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Benjiman Metals is best known for being Ella Metals brother in the Ella-Metals series. His father is Donny Metals and his mother is Daisy Metals. He was born in 2011, just before the events of the first game.



Wearing a navy blue buttoned jacket that is clearly too big for him.

Series Role

Benjiman is only briefly seen in the first game as a newborn. He plays play a bigger role in Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack, he offers the group a selection of 3 missions, to tell them a secret he heard around town, to do with the factory, he will also appear in Ella-Metals 3 in the mission "Favourite Sister".

But his biggest role by no doubt is in Ella-Metals 5, after The Wright Sisters decide to retire from the Protector of VineVille. He is the favourite to get the role. But an evil force stops them and his fellow candidate, daughter of Andy and Lexi Pasta, Elizabeth Pasta.

Fantendo Football League

Benjiman plays for the Team Lios Lions football team in a left-striking position in a 4-2-4 formation. He appears as a 10 year old, as he did in EM5, but has been in the league since Season 1.

Fantendo Baseball League

He makes a cameo role in the mini-game called 'Moving Metals' Benjiman Metals will move metal, and you must guess what object is under it (judging by watching where he hides it) in 5 seconds.


  • He had planned to be playable in Ella 1, 3 and 4 before eventually taking up the post in Ella-Metals 5, due to the developers actually wanting to finally use him in that concept.