Battle of the Ruins: Mario Mix is a game for the Nintendo Wii Console. This game's goal is to gain back the Shroom Ruins, which had been evilly taken by the Koopa Troop.

Game Info

  • ESRB Rating: Everyone (E). Contains slight comic mischief.
  • Published by: Nintendo
  • Players: 1-4 players


Shroom Ruins. It was an unused, unnoticed place in the Mushroom Kingdom on the border of Bowser's territory. The Koopa Troop had always eyed this piece of land, thinking it useful for training grounds, and also to keep a good watch on the Mushroom Castle, which was just visible if you constructed a watch tower. One day, Princess Peach and Mario were sitting outside in Mushroom Castle's ever-green lawn, watching the sunrise. Suddenly, there was a loud !BOOM! Nobody knew what it was, or where it came from. Immediately, Peach began to panic. (now you take control and take Mario through Mushroom Castle to Peach's balcony, where you have a clear view of Shroom Ruins). Mario sees a horrible sight --- the Koopa Troop, along with Bowser, had stepped across the border into the Shroom Ruins! Telling Princess Peach to stay put in her bedroom with the windows locked and the curtains drawn, Mario headed out to Shroom Ruins. Which was a long way away.

Playable Characters

Non-Playable Characters

World Bosses

  • World One - Junior
  • World Two - Larry
  • World Three - Roy
  • World Four - Wendy
  • World Five - Morton
  • World Six - Lemmy
  • World Seven - Iggy
  • World Eight - Ludwig
  • World Nine - Kamek
  • World Ten (Shroom Ruins) - Bowser


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