Bejeweled - Super Smash Bros. Styleis a game to be released in mid-2016 on the 3DS and early in 2017 on the Wii U. It is one of Kirbystar247's creations.

Another version will be released on the ZeroCube not long after its release.


In order to play, you take control of Mario, Mega Man, Kirby, Link, Pikachu and the Pikmin, in order to make matches in jewel-filled stages to score points and proceed.


Character Image Description Unique Power
Mario The king of Nintendo is back in an awesome gem-swapping journey! Fire Gem
Mega Man The latest in gem-swapping technology, all ready for action! Laser Gem
Kirby A super heroic puffball on a mission to swap gems and score! Hypercube and Hyper Gem
Link When not rescuing damsels-in-distress, he's on a gem mission! Fairy Gem
Pikachu The face of Pokemon, the only gem-swapping electric mouse! Thunder Gem
Pikmin They're out gem-swapping on order of Captain Olimar himself! Miracle-Gro and Lemon


Name Gameplay
Classic Swap gems to match and get points to proceed!
Twist Twist the gems to make matches and points!
Zen No bombs, no locks, no problem!
Zen Twist Twist Mode in a peaceful environment!
Challenges Play fun game twists to the game!
Blitz How much can you score in 5 minutes?
Multiplayer Meet up with friends online and play!
Party Board Race round the party board for points!


Name Rules
Butterflies The butterfly gems go up unless matched. If one touches the spider, game over!
Poker Get cards with matches! Be careful with your matches, and focus!
Survival How many matches can you last without a single bomb going off?
Diamond Mine Dig your way towards the lowest reaches of the stage of gemstones!

Special Gems

Name Find Function
Power Gem Match of 4 Explodes when matched, destroying a 3x3 area.
Bomb Gem Randomly generated If not matched before timer runs out, game over!
Coal Gem Randomly generated Can't be matched. Use powers to plough through.
Lock Gem Randomly generated Can't be moved, but can be matched!
Doom Device Randomly generated Bomb, Coal and Lock, all in one weapon!
Fire Gem Match of 5 as Mario Explodes when matched, destroying a 7x7 area.
Laser Gem Match of 5 as Mega Man Zaps the column and row it's in when matched.
Hypercube Match of 5 as Kirby (Classic) Zaps all of the colour it's swapped with.
Hyper Gem Match of 5 as Kirby (Twist) Similar to Hypercube but must be matched.
Fairy Gem Match of 5 as Link Adjacent gems give 15 times the points!
Thunder Gem Match of 5 as Pikachu Once matched, gems of its colour become Power.
Miracle-Gro Match of 5 as Pikmin (Classic) When swapped, gems of its colour become huge!
Lemon Match of 5 as Pikmin (Twist) Similar to Miracle-Gro but must be matched.
Giant Gem Via use of Miracle-Gro/Lemon Takes up a 2x2 area. Worth huge points!
Fruit Gem Fill the multiplier Can be scored for massive points!
Butterfly Gem Only in Butterflies Mode Moves up if left unmatched.
Supernova Gem Match of 6+ Cleans the entire screen for huge points!

Story Mode

This all-special mode spans of your choice of character going through a special adventure where they must challenge three other characters to a Party Board (Also allowed in individual play). Here, roll the dice to determine movement around the board to collect coins and stars.

See spaces below.

Space Function
Blue Space Gives 3 Coins
Red Space Takes 3 Coins
Green Space Triggers crazy events
Friend Space You and a friend get 5 Coins
Bowser Space Triggers Bowser Time!
Star Space Pass it to buy a star!

You will find five party boards, each with a different theme.

Party Board Notices Boss
Pac-Man's Park
  • The star is on a random space for 20 coins.
  • Lots of plants will cause help and hazards!
Elec Man Factory
  • The star is on a random space for up to 30 coins.
  • Prototypes will be there to keep you on your toes!
Whispy Woods
  • The star is on a set space for 20 coins, you can get any number.
  • Be careful of rolling fruits, but praise beehives and vines!
Dark Matter
Indigo Plateau
  • The star is in one of the books, it costs 10 coins to open it.
  • You can get coins from the Dusty Picture Frames and Star Globe.
Bowser's Castle
  • The star is on a random space for 20 coins.
  • Beware Bowser as he runs around causing havoc!

In order to fight the bosses, match gems to score points to gather energy, used to attack when it's gathered enough. Bosses absorb (Or are weak to) certain colours, and the player must collect sparkly gems to prevent the bosses from wounding them. The player has five hearts to win the battle with.

Resistances Chart

Boss Image Weak Absorbs
Clyde White Orange
Airman Yellow Blue
Whispy Woods Red Green
Lance Blue Red
Bowser Orange Purple


  • A board called Spirit Tracks has been found in the game's development. Only the spaces have been covered - there are no Green Spaces, and if you reach the Star, the game crashes.
  • Because of this, Pikmin is the only series in this game not to have a party board.
  • The multiplier's number of matches required to increase is 4 x current multiplier.
  • If there are no possible moves, Luigi shuffles the screen.
  • If you swap two Hypercubes, you'll clean the screen. The same occurs for a match made entirely of Hyper Gems.
  • Likewise, doing this with Miracle-Gro or a match of Lemons will make every gem on the screen big.
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