Beta-Mites is a Megaman-Inspired platforming game developed by STYX Co., released for the Nintendo 3DS. It's the launching title for the STYX name and has been considered the company's mascot.


Beta-Mites is a side-scrolling platformer where you play the role of Karda, a cloud-like robot who serves as the main protagonist. It has a freedom based aspect, letting you choose your own path - Easy, Medium, and Hard - but it doesn't simply ramp up the difficulty. Instead each mode has brand new levels with a different final boss each run. Another option is to complete all modes, in which you will discover the true final boss.

In each level you can expect to see a number of power-ups, including Beta-Mites that can be found in random levels. Beta-Mites are fellow robots that will help you in the level, and each one has a special feature. The Hawk-Mite can carry you through the level, the Laser-Mite can give a better firing range and larger beam, the Crush-Mite can trample foes and hazards, and finally the Big-Mite can increase your size to enormous amounts.


  • Dizza
  • Big Bomber
  • Mysterman
  • Alph Core
  • Cannon 3
  • Spiderson
  • Zero Cell

Easy - Turtley

Medium - Squidly

Hard - Birdly

True Final Boss



Beta-Mites takes place in Rural City, living in the lab of the Beta-Mites - robots created by the world renowned Professor Beta, but after learning of the Professor's true plans - converting the city into his domain - Karda, a small cloud-like robot, gathers the Beta-Mites to dismantle Beta's machines and halt his plans for good.


Beta-Mites received fairly good reception and extremely positive reviews for the addicting gameplay and clever use of modes. However, some have argued the game lacks any good story and the completion tasks can be tiresome. Nevertheless, Beta-Mites has been a successful take on the 2-D Platform-Shooter and STYX plans on releasing a sequel soon.

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