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Bernard Gle is a thrill seeking robber, who appears in Ella-Metals: Run For Your Life!


Bernard seems like a disturbed figure, but he is still quiet smart geek as a child. He is quite insensitive. Being considerably larger than Rob Ber he is more of a harsh fighter and better for breaking into places.


He was a quiet smart and geeky child, but he was rocked by his parents bad past.

He and his parents made the wrong choices in life after turning to crime to feed Bernard. A family clearly torn by crime, when he was 16, his parents split up and custody of himself was abandoned, and he was left homeless. He met up with Rob Ber for low rent apartment. Rob Ber taught him to drive, and when he was 20 they moved to VineVille to take out their anger on society, making them happy.

Series Role

Along with his money loving partner, he robs houses in VineVille and The Bank Of VineVille. Soon, Ella Metals, Andy Pasta and Lexi Lexan suspects trouble and their stealing days are over. Oddly, they reappear in the sequel; he makes a cameo along with his partner, working at the factory, thus making a powerful being. They are on lunch break and they want Ella to fix a vending machine. Then, suspicions start with a voice saying 'fools' comes out of the fixed machine.

It is currently unknown if he will star alongside his partner in Ella-Metals 3. But he is absent from Ella-Metals Racing, aside from a factory track cameo. So it is most likely that he is working at Raven or confirms the game being non-canon. But is that he is assumed as Rob Ber is still revealed to be working for them.


  • His name is a pun of the word 'burgle'.