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Benedykta is a woman from the RTAverse. A scientist who joined F.A.N.T to try and help out with any complicated formulas, Benedykta has 3 PhD's.

Physical appearance

Benedykta is a rather short 29-year-old woman with long, blonde hair tied into a ponytail. Benedykta usually wears a pink woolly sweater with a dark blue tank top underneath, black corduroy pants and black ankle boots. Her eyes are light blue.


Benedykta is a very smart woman. She has three different PhD's, in theoretical physics, chemistry and mathematics. She also has a Masters' degree in astrophysics. Benedykta has good hand-eye co-ordination as a result of playing quite a bit of Super Mario Kart during her lifetime. Benedykta is also fluent in English and Polish. Benedykta is a very flexible person. She did gymnastics until she was about 10 and used it as a fallback in case of her career in science falling through. Benedykta also has an unusual power. She can fire very powerful EMP shockwaves that can destroy doors. Benedykta has only ever used this power twice in her life, and she gets very fatigued whenever she uses her powers due to the extreme strength her powers have.


Benedykta is a woman who takes what she does seriously. She is always willing to help people, and especially likes helping people when it comes to scientific work.

Benedykta is also very kind-hearted. She uses money she gets from research to help people in third-world countries and has been around the world helping these people. She finds the smile on a less fortunate person's face heart-warming.


  • Benedykta helped Anna Edmondson get her PhD in Physics.
  • Benedykta is divorced.
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