Behemoth Wand
There's a evil face.
Item Type Dark Magic
Kind of Item Wand
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Hold the Mushroom Behemoth, Destroys Monsters and transform objects

The Behemoth Wand is an evil wand that Luigi uses in his story in Super Mario: An Evil Rising. It contains the Evil Mushroom Behemoth.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising


Luigi receives the wand from Toadus in order to hunt down the Mushroom Mages and stop the curse they are putting on Toadus' Newfound Kingdom. Luigi goes to four places all over the kingdom hunting down them. After, he returned to Toadus, he is thankful and sends Luigi on his way.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong comes to the past ten years after Luigi and Toadus gives him the Behemoth Wand to capture the newly released Mushroom Behemoth. After Donkey Kong destroys the beast, he burries the wand and the monster near Yoshi's Island.

The Present

One day, the Kremlings found the wand on a hidden expedition to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and accidentally revived the beast. The Kremlings got crush and the wand was never seen again.


  • The wand looks like the Kooplings' wand.