Full Bee Mario SMG

Bee Mario is one of Mario's Power-Ups. Mario can access this form by eating a Bee Mushroom.


Bee Mario can fly a bit. When a special meter for this is empty, he cannot fly anymore until he touches the ground. Bee Mario can also stand on flowers and climb on honey. However, when touching water, Bee Mario will turn back to normal. You need this power-up to battle a boss in Super Mario Galaxy.


Ultra Mario World

Bee Mario reappears in Ultra Mario World, however, this time the ability is not lost by touching water, rather the water gives him horrible swimming.

Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains

Bee Luigi appears as an alternate costume for Luigi  in Mario Tennis: Heroes Vs Villains. If Luigi’s Bee Cup is completed then the Bee Luigi Costume will be unlocked and can be used in almost any game mode.


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