BIRTHPLACE Vanilla Dome, Dinosaur Land
CLASS Partner

Bert is a Buzzy Beetle that lives in the Vanilla Dome in Dinosaur Land. His biggest fear is that somebody will flip him over, he knows that his shell is rock hard but he is deadly scared that somebody will flip him over and reveal his back side.

He is found cowering in a corner where he usually is and can easily be passed by as just a strange red Buzzy Beetle shell however if you go towards to it and speak to him Yoyo will promise him that nobody will flip him over. Bert is ecstatic to hear that he will be safe with Yoyo and so he immediately agrees to join his team, out of protection reasons mainly.

In the closing ceremony for FRFF Bert says that he has learned about indanpendance and is setting off to roam the free world and then maybe even some other places too.

Hiding under the shell

Bert first appears in the Nintendo Wii RPG Fearsome Red's Fantastic Follies where he is the first optional partner and can possibly be the third partner you recruit. He is found cowering in his shell in the Vanilla Dome when Yoyo speaks with him he agrees to join his party. Bert can hide Yoyo under his shell to protect him from overworld dangers such as Boulders.


  • Shell Toss - The basic move, it does 2 damage at Normal Rank, 4 at Super Rank and 6 at Ultra Rank
  • Power Shell - Bert automatically comes with this move. It takes up 3 Yosi Points and does 3 damage to all of the enemies on the screen.
  • Dizzy Shell - Bert learns this when upgraded to Super Rank. It takes up 4 Yosi Points and it makes all of the enemies Dizzy.
  • Shell Slam - Bert learns this when upgraded to Ultra Rank. It takes up 6 Yosi Points and it damages all of the foes on the screen penetrating their defence.


  • It is rumoured that Bert will appear in another game like Kaki as he is like Kaki is the first optional partner and they both appear on the cover of their respective first games.
  • His move set is the same as Koopers but weaker.
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