Unten (Battlegrounders)
Species: Beorn
Element: Elemental Zap
Gender: Male
Age: 25
World: Beorn Village
Voice Actor: Keith Silverstein

Unten is a playable guest character in Battlegrounders, representing the Elemental Zap.


Coming from a big village of bear-like beings, he mastered the power to control eletricity, but not that much due to his clumsyness. Years ago he and Zerita fought Element Master, but failed. With Zerita dead at the hands of Barbariccia, Unten recieves a huge scar on his chest from Barbariccia, but was saved by his species in time.


Base Stats
Critical Hit


Name Description Type Learn at
Thunder Punch Peforms an electric fist against the enemy, dealing 17 to 21 damage per hit. Attack Start
Imperium Shot Charges up for a few seconds, rasing 1x of his attack and special. Then fires a huge ball of electricity against the monster, dealing 30 to 35 damage. Status/Attack Start
Shock Dome Peforms an electric dropkick, dealing 24 to 27 damage. Attack Level 32
Charge Raises his fist, charging up. Not only increases 2x of special, but also increases damage for Elemental Zap moves for a short while. Status Level 45
Electro Geyser Punches on the ground, releasing a shockwave that stuns all enemies for a long period, but deals 13 to 19 damage. Attack

Level 53

Lightning Wheel Curles into a ball and dashes against the monster while convered in electricity, dealing 43 to 49 damage. Holding the button will delay the move. attack Level 68
Lightning Strike An upgrade to Thunder Punch. Peforms two thunder punches against the monster, dealing 57 to 63 damage. Attack Level 77
Electrum Midas Unten's Special Ability: Surrounds himself in a electrical shield, which cuts 50% of attacks from monsters. If Unten is close enough, the zapping from the shield will strike the enemy, dealing 55 to 65 damage. Attack/Status Start


Unten is considered THE biggest Fantendo character in existence as well as being the mascot. His backstory in both the old and new Fantendoverse are the same, he came from a mysterious planet called Zeon where bear-like aliens used to live and he was tragically separated by his parents after the planet was destroyed. He was then launched into another planet and was adopted by Chief Dongorio. While his story during his adventures are different, his goal is the same, defeat Doomulus Grime to save the world. Unten is usually the main protagonist in every Fantendo Smash Bros. games in the New Fantendoverse, but he makes less appearances in the original. Unlike in the original continuity, he is not the only Beorn to escape the demise of his planet. Since then the character saw multiple counterparts of himself in different roles.


  • Instead of having a scarf, a mechanical arm, and Fanti that Unten is associated with, the developers decided that since he uses electric attacks in his games, he was redesigned (including a nose) to reflect his elemental type.
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