Bayonetta Online
Developer(s) Platinum Games, Nintendo, Astralitz
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Genre(s) MMORPG/Action RPG
Release Date(s) 2017
Mode(s) Online cooperative missions, player vs player.
Age Rating(s) ESRB: T (Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes)

PEGI: 12 (Non-realistic violence toward human characters) CERO: B

Storage Needed 16GB (including updates to the SD card)
Cost $39.99

"Experience Being a Umbra Witch with Bayonetta Online"

Bayonetta Online, nicknamed "Project: UNITY" or Bayonetta Unity is a new Nintendo MMO dungeon crawler/action RPG which revolves around Umbra Witches and Wizards cooperating. It has been known to be an expensive project and an expansive one. After it's release, the game had gotten a lot of updates, and several new expansions after it's release.


Years ago, before the events of Bayonetta 2, Lord Morklin has discovered the legendary relic, the Halo of Otherworldy Powers, which asks for the owner to wish whatever he wants to do. Discovering this, squads consisting of Umbra Witches and Wizards are formed to take action against the Espen Witches. (the witches on the eastern region and study more on engineering)


At first, when you start the game, you get to create your Umbran Witch/Wizard. First it asks you if you want a boy or girl. Then it asks you what color your hair wants to be, then you choose your hairstyle, at last you choose a class of 5 different types of witchcraft powers, and then after you create your character set off into the world of Bayonetta Online. 

You start off on the Umbran City. At here, there's a Mission Lobby, where you take missions there to ascend on ranks. When you ascend on ranks, you get to be able to use larger weapons and learn new skills from your skill tree. The missions could be dialogue, rescue missions, and some of them have bosses. There's a Umbran Forge, where players need to use to build larger weapons, and a Skill Lab, where you unlock more skills on your Skill Tree.

Missions revolve around spying, rescuing hostages, assassinating targets, etc. 

Combat is different to fit to an co-op MMO. Unlike other Bayonetta games, you can equip machine guns and sniper rifles. Guns are slower, and melee weapons have various combos inside. Guns, however do not have combos at all. Up to 3 weapons can be equipped. and you can use the L and R buttons to change your skills, and press A to charge, and launch your special attack. Attacks can revolve to magical storms, demon summonings or support skills to heal players or buff them.

You need to get halos and parts to build larger weapons, and you later on need to promote your witch/wizard to take on the more harder tasks.

As an Nintendo-based game, the graphics consist of an cel-shaded anime 3D, similar in fashion to Xenoblade.

On the missions, up to 6 players can join. Next to the players is the internet connection icon. 

  • Green: This player's connection is very well.
  • Yellow: This player's connection is neutral.
  • Red: This player's connection is poor.

Witch Ranks

Evolution Chart
Witch Rank Description Requirements Appearance
Recruit Witch Witches who are first hired. Can equip up to 2* weapons, and can only use Recruit Skill Tree. Starting rank. Training uniform of the Umbra Witch.
Umbra Witch Witches who have learned the skills of the Umbran. Can equip up to 4* weapons, and introduces you the Umbran Skill Tree. Complete the 2* missions (sidequests not included) Regular uniform of the Umbra Witch.
Veteran Witch Witches who can utilize the higher ranks of the Umbran. Can equip up to 6* weapons, and delves into the second section of the skill tree. Complete the 4* missions (sidequests not included) Added jagged shoulder guards, and armor becomes sturdier.
Expert Witch Witches who have unleashed the noble powers of the Umbran. Can equip up to 8* weapons, delves into the third section of the Skill Tree. Complete the 6* missions (sidequests not included) Umbra Wings are formed and Umbra Helmets are added.
Master Witch Witches who have found the final powers of the Umbran. Can equip up to 10* weapons and reaches the end of the Skill Tree. Complete the 8* missions (sidequests not included) Umbra Wings become full size, Umbra Rune is attached behind the center.
Omega Witch Witches who have unleashed beyond the exceeded power of the Umbran. Can equip Omega weapons and can use Omega Witchcraft Skill Tree. Complete the Omega questline. Umbra Wings become Mecha Wings, and their armor turns into what resembles a black mecha.
Witch Magics
Witch Magic Description Weapons Magic Gauge
Umbran Witch Witches that harness the power of the demons.  Demon powers Climax Gauge
Arcane Witch Witches that have studied the power of the four elements; the elements and how to use them. Magic elements Magic Gauge
Holy Witch Witches that have studied the power of the light; the ability to harness the power of the holy spirit. Holy magic Holy Stars
Trinity Witch Witches that use their own witch powers to help others; such as healing those in need. The Cross; healing lights Trinity Orbs
Nova Witch Witches that arcane themselves using the power of the God's weapon; the Nova Spirit. Nova Spirit; projected weapons Nova Orbs



Bayonetta Online received mixed to positive reviews, while some criticized for having different gameplay to the Bayonetta games (since it's now an MMO, and focuses more on RPG elements and cooperation). Because of it's high budget and the MMO-like structure of the game, the game had been nicknamed "NinDESTINY" for being Nintendo's attempt to cash-in with an AAA mmo like Destiny. Another "fan" nickname was "WARonetta" because the gameplay felt more like a co-op (up to 6 players) hack-n-slash with 3rd person shooter aspects similar to Warframe.

It scored a 73 on Metacritic, a 7.5/10 on IGN, and a 8/10 on GameSpot. 

eShop rating

What is this game for?

  • Everyone: 67%
  • Gamers: 33%

What type of play is this suitable for?

  • Casual: 33%
  • Intense: 67%


Bayonetta Online/Weapons

Bayonetta Online/Missions

Bayonetta Online/Skills


  • Even though the game is an MMO, it's possible to play this game offline or via Switch-to-Switch. This is used because because of the smooth gameplay; the game shall be allowed to be played-on the go. The game also uses Astralitz Key to encrypt the save data. (Each Astralitz Key has a different ciphering protocol so hackers can't know which is which when they open games)
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