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Best of Super Mario
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
Nintendo Switch
The V²
Genre(s) Platformer
Role-playing game
Series Mario
Release Date(s) The International Flag of Planet Earth.png 2017

Best of Super Mario is a videogame rerelease compilation for the Display, the Nintendo Switch, and the The V². It features six HD remakes of some of the most beloved Mario games, with three being unlockable and one being a patched Fresh Coat remake.


Game Changes
SMB3 Logo.png
  • Backgrounds are made of wavy fabric that semi-solid platforms and the like cast shadows on.
  • Battle Game from Super Mario All-Stars will become playable after beating a 2 Player Game.
  • Boomerang Bros., Fire Bros., and Sledge Bros. have unique map sprites.
  • Boos and Rotodiscs have motion trails.
  • Certain sound effects, like jumps, coin sounds, and the Power Meter's trill, now play in the current key of the background music.
  • Each world uses slightly different variants of the background music.
  • Extended 1-Up sound is an ascended glitch with a unique sound file.
  • Fire Flower fireballs have a green glow to them in Toad Houses, and a blue glow in airship boss rooms, referencing the miscolored fireball glitch.
  • Game Over menu has options to continue, save and continue, save and quit, or quit.
  • Ground woodgrain textures are randomly generated.
  • Hammer Mario can still enter Warp Pipes if the gray Hammer Mario glitch is performed.
  • Hidden number 3s appear randomly in various ways, mostly as particles.
  • Luigi has unique sprites.
  • Movement in water will generate a slight ripple effect, or a splash if jumping in or out of the surface.
  • Music plays when a letter is opened.
  • On the player's birthday, enemies explode into confetti when defeated, and Hammer Bros., Fire Bros., the Angry Sun, and bosses wear party hats.
  • Performing the green Brick Block or Donut Lift glitch will make the "glitched" bush resemble a topiary of the block in question.
  • Platforms hanging in the air by strings will slightly rock back and forth when stepped on.
  • Title screen has sound effects and a remix of the Super Mario All-Stars remake's music.
  • Three Hidden Luigis can be found in every level, including Enemy Courses, Battle Games, and Toad Houses.
  • Treasure chests visibly open before revealing the item inside.
  • Warp Pipes on World Maps no longer have time limits.
  • World Maps use full 3D graphics, with objects dancing more smoothly.
SMW Logo.png
unlocked by beating Super Mario Bros. 3
  • If a Yoshi is holding a shell in its mouth, it will faintly glow the color of that shell.
  • Level theme affects the background music's instrumentation.
  • Main World Map can be zoomed in and out.
  • Parts of adjacent levels and landmarks can be seen in level backgrounds.
  • Top Secret Area is now represented on the World Map by a smiling bush, as in Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2.
PM64 logo.png
  • Artstyle is a fusion between those of the original game and of Paper Mario: Color Splash.
  • Performing certain storage glitches that could corrupt the game results in all NPCs temporarily becoming red Toads and making weak paper puns, a reference to Toads corrupting the series starting in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
SMG logo.png

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