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Beorn Woods Box-art CB64

The physical copy.

Beorn Woods is a platformer for the Nintendo Switch, it takes place after the events of Kirby Star Allies.



The story takes place right after the ending of Kirby Star Allies, a scene shows the Jambandra Base crashing into Earth, leaving behind a strange looking crystal resembling a Jamba Heart shard, but it was red, and resembled an X.

after sinking to the ground, the strange shard, dubbed the Hexium Shard, starts glowing, and turns into a silhouette of Queen Sectonia, an evil bee who's original goal was to destroy Planet Popstar, and so, our story begins...


Lumbreeze watching as Sectonia flies off with the bag of kidnapped critters

Welcome to Beorn Woods

We pan over to the beautiful greens of Beorn Woods, a majestic forest where the forest animals of earth come to stay, play and eat.

And who's looking after the animals, you may ask? Why none other than one of the workers at Beorn Woods, a friendly Beorn named Lumbreeze.

Suddenly, Queen Sectonia comes buzzing in, and swipes all the critters away, putting them all in a big kidnapping bag, so now it's up to Lumbreeze to save the animals.

Off to the Wooded Kingdom

Wielding his trusty axe, Lumbreeze calls for his pal Rick, one of Kirby's allies who's came to vacate, and the only critter not to be kidnapped.

Lumbreeze says that there is a whole kingdom called the Wooded Kingdom, with trees, flowers and other types of luxurious greens over there, and says that they might find some of the critters.

After sorting out the plan, Lumbreeze and Rick head off to the Wooded Kingdom, where the first group of the forest animals lie.

What's all the buzz about

As the lumberjack and the hamster head off, they have an encounter with Taranza, Sectonia's evil minion, who's came to say that you can try to get the little itsy-bitsy critters back, but one of Sectonia's protégés is guarding the poor critters.

As he flies off, Lumbreeze and Rick ignore Taranza's instruction and move on to the Wooded Kingdom to save the critters and fight this so-called "protégé".


Lumbreeze and Rick, wondering where the animals could be.

Arriving at the Wooded Kingdom

The duo have entered the Wooded Kingdom and are trying to find out where the animals could be, they've been searching high and low for the little critters.

Suddenly a humongous UFO-like creature is seen with a cage, inside said cage is a quarter of the forest critters, leaving Lumbreeze and Rick to go after it.

The rest of the protoges

After defeating the UFO, Lumbreeze and Jack head on to defeat more of the bee's protégés, including: a giant purple plant living in a humongous grove, a living tree deep in the forest and a dark flower monster in the depths of a jungle.

After defeating the plant, the tree and the flower, and saving the animals they captured, the duo set off, to the evil Queen Sectonia's base of operation.

The Big Battle

As our heroes reach the top of Sectonia's Palace, they're suddenly teleported in by Sectonia, saying that she needs "some pets for her collection".

Lumbreeze and Rick start taunting Sectonia, making her mad and engaging the final battle, for the winner, goes the spoils.

The Ending


Lumbreeze and Rick congratulating the player for finishing the game.

After the evil goddess flies away with Taranza, Lumbreeze and Rick bring the last of the forest animals back to Beorn Woods, where the two relax while all the animals play together.

The ending scene features Lumbreeze and Rick jumping up into the sky, revealing a "The End", as the game ends.


The same controls as Kirby Star Allies, though Lumbreeze and Rick have their own attacks.

Lumbreeze's Attacks

  • Axe Throw: Throws the axe like a boomerang.
  • Slide Kick: Slides on the ground, performing a kick.

Rick's Attacks

  • Headbutt: Headbutts the target.
  • Fire Breath: Fires three balls of fire.


Main Characters



Lumbreeze Lumbreeze: The Beorn lumberjack and protector of Beorn Woods, he's on a quest to save all the forest animals from being taken by Queen Sectonia.
RickFromStarAllies Rick: A hamster who tags along with Lumbreeze on his quest to save the forest animals.




UpUp With Scarf Up Up Skypaw Nekon: A Catonean who's came to help our heroes, Up Up has opened shop up at every location, called "Up Up's Ultimate Items", selling items to help Lumbreeze and Rick.
MP8Wario Wario: A greedy plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom, he can be found at any location, you can chase him, and if you catch him, he'll give you coins!
KA Mr. Frosty Mr. Frosty: A walrus who can be found in Whispy Woods Forest, Piranha Grove and Sectonia's Palace, he'll give you some coins if you talk to him.
Unten: A Beorn, like Lumbreeze, that the duo can speak to after defeating Big Bungee Piranha at Piranha Grove to play the Max Axe minigame, internet connection is required to play this.
1.Barely Rusty Steam Gardener Steam Gardeners: The residents of the Wooded Kingdom. They water the flowers in the Wooded Kingdom.
Amiibroozer Amiibroozer: He may look scary, but Amiibroozer's has a warm heart! Talking to Amiibroozer allows you to scan amiibo to search for Critter Coins.
Talkatoo: This little guy can be found in almost every world. He will give you a hint on how to find Critter Coins if you talk to him.
Gold Drifter Gold Drifter: A Gold Goomba in charge of the Gold Dash minigame, race him for 10 Critter Coins, he's got quite the attidude!
Grovian Grovians: The Piranha Plant-like residents of the Piranha Grove, don't worry, they won't bite!
Forest Villager Forest Villagers: The flower residents of Whispy Woods Forest, they love to water gardens!
Shadower Shadowers: Shadowy residents of the Jiggle Jungle, while they may look scary, they are warm-hearted!


Enemy Description Locations
Wooden Kug

Wooden Kug: A green and purple mushroom and the first enemy in the game, a stomp on this little creature's head will make it disappear.

  • Wooded Kingdom
  • Piranha Grove
  • Whispy Woods Forest
  • Jiggle Jungle
Wooden Octoomba

Wooden Octoomba: Green and purple octopus enemies that will walk back and forth and fire acid cannonballs at Lumbreeze and Rick.

  • Whispy Woods Forest
  • Sectonia's Palace
Wooden Koopa

Wooden Koopa: Green and purple turtles, they will chase after Lumbreeze and Rick, two stomps are needed to defeat them.

  • Wooded Kingdom
  • Jiggle Jungle
  • Sectonia's Palace

Stumpiranha: Carnivorous plants that have been planted on the ground, they will try to bite Lumbreeze and Rick.

  • Piranha Grove
  • Jiggle Jungle
Acid Bro

Acid Bro: A green and purple turtle that throws acid balls at Lumbreeze and Rick, two stomps can defeat it.

  • Piranha Grove
  • Sectonia's Palace

Bark-omb: Bomb enemies that will explode when approached, they can't be defeated.

  • Wooded Kingdom
  • Sectonia's Palace

Woodomp: Humongous enemies that will try to faceplant Lumbreeze and Rick, when they faceplant, ground-pound them, defeating them.

  • Jiggle Jungle
  • Sectonia's Palace
Woodle Dee

Woodle Dee: Green and purple enemies that walk back and forth, a simple stomp will do the trick.

  • Wooded Kingdom
  • Piranha Grove
  • Whispy Woods Forest
  • Jiggle Jungle

Woodle Doo

Woodle Doo: Will fire acid beams at Lumbreeze and Rick when approached, a stomp can defeat them.

  • Whispy Woods Forest
  • Sectonia's Palace
Bronto Bark

Bronto Bark: Flying enemies that will home in on Lumbreeze and Rick, a stomp will kill them.

  • Whispy Woods Forest
  • Jiggle Jungle
Leafy Leo

Leafy Leo: Blows acid at Lumbreeze and Rick, can be defeated by an Axe Throw or Fire Breath .

  • Jiggle Jungle
  • Sectonia's Palace

Jammerjabush: They will spin their staffs at Lumbreeze and Rick, they can be defeated by a stomp.

  • Sectonia's Palace

Capgreen: A green and purple haniwa statue with a mushroom cap that will move back and forth, they needs two stomps to defeat.

  • Wooded Kingdom
  • Whispy Woods Forest

Greendo: Spiky ball enemies that only appear within two boss battles, they can't be defeated, but they can be dodged.

  • Whispy Woods Forest
  • Sectonia's Palace




Torkdrift in Super mario Odyssey Torkdrift: A humongous UFO and the boss of the Wooded Kingdom, In battle, Torkdrift attacks by aiming and firing laser beams at Lumbreeze and Rick. The duo must smash the three orbs encircling Torkdrift, causing it to flip over.

Lumbreeze and Rick must then smash Torkdrift's core. It will then launch a vertical laser beam that creates energy shockwaves that Lumbreeze and Rick must vault over. Lumbreeze and Rick must then repeat the process two more times.

When Torkdrift is defeated, it will explode, releasing the forest critters he stole.

YIDS Big Bungee Piranha Big Bungee Piranha: A giant Piranha Plant and the boss of Piranha Grove. In battle, Big Bungee Piranha attacks by lunging down from the ceiling to attempt to bite Lumbreeze and Rick.

When it comes down to try to eat the player, move out of the way quickly and place the Chomp Rock in place, which causes Big Bungee Piranha to bite it and howl for a few seconds, revealing it's weak spot: it's tounge. Lumbreeze and Rick must hit it's tounge before it retreats back to the ceiling, then repeat the process over again two times.

When Big Bungee Piranha is defeated, he will fall to Lumbreeze's and Rick's feet, burping out the critters he stole.

CSSB Whispy Woods Artwork Whispy Woods: A humongous tree and the boss of Whispy Woods Forest. In battle, Whispy Woods will shoot out puffs of air at Lumbreeze and Rick.

Whispy can also send apples down from his leaves, Lumbreeze and Rick can pick these apples and send them back at Whispy Woods, but Lumbreeze and Rick also need to dodge the Greendos that Whispy Woods also shakes from his leaves, you must repeat this process 2 more times.

When Whispy Woods is defeated, he will turn into a normal tree and drop the critters he captured from his leaves.

Bloomsday Bloomsday: A humongous flower and the boss of Jiggle Jungle. In battle, Bloomsday will attempt to blow Lumbreeze and Rick away, these blows can be dodged, Bloomsday will also throws rocks at Lumbreeze and Rick.

Sometimes the rocks will stay on the ground, Lumbreeze and Rick can attack them to send them back at Bloomsday, causing him to fall out of his pot and reveal his weak spot: His roots, attack his roots and then repeat the process two more times.

When Bloomsday is defeated, he will hop away into the jungle, and will leave behind the critters he captured.

Sectonia Artwork Transparent-0 Queen Sectonia: A humongous bee goddess and the final boss of Sectonia's Palace, In battle, she will throw her two swords at Lumbreeze and Rick. She will also attack by summoning Taranza to shoot weak orbs at Lumbreeze and Rick.

The swords get stuck in the ground, Lumbreeze and Rick can send these swords back at Sectonia, revealing her weak spot: the heart on the crown. Two platforms will also appear, jump on the, attack the crown and repeat the process two more times.

When Sectonia is defeated, she will fly away, along with Taranza, and drop the last of the captured critters.

(Saving every critter after the boss battles will also allow you to play a harder version of her fight.)

Items & Objects



001-1510040682 Coins: Coins are almost everywhere and can be used in every kingdom to buy stuff. If Lumbreeze and Rick is defeated, they'll lose 10 coins.
Critter Coin Critter Coins: They are usually hidden and collecting them will give you 3 extra lifes.
BigMushroomSSMP Mushroom: A mushroom stuck in the ground, if you touch them, they'll give you a checkpoint and an extra life.




Wooded Kingdom Wooded Kingdom (Steam Garden): The first world of the game, a world full of plants, you come here to save the first group of critters from Torkdrift.
Piranha Grove Piranha Grove (Snappy Ruins): The second world of the game, a humongous civilization of ancient origins, you come here to save the second group of critters from Big Bungee Piranha.
Whispy Forest Whispy Woods Forest (Glorious Gardens): The third world of the game, a village full of magnificent gardens, you come here to save the third group of critters from Whispy Woods.
JiggleJungle Jiggle Jungle (Lights-Out Valley): The fourth world of the game, a shadowy wonderland in the night, you come here to save the fourth group of critters from Bloomsday.
KTD King Dedede&#039;s Castle Sectonia's Palace (Castle DDD): The final world of the game, a humongous castle of King Dedede, you come here to save the last group of critters from Queen Sectonia.


Minigame Description
Max Axe Max Axe: Talk to Unten to play this game, chop more trees than the computers or other players, internet connection needed.
Gold Dash Gold Dash: Talk to Gold Drifter to play this game, race against Gold Drifter to the finish line!
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