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Beta Unten
BIRTHPLACE The Wasteland
CLASS CEO of Lynxclaw Inc.

Beta Unten was an alternate version of Unten created by his catalyst powers, and ended up in The Wasteland after  The Shattering, and ended up turning evil, creating Lynxclaw Inc. and targeting F.A.N.T, but was stopped by the 410 squad.

He was the main antagonist of Season 1 of Fantendo - Gaiden. Reception for the character has been positive.



Beta Unten was one of several alternate Untens created by the original's catalyst powers. He lived a happy but very shallow life, beating Doomulus Grime several times and never experiencing true pain like the real Unten, living in his boring, unchanging life where he was always the hero and victor.

After The Shattering, his universe was destroyed, but he lived on in The Wasteland, feeling enraged that his happy life was gone and that he was nothing but a spare, being nicknamed "Beta Unten". He then began a conquest of The Wasteland, taking over large parts of it and founding Lynxclaw Inc. as a way to get into Earth, planning to destroy all opposition and take over the multiverse, becoming the "real" Unten.

Fantendo - Gaiden

Beta Unten was revealed as the main antagonist in Tropical Vacation, running Lynxclaw Inc. and being responsible for many of the villains in the show, planning to destroy the 410 squad, and then later on planning to use it as a mole to get inside F.A.N.T.

However, the 410 squad learned of his plan and attacked the HQ alongside The Operatives. As the others destroyed the soldiers, Hugo Logia battled Beta Unten, and in an encounter, made him implode with a Psionic Explosion.

Physical Appearance

Beta Unten resembles Unten, but has bright blue glowing fur, an animal like nose, and a disturbing grin.


Beta Unten has limited electrokinesis, and is not a very strong fighter, relying on potions he developed to upgrade his powers to a powerful degree. He's also fairly weak at hand to hand combat.

His strengths are in his intelligence, being very smart and manipulative, having thousands of soldiers at his command and various weapons and technology he can use.


Beta Unten used to be a hero, but even then was egotistical, whiny, immature and childish, and believed himself to be the greatest hero in all of the universe. This superiority complex was destroyed when he learned the truth, breaking his fragile mind and becoming insane.

Beta Unten believed that he was entitled to being the true hero and would do anything to accomplish it, including murder, assault, and kidnapping, and feeling no remorse about it at all.


  • A scrapped concept for the villain of Season 1 was The Other.
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