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A Birthright refers to the status that children of gods receive when they are born. Each deity only gets one Birthright to hand down to their children per 1,000 years. They can either pass it down right away, or reserve it for later, or keep it away from their children. When a god dies, their Birthright immediately goes towards the eldest. As of currently, this, the Artifacts of Ascendancy, and a Ascension Lotus are the only ways to ascend to godhood within the New Fantendoverse.


A Birthright is reserved towards children of gods and/or goddesses, with a god and goddess pairing resulting in the two having individual Birthrights to give. Once a Birthright has been given, it cannot be taken back, as it will Ascend the child. Like all gods, Birthright children are capable of being descended through the Descension ability as well as by their parent, who acts as a partial Judge.

This system prevents the overpopulation of deities in the New Fantendoverse, while keeping their kin potentially as an option in case that one god dies. This rule is apparently something that applies even to outside deities like Palutena who have children inside the New Fantendoverse.

Notable Appearances



  • Birthrights were added to explain children of gods and goddesses in the Fantendoverse, such as in the case of Akin Stralka from Button: Interdimensional Knight.