These drones make even some of our top guns look like Pea Shooters. Sure, they are slow as molasses and stick out like sore thumbs, but if one sees you in the open, you'd better run...
Rebel Datalog, ???

Behemoth Drones are insanely large Raven Drones designed for critical war conditions in cities. They are one of the rarest Drones in the game and are only found in later segments. They are also the strongest drones in the game, able to withstand 3-10 hits with the game's most powerful rebel weapons.


The upper body of a Behemoth Drone is almost identical to that of a Sentinel Drone, Although it is much more heavily armored, and the right arm has been replaced with a Gatling Gun. It has 4 Walker legs to move it and it's upper body can rotate on its axis.


Behemoth Drones generally patrol streets searching for the player and his/her allies. Once it finds either one, the drone will start open-firing with its Gatling gun, closing in while it does so. The drone also creates shockwaves while it walks, and if near the player, it will attempt to crush the player under its walking legs.

Notable Behemoth Drones

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