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Bionicle Heroes 2: City of the Deep is the second Bionicle game in the Bionicle Heroes series. It follows the Toa Mahri as they fight the Barraki in The Pit as the toa try to save the life of Mata Nui. It's going to be more canonized this time and will be released for the DS, WII, 3DS, and WII U in December 2013. It's going to be a First-person game, as the player playing an unidentified toa.


The story starts with the Toa Inika exiting the cord and finding themselves underwater. They try to head back to the cord but it's entrance is barricaded in an explosion. The toa look back and see six mutants swimming towards them. The lead one calls himself "Pridak" and takes out a glowing mask behind his back- The Mask of Life. Suddenly, it glows and flashes light. When it stops, the Toa Inika have transformed into Toa Mahri.  The Barraki then escape, leaving the Toa behind. Jaller then looks at the player and tells him that they've come here to retrieve the Mask of Life after their fight with the Piraka on Voya Nui. He then tells the player he's one of them- A toa. Jaller then says they have to get the Mask of Life, before Mata Nui dies. Jaller then wishes the player good luck, and that he will assist the player as they fight the Barraki.


  • ===Air bubble fields===
    • Bubble craters
    • Eel cavern
    • Shrine ruins
    • Ehlek's Temple
  • ===Octo cave===
    • Squid waters
    • Tentacle ridge
    • Hydruka farms
    • Kalmah's throne
  • ===Razor whale's teeth===
    • Mutation canyon
    • Coral pillars
    • Terrain of fossils
    • Takadox's keep
  • ===The Pit===
    • Makuta's return
    • Hydraxon's vengeance
    • Tunnel of darkness
    • Mantax's hold
  • ===Pillars of Salt===
    • Hermit column
    • Venom eel bowl
    • Sunken Colloseum
    • Carapar's shell
  • ===The Cord===
    • Reunited
    • Gadunka
    • Death of Mata Nui
    • Toa Mahri vs. Barraki
  • ===The Aftermath===
    • Lessovik's return
    • Dreams of Destruction
    • Hydraxon's tale
    • Karzahni's wrath

To be constructed.