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SSB Mario Series.png Big Boo
A Big Boo, with multiple regular Boos circling around it for comparison purposes.
Species Origin SSB Mario Series.png Boo
Rarity Common
Alignment usually Evil
Average Behavior prankster-like
Habitat(s) Ghost Houses
Ability/ies Ghost-Type-Pokemon-Sword-and-Shield.png Just typical ghost things
Weapon(s) Its face.
Vulnerable To Light
First Appearance SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario World 1, Super NES, 1991
Latest Appearance SSB Mario Series.png Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury, Switch, 2021
Balloon Boo

Big Frame Boo
Gold Big Boo
Mad Big Boo

Sleepy Boo
Bigger Boo

King Boo

King Boo and/or Bowser

A Big Boo, AKA an Atomic Boo in Japan, is...well, a big Boo.

In most of its appearances, it typically acts like a regular Boo, only bigger. Luigi's Mansion 1 established that it may sometimes be a combination of regular Boos. Either way, much like a regular Boo, it's nearly invincible, dying only to a Star in most Mario games. In some games, such as the Super Mario Galaxy duo, it may also die to bright light. Had it existed in Super Mario Bros. 3, it probably would've died to Hammer Mario's hammers as well.

Because of its size, it's usually much harder for Mario to avoid one, Super Mario World 1 being a notable exception (where he could Spin Jump on them without issue).

In Super Mario 64, a Big Boo is one of the game's bosses, appearing three times in the appropriately-named Big Boo's Haunt and holding a Power Star each time. Mario defeats him the same way he'd defeat regular Boos, but he takes three hits to kill, shrinking with each hit. In Super Mario 64 DS, in the level where Luigi is being held hostage, King Boo is erroneously referred to as a Big Boo.

Fanon appearances

St. Clair Publications

The seventh world of Koopa Troopa is Big Boo's Haunted Citadel. Naturally, all sorts of Boos appear there, including Big Boos.