Bay of Thieves
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Developer(s) Revelation Heroes Entertainment
Publisher(s) Revelation Heroes Entertainment
Platform(s) Nexus Logo
Genre(s) Stealth Action
Release Date(s) April 5th
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013M460px-PEGI 16+.svg
Bay of Thieves is an upcoming stealth action game in the same vein as Thief and Dishonoured, designed by Revelation Heroes Entertainment exclusively for the Nexus.

Bay of Thieves focuses on Hound, an orphan raised by thieves in the notorious Bay of Thieves, Reeamor. On their neverending quest for loot, they will uncover the truth of their ancestry, a sinister plot, and, most importantly, the true worth of a life.


The game is focused on Hound (though you occasionally play as other characters) from a third person view. As Hound, the player uses a variety of gadgets and tools to navigate through the open world and remain hidden from enemies, primarily the city watch.

While stealth is their main asset, Hound is also a reasonably capable combatant. Armed with both a blade and far less lethal baton, as well as a bow with various kind of arrows, Hound is entirely capable of holding off one or two enemies. Any more than that and Hound will easily be over-powered.

In addition, Hound possesses a few supernatural abilities. Early on, this is limited to a sixth sense which allows Hound to temporarily see enemies through walls, but is later expanded to include short range teleportation.


For a the complete story, please see Bay of Thieves/Story.

Hound is a young thief living in the Reeamor, a city notorious for it's criminal element. When a mysterious letter opens up questions about Hound's past, they quickly become involved in a heinous plot that will see the Bay of Thieves in flames.

Hound will use every tool in their arsenal to wage a shadow war against those who would seek to cleanse the Bay of Thieves, and discover who they really are in the process.

The Hideout

Hound's hideout is more than just a base of operations: it's also their home. As such, the Hideout can be customised as the player wishes with trophies from successful heists, furniture bought with Hound's earnings, tunnels, which allow for new fast travel points, as well as new rooms for their various contacts and allies.

The Hideout has several rooms spread across three floors. The basement is where the tunnels are, and it is also where Hound keeps most of their trophies. On the ground floor are the contacts rooms and a planning room, where Hound can choose new jobs. The second floor consists of allies rooms, where Hound's friends rest at night. Some of them will offer him missions. There is also the study, where Hound can review his progress through the game. There are also a few blocked rooms on this floor reserved for DLC. Finally, Hound's room is in the bell-tower. It is here that Hound can change costumes and store some of his greatest trophies.


Main Characters

Hound - Hound is the main player character. Orphaned at an early age, Hound knows nothing other than the life of a thief, and a rather skilled one at that.

Zeke - Hound's adoptive father is briefly playable in an optional segment at the start of the game. 'Love' might be a strong term for his feelings towards Hound, but he has done his best to protect them.

Jackal - Hound's other adoptive father. Jackal is the straight man; always serious. He's also much stronger than his companions, and more affectionate towards Hound, if only slightly.

Rose - Hound's only true friend. Rose is a young thief, much like Hound, though Rose tends to be far better at the job.

Bainbridge - Captain of the guard. Bainbridge is ruthless, corrupt, and tough. Good thing he's Hounds contact. Before most missions he can be asked for information on the location Hound is casing. He can also be bribed to lower the amount of guards on the first act's jobs.

Professor Wayne - A scientist who creates several gadgets for Hound to use.


Erica Carson - Heiress to the Carson estate and a skilled fighter. After seeking refugee with Hound, Erica will provide contracts, assistance on missions, and collect taxes for any businesses Hound has invested in.

Yuri - A black market dealer who gives contracts to Hound.

Badger - Hired muscle to help protect the Hideout. He can be used to cause a distraction or take out guards in public places.


Sgt. Krill - Bainbridge's rival. Unlike Bainbridge, Sgt Krill is not sympathetic to Hound's cause and will stop at nothing to kill them.

Tidus - The self-proclaimed King of Thieves.



Tool Description Obtained
Grappling Hook The most basic of Hound's tools. The Grappling hook is a gas powered tool housed in Hound's right gauntlet. It allows for quick vertical momentum, but can also be used to pull distant objects or stun people. Starting equipment.
Blade The basic lethal option in combat, the Blade is used to lethally take out enemies. Starting equipment.
Baton The basic non-lethal option in combat, the collapsible baton is used to stun enemies in combat. Starting equipment.
Smoke Bombs A thieves must have tool, the Smoke Bomb provides temporary cover wherever it lands, emitting a thick smoke cloud. Starting equipment.
Bow The bow is one of Hound's most versatile tools. Various types of arrows allow Hound to perform various tasks from afar. Water arrows put out fires and puddles. Ice arrows freeze water, creating slippery surfaces, and can also be used to temporarily restrain enemies. Fire arrows can light fires, as well as burn enemies. Starting equipment.
Birdcage Not an actual bird cage, the Birdcage is a small, brass orb that can be thrown. When it hits something, it creates a high pitched screeching noise, drawing the attention of anybody nearby, but also masking any sounds that Hound might make. Given to Hound by Professor Wayne in Chapter 1.
Scarab A tiny, metal scarab. Hound can communicate with, and guide the Scarab, using it as a scout. It can also activate certain devices. Stolen from a Church in Chapter 2.
Crystal Lens This eye-piece allows Hound to see hidden items.
Blade Hook A much stronger grappling hook, the Blade hook can pierce tough materials like steel and concrete, and does more damage to enemies.
Magic Mirror An enchanted mirror that allows Hound to reflect light and create illusions.
Void Crystal Built into Hound's left gauntlet, the Void Crystal drains the light and sound around Hound, making it near impossible to see. Leaving the Void Crystal unveiled for too long will eventually drain the life of those around it.

Additional Content

Prelude - An additional story segment that focuses on Zeke and Jackal's adventures before finding Hound.


  • Hound went through various names such as: Dustbite, Slipknife, Fang and Dogmeat.
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