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Birdo's Beautiful Quest Game Cover.png

Birdo's Beautiful Quest is an upcoming 2-D Sidescroller game for the Nintendo Switch. It is very similar to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, except that the main character is Birdo instead of Yoshi.


Birdo is heading over to Yoshi's Island to see her sweetheart, Yoshi. But Yoshi has did a lot of research on the history of Yoshis and found out that the Birdo is the cheif enemy of the Yoshi. This causes Yoshi to make a plan to get rid of Birdo for good when she arrives. When Birdo finnaly makes it to Yoshis Island, Yoshi takes a Yoshi Egg and aims it at Birdo. He then tosses the egg at her which sends her flying off to Bowser's Castle. She goes right through the roof and accidently lands right on top of Kamek. Kamek uses his magic to zap Birdo, but Birdo counterattack by avoiding his attack and shooting an egg right on Kamek's head. Kamek has a change in heart and develops a crush on Birdo. Birdo then realized that Kamek has been her true love all this time. The two walk out to the park to start their first date, however, Kamek's ex-girlfriend, Miss. Kamesly, appears and tells Kamek that she wants him back. Birdo sheilds Kamek and tells her that Kamek has moved on. Miss. Kamesly uses he magic to get Birdo out of the way and inhales poor Kamek, trapping him inside her body. This enrages Birdo, she tries to attack Miss. Kamesly, but Miss. Kamesly has disappeared to her castle before she attacked her. Now it is up to Birdo to rescue her little "Kammy Poo" by going to Miss. Kamesly's castle and defeat her with the help from her and Kamek's future son, Bamek, who is a currently a wise elderly wizard that has time traveled to the time his father got kidnapped so he wont cease to exist. However, when Yoshi finds out that Birdo is still alive, he summons the Yoshi clan to catch her so he can get rid of her for good. When Birdo finally beats Miss. Kamesly at the World 6 Tower,  she flees away to her castle and morphs herself into Bashful Bowser when Birdo arrives. After she simpily beats the pink beast, Bashful Bowser then grows huge and tries to get rid of Birdo for good. However, Birdo defeats Bashful Bowser and she turns back into her true form, Miss. Kamesly, as well as spitting Kamek out finally setting him free. Miss. Kamesly calls Birdo a big pink meanie and swares that one day Kamek will be her's. She flys away to the moon and Kamek flies Birdo back to the park to finally have their first date. While they fly back to the park, Birdo tells Kamek that Bamek would be a perfect name for their future child, and Kamek tells her that he had the exact same idea, causing them both to blush. Meanwhile Bamek smiles as he watches his parents fly back to the park and returns to his own time period. After the credits roll, a picture of Birdo and Kamek dating is shown along with the words "Thanks for playing dear!!" written above them. After Birdo's completes the final secret level of the game, Yoshi says that he is tired and annoyed of going after that "pesky little Birdo" and decides to stop trying to get rid of her for good (at least for now.......) The credits then roll and shows a picture of an angry Yoshi warning the player "This ain't over!!!" with scary music playing, if the player listens very closely, they can hear Yoshi saying "Im watching you" very quietly.


This game has very similar controls to Yoshis Island. Birdo can dash, ground pound, and even flutter jump just like Yoshi. She can even inhale enimees and trap them into her stomach. Birdo can only hold up to six enimees into her stomach. She can also turn the enemies into her stomach into Birdo Eggs. Birdo can aim and shoot eggs from her snout, similar to Yoshi's Egg toss. Also when Birdo has six enemies trapped in her stomach, she gets heavier and cannot jump as high, inhale, or either flutter jump, but when she jumps, she can create mini earthquakes and damage enimees on the ground, similar to a Sledge Bro.'s attack. To turn back to normal, Birdo must shoot all six eggs out of her snout.


Name Picture Descrpiption
Pearl (BBQ).png
Shiny objects that functions as coins. Collecting 100 pearls will reward Birdo with a 1-up.
Pink Pearls
Pink Pearl.png
Special Pearls that are disgised as regular Pearls. There are 20 of them in each level. They function like red coins from Yoshi's Island.
Phanto BBQ.png
Collectibles that functions like Smiley Flowers in Yoshi's Island. There are 5 in each level. Collecting all 5 rewards Birdo with a 1-up.
Birdo Eggs
Birdo Egg.png
Pink spotted eggs that Birdo can create when she traps enemies in her stomach. She can aim them and shoot them from her snout at other enemies and objects. Birdo can hold up to six eggs in her stomach which makes her heavier.
Pokey Faries
Pokey Fairy.png
Purple flying Pokey heads that functions as winged clouds from Yoshi's Island. Birdo must hit a Pokey Fairy with a Birdo Egg which will reward Birdo with a mystery prize or even reveal secrets in levels.
Leap Guys
Leap Guy.png
Leaping collectibles made by Bamek that functions like the stars from Yoshi's Island. Birdo needs Leap Guys in order to stay alive. Birdo loses 1 Leap Guy when damaged by an enemy or obstacle. If she loses all of her Leap Guys, she will lose a life. Birdo can hold up to 10 Leap Guys.


Name Picture Description
Bamek Clone 
Bamek Clone.png
Clones of Bamek that functions as checkpoints in levels. If Birdo loses a life, she can restart from the most recent Bamek Clone she touched.
Bamek and Shy Guys
Bamek and Shy Guys.png
A Shy Guy army lead by Bamek, Birdo can use the Shy Guys to aim and toss like Birdo Eggs. They only difference is that they run back behind Birdo after she tosses one, making Shy Guys reuseable. If a Shy Guy is tossed down a pit, it is permenetly gone.
ACL Red Magikoopa.png
Kamek's minions that help Birdo to rescue their leader. They use their magic to create unlimited Birdo Eggs. Birdo can grab these eggs without having to inhale them. When Birdo has a total of six eggs in her stomach, the Magikoopa disappears but reappears if Birdo shoots at least one egg out of her snout.


Name Image Battle
Quarterback Bully
Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 12.17.07 AM.png
The boss of World 1 Tower. He starts off as a normal Bully, but Miss. Kamesly uses her magic to make him a bigger bully with a football helmet.  He attacks by kicking footballs at Birdo. Unlike the other Bullies in the game, he doesn't try to ram her. Birdo must inhale the footballs and turn them into eggs so she can push down Quarterback Bully down the ledge, once he has fallen, he is defeated.
Larry Leafman
Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 12.34.53 AM.png
The boss of World 1 Castle. He starts off as a normal Leafman, but Miss. Kamesly uses her magic to make him bigger. He attacks by floating around the room and creating mini tornadoes that can stun Birdo for a short time. When he lands on the ground, he shoots Leafmans at Birdo from his mouth. Birdo must inhale 6 Leafmans to make her heavier. When Larry Leafman lands on the floor, Birdo must jump to create a earthquake so he can trip over and fall. Then she has to spit all 6 of her eggs out of her snout so she can ground pound on Larry Leafman's sunglasses. Once his sunglasses are ground pounded 3 times, his sunglasses shatter into pieces and is defeated.
Toad army.png
The boss of World 2 Tower. He starts off as a normal Taffy Toad, but Miss. Kamesly uses her magic to turn him a bit bigger with a Dry Bones skull helmet. He first creates an army of Tiny Taffy Toad's and  simply walks back and forth along with the Tiny Taffy Toads following him. Birdo must first defeat the Tiny Taffy Toads first since Toadapiler is imune to all attack due to his skull helmet. When all the Tiny Taffy Toads are beaten, Toadapiler gets angry and his helmet breaks off, making him vurnurable. He attack by tossing turnips at Birdo. Birdo must inhale these turnips into her stomach so she can shoot an egg at Toadapiler. When she shoots and egg at Toadapiler, he falls on his back and Birdo ground pounds on top of him. After Toadapiler is ground pounded three times, he is defeated.
King Wart

The boss of World 2 Castle. He makes a surpirsing appearance as a boss in the game. He tells Birdo that he joined Miss. Kamesly's forces so he can get revenge on her for eventually betraying him and quitting the 8 bits. Miss. Kamesly uses her magic to shrink Birdo down to the size of a flea. This causes King Wart to swallow poor Birdo with his tounge and trapping her in his stomach. Wart's stomach is filled with toxic bubbles that bounce around, Birdo must easily avoid these bubbles. He also swallows some Egglings into his stomach, Birdo must stomp on the Eggings until she finds a Cardrill. If the Egglings come in contact with the toxic bubbles, they will deslove, which means Birdo must get to them before the bubbles touch them. Sometimes the Egglings will contain a Taffy Toad or a Cardrill inside. When Birdo finds a Cardrill, she must shoot it upward at Wart's uvula which will cause it to shrink, however, if she shoots a Birdo Egg at his uvula, it will heal his uvula, causing it to grow a little bigger. When Birdo shoots four Cardrills at Wart's uvula, Wart will be defeated and Birdo will be able to leave Wart's body.

Miss. Kamesly
Kamek trapped inside Miss. Kamesly.png

The boss of World 6 Tower. Attacks by flying around the room and blasting pink fireballs from her wand. She can also summon Taffy Toads which Birdo can inhale to create eggs. Birdo must shoot eggs right at her head three times. If Birdo hits her body with Kamek inside it 3 times, Kamek will be defeated which cause Birdo to faint and she will lose a life.

Bashful Bowser
Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 9.53.14 PM.png
The first boss of World 6 Castle. Miss. Kamesly transforms herself into Bashful Bowser, this is her most powerful form. She attacks by breathing pink fireballs at Birdo, as well as blindly charging at her. She also summons Taffy Toads that Birdo must inhale to turn into eggs. Birdo must hit her right in the face three times with Birdo Eggs until she is flipped over on her shell. Birdo must then ground pound on her belly. She is defeated after Birdo ground pounds her belly 3 times.
Big Bashful Bowser
Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.06.43 PM.png
The second boss of World 6 castle and the final boss of the game. Bashful Bowser grows huge after Birdo defeated her in her normal size.  She attacks by trying to breathe giant fink fireballs at Birdo and by trying to inhale Birdo. She will eventually summon Mini Bashful Bowsers, which are small toy versions of Bashful Bowser herself. When Bashful Bowser is trying to inhale Birdo, Birdo must inhale a mini Bashful Bowser and place it in front of Bashful Bowser's face, causing her to inhale the Mini Bashful Bowser. This will cause her to choke and fall back on the ground, allowing Birdo to ground pound her giant belly, which is her weak point. After her belly in pounded 8 times, Bashful Bowser finally spits Kamek out and turns back into her true form, Miss. Kamesly.