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Bear Chomps are a type of Chain Chomp that resembles bears. 3 varations of the Bear Chomp currently exist.

Bear Chomp Description
BQFTNE Bear Chomp
Brown Bear Chomp: They are commonly found in forests and are usually asleep. They will wake up when someone is nearby and attack them.
BQFTNE Polar Bear Chomp
Shiverian Bear Chomp: As their name implies,These bears a commonly found in the Snow Kingdom of Shiveria. They have the ability to swin in the cold waters. So if you're attacked by one,getting in water won't save you.
BQFTNE Black Bear Chomp
Black Bear Chomp: They are commonly found in caves. They are less common than Brown Bear Chomps,but they are way more agressive. They will patrol the caves and dash very fast towards you if they spot you.

Game Apperances

Bowser: Quest for the New Empire

The Brown Bear Chomp appears in Bowser: Quest for the New Empire  as an enemy. They're commonly found on Mt. Dossun and can be seen sleeping. They will wake up and give chase to Bowser if he's close.

Super Mario Snow Run

The Shiverian Bear Chomp appears in Super Mario Snow Run and they are commonly found in Tyfoo Forest and the frozen lake. They will patrol the areas and give chase to Mario if he's spotted. They will also swim after him if he enters a body of water.

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