Beta-Mites 2 is the sequel to Beta-Mites, developed by STYX Co..


Beta-Mites 2 US Box Art.

It has been released for the Nintendo 3DS exclusively, but a port to the Wii U is planned soon.


Beta-Mites 2 is very similar to it's predecessor, in which you go around stages and such. However, some new mechanics have seeped in - such as the Flopper, in which pressing one of these will either flip you to the  ceiling or wall. There is also the Omegan Chip, which will keep you invincible for a very short amount of time. Beta-Mites 2 also introduces the Pels, a point system that can be used in Bling Homes - a sort of shop where you can buy upgrades (such as a triple jump), hints, or secret pathways. You also get a free 1-Up by collecting 5,000.

Beta-Mites 2 also re-introduces the Beta-mites from the first game, keeping Crush-Mite, Big-Mite, Laser-Mite, and Hawk-Mite. As well as introducing four new ones - Quick-Mite, who can help you speed through the course in one direction, Sea-Mite, who will help you swim faster and shoot bigger and better projectiles in the brand new Water Levels, Ghost-Mite - who can let you float around the stage and turn invisible - passing through enemies...unlike the other Beta-Mites - You do not lose him after getting hit two times, instead it wears off in 30 seconds. Last but not least, is the Dragon-Mite - which is the strongest Beta-Mite in the game, it let's you quadruple jump and gives you a fire breathing ability.

Also returning are the Modes, in which each mode changes the levels and final boss each mode varying in difficulty - Easy, Medium, and Hard.


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Easy - Knight Form

Medium - Beast Form

Hard - Dragon Form

True Final Boss

Klownly-Two/Main Form


The plot begins deep in Rural City - Professor Beta, looking for revenge, attempts to create the perfect match for Karda...only his creation is unstable, and escapes his lab - Beta is presumabley dead though this is never stated directly - the creature that escaped is known as "Enda", an unstable force of matter that can take on various forms. Soon Karda notices this strange beings destruction of Rural City and sets out to stop it and save the world.


Beta-Mites 2 got tremendously good reviews, and was considered a major step up from Beta-Mites. INDIGO also listened to fans on the project, bumping up the story a bit and giving lots of upgrade to the gameplay. STYX clarifies it may release a port for the Wii U due to it's success.

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