The evil android.
Full Name Betolpy
Current Age Proggramed to behave like an 18 year old.
Gender Proggramed to be male.
Location Unknown (born in a lab)
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Various elemental powers, robot abilities
Ability/ies Hammerspace, robots abilities.
Vulnerable To He takes every hit equally.
First Appearance Robo Madness (2011)

Betolpy is a new generation robot made in faraway planet, Alienta, by an alienoid species. He is the result of cloning Scyplo, the original robot, as a way of testing the Cloning Machine. He is the main villain of the Robo Madness series' first game.


Betolpy is the result of Scyplo's cloning, as a way of testing the Cloning Machine the scientists of Alienta had build. Scyplo was took into a testing field to test him and see if he worked. In the meanwhile, Betolpy, because of an error, woke up and started to malfunction. When he saw, in his data, that the scientist had plans to destroy him, he went crazy and destroyed the laboratories, taking the Cloning Machine with him and escaping into space. Scyplo then chased him, starting a quest to finally catch him.


Betolpy is an extremely intelligent mastermind, capable of creating cruel and dark plots in seconds, who would manipulate anyone in order for his desires to be fullfilled. He is crazy and insane after watching what his creators wanted to do with him, and has an extremely big hatred to them. He is an extremely powerful android, and it's difficult to deal with him. It's recommended to stay far away from him, since of his sadistic manners.

He looks at Scyplo like his big brother, and even though he hates him, he seems to, sometimes, deep down, care about him.


  • Betolpy is shown to be only capable of feeling dark emotions, only expressing some kindness and compassion to Scyplo, even though he really hates him for being the one the scientists chose.
  • Betolpy's name, in the truth, means Base E-Taken Original Living coP-Y, similar to the meaning of Scyplo's name.