Beedoof is a convincing and failed superstitious record dealer who is Mudkeep's first partner in Mudkeep in Stilioseland.

Personality and Relationships

Beedoof is a caring more like a father figure to Mudkeep. He gets lonely easily and is a good charismatic convincer after winning Mudkeep over when he first appears in Play. He is noble to get the job done quickly to protect and correct his friends. Although he doesn't like to admit it much. He cares for his friend.

He develops an attachment to some fruitcake biscuits as "he is a fruitcake". He takes it on his travels when he can discover that it can fly.

His speech feature is speaking with an American twang and using lots of elision like "gonna'", littered with pauses.



Beedoof by Alange95 (tbc)

Beedoof is a plastic Bidoof toy who is always on all fours and wears a red neckerchief as a distinguishing feature.


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