as the Foreman takes over his home. He takes the power source of Blockade, the Power Orbs, and releases them into his cyber world known as Mechtanium. The Foreman sends his troops to capture all the citizens, but suddenly, a member of Foremans troop takes Vin and hides him, leaving the rest of the citizens of Blockade kidnapped.

A few minutes later, Vin gets angry and asks why did the Foreman kidnap his friends and family, the robot creature then tells Vin to calm down, he reveals himself as Cel, a Byte who was also kidnapped by the Foreman to do his dirty work, but he has had enough of the Foreman, so he is going against him. Vin understands and asks Cel for help to save his home and the Bytes. Cel agrees and the adventure begins, the two heroes set off to enter Mechtanium and save the world.


The gameplay is pretty simple, the player can jump with A and protect from attacks with B, the player also attacks with Y, and can perform certain combos to perform stronger attacks. Vin can also turn into small bits by pressing the L button, where Vin can roam freely and get to certain high areas, but Vin has a certain amount of time when doing this, he has a power bar that indicates how long he can use this power, but if he collects Electro Bars he will refill some of the bar, this is called Bitzation. Vin can also take apart his pieces such as his arms to do certain puzzles, such as getting past a Spotbot, Vin uses his arm to attack the Spotbot so Vin can easily get past them, but the same rules apply like Bitzation, Vin has another bar and must refill it by collecting Electro Bars. There is a world map, it is large, and at each world there is a boss, though some levels have a mini-boss.


  • Vin: The main character in the game, and the only playable one, he has the power to turn into bits and pieces and is on a quest to rescue the Bytes and the Power Orbs!
  • Cel: A former member of the Foreman's troop, he wants to get revenge on the Foreman and is assisting Vin on his quest.
  • Foreman: The evil cyborg human who has taken over Blockade and plans on colonizing it for his empire, Mechtanium.
  • Vector The Vicious: A snake like cyborg who carries objects like bombs, he is the boss of World 1.
  • Hexis The Hollow: A circle like boss that can shrink and grow, he is the boss of World 2.


Name Description
Mektar A block like robot that attacks my using it's fists, downwards attack really do a lot of damage to this guy.
Pikkolo A circle like enemy that moves around, it will sometimes make spikes pop out of it, making it unable to be attacked by punching it.
Hellihopter One of the most annoying enemies in the game, a bunny like robot with a propeller on the top of it, it will hop around and sometimes hover and drop missiles.
Shycerak A shy like robot who will attack with many blades and deliver a lot of damage if the player attacks it, but sometimes it will just do it without being attacked.
Moletiply A mole like robot that multiplies and tries to ram into Vin.
Ralne A triangle like robot who shoots many lasers and moves around fast.
Demak A devil like mask who uses it's eyes to paralyze Vin.
Venum A snake like robot, if it attacks, it will leave the player numb and unable to move and attack, watch out for this one.
Coil A plug snake that wraps around the player and drains their health.
Wormwhirl A worm like enemy that whirls around like a wheel and smashes into enemies.
Ram Rollers Ram like enemies who use their speed to ram fast into Vin.


World 1: Corrupted Blockade

Name Description
1-1: Beginning Of Basics A level introducing the basics of the game, it features a few enemies like Mektar's and Demaks.
1-2: Poison Party A level which features poison geysers that will pop up as Vin goes through the level, there are also Venums in the level.
1-3: Flight Of The Hellihopters Go through some madness, the Hellihopters are annoying enemies who you'll have to deal with before you get to the Power Orb.
1-4: The Only Weakness You cannot make it pass a big gap, but you can use a Mach Machine called Helioos to drive through and shoot down powerful enemies of the Foremans' troop.
1-5: Bitzation Time! It's time to use your special power, Bitzation, fly through electrical beams and circuits and don't get hit, get to the Power Orb fast!
1-6: The Tower Of Vector It is time to take down Vector, a powerful member of Foreman's troop. You will have to jump on moving platforms and avoid getting hit by missiles. You will later make it to the boss fight, Vector the explosive snake will slither and jump and throw dangerous bombs that cause huge explosions, turn his health to zero to win the fight.

World 2: Hex Highway

Name Description
2-1: Look Out Below Vin must navigate through a fleet of flying cruise ships filled with security systems before free-falling down to the city below.
2-2: Highway Fighter The city is packed with thugs and criminals who are seeking out the Foreman's riches. Make your way through all five waves of enemies, then sneak into their warehouse and grab the Power Orb.
2-3: Just Passing Through You'll need to use Whiplash to roll through the vents, sewers, and alleys spread out around a skyscraper to find the Power Orb hidden in the middle office.
2-4: Exit 9D The Foreman's army has destroyed this part of the city in hopes of gathering slaves. Vin must dodge the falling debris and put out the flames with Pacifikite to proceed.
2-5: No Escape Vin finds himself trapped in the remains of the Hexopolis City Hall, and he'll have to search through the maze for a way out.
2-6: Hexis' Bombarded Sphere After making it out of the city, Vin boards the source of the Hexopolis invasion -- a sphere-shaped hovercraft commanded by Hexis the Hollow. Gravity-flipping devices are strategically placed throughout the level, and Vin can use them to his advantage to solve puzzles leading to the boss.

World 3: Metalica Garden

World 4: Cobalt Cave

World 5: Mechtanium

World 6: Foreman's Station

Mach Machines

  • Spacebuster: A UFO-like suit that Vin hops into and can move around and shoot lasers at flying enemies.
  • Helios: A balloon-like helicopter that spins around to attack enemies.
  • Whiplash: A whip-like sphere that allows Vin to perform fast and furious attacks at enemies.
  • Pacifikite: A kite-like hoverboard that will extinguish flames.


# Track Title Plays When
01 ??? At the title screen
02 ??? at the Main Menu
03 The Journey In the intro scene when starting the game
04 Blockade In Peril When in a level in World 1
05 Hex Highway When in a level in World 2
06 Metalica Garden When in a level in World 3
07 Cobalt Cave When in a level in World 4
08 Mechtanium When in a level in World 5
09 Foreman's Station When in a level in World 6.
? Boss Brawl When fighting a boss
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