Bearded Smiley's Super Duper Sweet Ultra Fun Party is a spin-off game in the Bearded Smiley series developed by Nova OS for the Nova Store. It is a party game that involves micro-games and boards, in which Bearded Smiley and friends play to win the Party Contest.





Playable Characters

Image Name Description Board
BeardedSmileyBSPArtwork Bearded Smiley Bearded Smiley is there, and ready to annoy as much as he is able to. No shields are stopping him right now, not even his short attention span or his preference for random, strange joke... NORBEEEEEERT!

When he joined the awful, boooooring contest, he just HAD to turn it into a wonderful, superdupersweetultramegaomeganovafun party. He just had to!

The Barren & Annoyed Neighborhood
N/A Bearded Ninja N/A The Skillfull Master Ninjutsu Dojo
N/A Norbert N/A Regular Post Office for Regular People
UileeTeaBSPArtwork Uilee Tea While he was enjoying a good old tasty cup of green tea, suddenly, the entire world started to tremble. He watched, shaking with fear... until he saw his arch-enemy, Bearded Smiley, popping in from his floor, laughing at him. "I SEE YOU LURKING OUT THERE, UILEE TEA!". Uilee Tea's Teapot Poshy Castle
HalfyBloodyBSPArtwork Halfy Bloody Halfy Bloody was the one who hosted the tournament, but when Bearded Smiley signed him, he entered in panic and nearly cancelled it. However, it got a 180º flip and went from a writing contest to the biggest party of all time... much to his disgust. The Big Dorky Deus Ex Machi-Brary
N/A Ninjaspeed N/A The Brush-Painted Dojo
N/A Stelivil N/A Afro-Tennis Stadium
N/A Arr-End N/A Seaship P-Arr-Adise
N/A Waddie N/A Sick and Dark Warfare Field



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