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Between the Past and the Future
Developer(s) JFF Inc.
Publisher(s) JFF Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) First-Person Shooter, Puzzle Game
Release Date(s) Setember 24, 2012
Mode(s) Singleplayer, Co-op
Age Rating(s) 10+
Media Included Wii U Disc

Between the Past and the Future is a first-person shooter released for Wii U in Setember 24, 2012 and it's the first game of Just For Fun Inc., the gameplay involves time travel with first-person shooter, the player control two characters, the "Robin Hood" of 72, Karlos DeNasty and a Marine of USA of 2075, Trevor Linster



Karlos DeNasty is a robber who steals money from a giant kingdom called Lavoiri, Karlos has been captured, but, he escaped and now he wants revenge from the king who arrest him.


The Third World War has started between Japan, USA, Brazil, France and Italy, the marine Trevor become the captain, now, he needs make USA won the war.


The gameplay of "Between the Past and the Future" is like any another FPS game, but, the gameplay changes depending which character your chosses, Karlos can only uses a bow and arrow and a knife, the bow needs charge to shoot and the knife is only for close combat., Karlos can hide on trees to escape from guards and the gameplay with Trevor is objective-based, but, works like any FPS game. The main change of game, is, if the player kills one guy on the past affects the future, depending of the player moves in future can change past. The player can change from the past and the future pressing a single button.



  • Karlos DeNasty: He escaped from the prison, and now wants he revenge, he can use a bow and a knife.
  • Prince Robin: The prince of Lavoiri, he have a variety of weapons like Spears and Cannons.
  • King Dolerty: The king of Lavoiri, he have an army, watch out!


  • Trevor Linster: The captain of the USA's army.
  • Lonet Linster: Brother of Linster and his right hand.
  • Kairio Janover: The captain of Japan's army.
  • Carlos Olivera: The captain of Brazil's army.
  • DeLeondre: The captain of France's army.
  • Le Piquet: The captain of Italy's army.


Every campaign have 50 missions.

  • Click here to see Karlos' Missions.
  • Click here to see Trevor's Campaign.


Button Usage
Control-StickWiiU.png Control the aim of the gun.
D-PadWiiU.png Control the character.
AButton.png Shoots (or charge the arrow, if you playing as Karlos).
Bbuttonwiiu.png Use grenades (or the knife, if you playing as Karlos).
XButton.png Jumps.
Ybuttonwiiu.png Trade between characters.
L button.png Trade for the previous weapon.
Rbuttonwiiu.png Trade for the next weapon.
Zl.png See mission stats.
Zr.png See the weapon stats.


  • During both' campaigns, two graves can be seen:
    • One during the Karlos' Campaign, next to Dolerty's castle.
    • And the another, next to the Italy's base.
  • Each grave have the name Victor, a tribute for him, who died on day of launch of the game.