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Battle of the Universes is an umbrella platform fighting game developed by Ace High Software for the Nintendo Switch. Serving as a reboot of its' creator's first umbrella game, Battle of the Universes has a diverse cast of characters fighting each other for no apparent reason other than to entertain a select group of individuals.


Battle of the Universes lets up to four players battle it out in a style reminiscent of both Super Smash Bros. and J-Stars Victory VS.. Fights take place on three-dimensional playing fields, allowing fighters to move and attack in all directions. All fighters are given a percentage meter, à la Super Smash Bros., which alters as they either receive or heal from damage. If they take enough damage, a character will be unable to move for several seconds, allowing opponents to possibly knock them out. If the fallen opponent can stay alive for 15 seconds, they can move again, albeit with a high amount of damage; this action is known as a Second Wind.

Furthermore, each character has access to a set of unique special moves, Super Moves, and a Rift Breaker. Special moves are assigned to specific directions on the control stick and are executed by pressing NS B Button. Super Moves are akin to traditional fighting game special moves as they require the player to input a button combination in order to pull them off. Finally, there are Rift Breakers, which require characters to fill up their Rift Bar all the way. Once the bar is filled, a player can execute their Rift Breaker by pressing NS B Button without a direction.


Character Data

SSB Freedom Planet Series

Let's show this creep how to save a planet!

Under the jurisdiction of the Three Kingdoms and the mystical Kingdom Stone, the planet of Avalice remained relatively peaceful. However, when Sash Lilac and her friend Carol Tea witnessed a spacecraft crash into a mountainside, the situation worsened. The Kingdoms' leaders turned against each other, the Kingdom Stone was stolen, and an intergalactic warlord invaded the planet. With Avalice in turmoil, Lilac and crew set out to defeat Lord Brevon and hopefully prevent the conflict from spreading further.

Neutral Special: Vortex Whip

Lilac whips her hair forward, sending out a small energy wave. It's a very short ranged attack and cannot be charged.

Side Special: Dragon Boost

Lilac spins in place before flying forward to hit opponents. During the spin, Lilac's trajectory can be adjusted using the control stick. Additionally, the Dragon Boost is chargeable and can be used to recover quickly.

Up Special: Dragon Cyclone

Lilac stretches out her arms and spins upward to deal damage. She can charge this move and move slightly left and right while using it.

Down Special: Crystal

Lilac summons one of several different types of crystals, each one providing its own benefits. They are as follows;

  • Water: Provides infinite breath underwater and causes most projectiles to bounce off of Lilac.
  • Wood: Restores Lilac's health over time and prevents her from being affected by status effects.
  • Fire: Burns enemies and adds fire attributes to Lilac's moves.
  • Metal: Protects Lilac from being damaged by sharp and electric attacks, but slows her down.

All four have an equal chance of appearing, but they can be selected by holding NS Down Button.

Level 1: Pangu Star

Lilac summons a Pangu Star, which boosts all of her stats for 30 seconds. Additionally, each of her Specials gains a new attribute.

  • Vortex Whip now acts as a boomerang which can cut through multiple opponents.
  • Dragon Boost becomes more powerful with every consecutive use and has a chance to stun opponents.
  • Dragon Cyclone creates a tornado when used.
  • Crystals now has a chance of summoning an Invincibility shield.

Level 2: Dragon's Fury

Lilac rushes towards an opponent using Dragon Boost, knocks them into the air, and then begins slashing away at them with Dragon Cyclone. She then throws the opponent to the ground.

Level 3: Mechanical Wings

Lilac equips a pair of mechanical wings and bursts forward, barreling through anyone in her path. This Super Move can be performed both in the air and out of a Dragon Boost.


The stage goes dark and all opponents stop moving. A pair of piercing blue eyes appear in the darkness before Pangu, the Ancient Water Dragon, roars to life and speeds across the stage towards Lilac. Lilac mounts the mighty beast and is able to fly around the stage and shoot a large laser beam for several seconds. At the near end of the attack, Pangu throws several fireballs and one final beam before rushing forward.

Nikki and Little Frog
Hello, I'm Nikki! Welcome to Swapnote!

Over the years, Nintendo has released and subsequently ceased operation of a number of different social media platforms with two of the most popular being Flipnote Studio and Swapnote. After the closure of both services, Nikki took Little Frog in and the two began exploring the badlands outside of Deus-Sylvani. They found some success participating in tournaments and writing competitions, but being part of the Battle of the Universes tournament has brought them back into the spotlight.
Scott Pilgrim
SSB ScottPilgrim
You once were a ve-gone, but now you will be gone.
Scott Pilgrim

In the mystical land of Toronto, Canada, Scott Pilgrim bit off more than he could chew. He had started a precious little relationship with Ramona Flowers, a delivery girl for, while having failed to break up with his previous girlfriend. To make things worse, Ramona came with extra baggage in the form of a team formed from her ex-boyfriends. If Scott wanted to land the girl of his dreams, he had to defeat all seven of her evil exes. Thankfully, Scott's the best fighter in Ontario and was more than willing to show his skills.

Neutral Special: The Power

Scott summons one of two swords: the Power of Love and the Power of Understanding. When summoned, they act similar to swords but provide Scott with specific buffs.

  • The Power of Love increases Scott's attack power and speed at the cost of range and defense.
  • The Power of Understanding increases Scott's attack range and defense at the cost of power and speed.

Be warned that someone can steal the sword from Scott by hitting him with a powerful attack. He can only summon one every 10 seconds. Scott can only have one sword out at a time.

Side Special: Reversal

Scott waits a moment before blocking an opponent's attack, stunning them. This gives Scott time to counter with another attack. Additionally, the Reversal can break shields granted they're at 50% or less of their power.

Up Special: Air Juggle

Scott performs an uppercut. If the punch connects with an opponent, the player can then deal continual damage to them by mashing NS A Button. The air juggle ends with Scott smacking the opponent back to the ground.

Down Special: Bass Battle

Scott pulls out his bass and begins playing as music notes appear above his head. Pressing the directions associated with the notes causes Scott to send out a shockwave which pushes opponents back.

Two Player Game

Scott summons Ramona and hands her whichever sword he used last. The two rush towards the nearest opponent in an X formation and slash straight through them, leading to a knockout at higher percentages.

The Batter
It is time to deliver holy justice once more.
The Batter

No one knows too much about the Batter; then again, neither does he. All the Batter knows is his mission: purify every zone of the specters plaguing it and restore peace. Despite his straightforward intentions, something else lurks beneath the Batter's outer shell. Perhaps those floating rings - dubbed Attachments - signify something greater of him. We'll never truly have answers.

Neutral Special: Add-On

Side Special: Run with Grace

Up Special: Open Bracket

Down Special: Save First Base

For What You Truly Are

The Meta
You fool. We are the Meta.
The Meta

Before there was Red vs. Blue, there was Project Freelancer. The Freelancers were highly-trained soldiers equipped with experimental technology and artificial intelligence. The most brutal of them all was Agent Maine, who was initially paired with Sigma: an AI fragment representing ambition and creativity. Through Sigma's manipulation, Maine murdered his fellow Freelancers in cold blood and stole their AIs, slowly transforming him into the Meta. Now Maine is gone and what remains beneath his suit is a beast.

Neutral Special: AI Fragment

Side Special: Warthog

Up Special:

Down Special: Brute Shot





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