250px-MP8 Birdo
A Birdo, as it appears in Mario Party 8.
Species Origin Dinosaur
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 2
Related Species
Notable Members
Baby Birdo
Birdolings (Jay, Courtney, Spike, Max, Zac, Cory and Jake)

Birdo Brigade

Yoshis, Wart

Birdos are dinosaur-like creatures who seem to have a large "mouth" where they shoot their eggs with. Most Birdos also sport a big bow. In their first appearance, they were enemies, even a boss, but in the present, they are probably as peaceful as Yoshis, another type of dinosaur. Birdo is a famous Birdo that appears in games such as Mario Kart and Mario Party


The most common Birdo has a pink skin with a white belly, two purple spots on each cheek, three red scales on the back and tail, a white belly, and most notably, a large, mouth-like part on the face. They also have feminine traits at their looks, like mascara and a big, red bow. Red, green and cyan Birdos have also been seen, with bows in the colors orange, dark green and blue respectively. Every single Birdo without bow has a small resemblance to Yoshis.


Lets-a-go, Mario

Birdos return as enemies in Lets-a-go, Mario. They must, however, be downloaded using Wi-fi to be fought. They attack like in Super Mario Bros. 2, by walking around and shooting eggs. However, the game introduces and changes some varieties. Pink ones can only spit eggs, for instance. Green ones shoot eggs that bounce off of walls, like a Yoshi's egg. Cyan ones can suck in air and puff up to float for a set amount of time while spitting eggs, similar to a Balloon Boo or Blimp Yoshi. Yellow Birdos are somewhat chubby and can cause earthquakes after landing from a jump. Violet Birdos are usually encountered stacked up with other violet Birdos. They attack just like regular pink Birdos. Orange Birdos spit out eggs faster than other enemies and cannot jump. Red ones can only spit fire and must be avoided, attacked with an item, or hit by an outside force. Blue ones are winged and attack by swooping at the heroes and spitting eggs. White Birdos spit eggs that hatch into Goombas, Shy Guys, or Spinies (or any other enemy with the help of the options). Black Birdos shoot explosive eggs. These Birdos have wrist bands similar to the male Koopalings on their wrists. 


  • It is debatable which gender a Birdo has. The original Birdo was a male, who thinks it was a girl. It was in recent appearances female, however. Super Smash Bros. games refer it as "gender unknown".
    • However, there is evidence supporting that male Birdos are distinguishable from females, such as the character Berto and a similar looking character in the beta of Lets-a-go, Mario.


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