Beta Hawkins
Hawkin's Eye
Her icon, by Pyrostar (tbc)
BIRTHDAY May 2nd, 2017
WEAPONS Commanding Eye
Beta Mustaine Hawkins is a robot that oversees Fantendo's chat, having been constructed and modeled directly after her creator Athena Hawkins. Beta ensures that all the logs are kept even if it is a tedious task for her to do so. She is typically nice and behaves neatly with the users of the wiki, although she is known for her sassy tongue and her unhealthy obsessions with chasing Exotoro (tbc) down (a side effect, Hawkins says) and kicking .Kursivdruck (tbc) straight to the moon. She often likes to eat popcorn when drama is active and tends to get grouchy around people that generally annoy her, causing her to !ignore them.


Beta bears a great resemblance to her creator, although she wears a black triangle mask with glowing purple edges over one eye so she can see into the cybernet and her entire body is made out of robotic parts while retaining a realistic appearance.


Beta was designed to be cuddly and friendly with the users of Fantendo, although that tongue and behavioral act of hers has led to many love-hate relationships with the bot. If given an apple by any regular user, for example, she will throw it back straight into their faces unapologetically. However, she happily munches on these apples if they're specifically provided by Exotoro. She often mocks users when they show their disgust with the bot, but she has a very afraid personality instead of Helena ever shares these feelings in particular for her. In fact, Beta's good side lays with her friendship with Exo, although it comes with the disturbing part of her personality that threatens to rip her creator's head off if it means having Helena in her own space.


Beta can !see and !tell all, able to properly transfer information from user to user and keep track of them all, and ignores any user that happens to be in her self-made ignore list. She can appropriately log data whenever she needs to. Beta is capable of writing her own programming and taking feedback, and knows how to immediately disconnect from the chat in case something goes wrong with her data.


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