Battle of Bracelets
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Publisher(s) Project Eternity
Genre(s) Fighting/RPG
First Game Galactian: Battle of Bracelets
Most Recent Game Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend
Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Prima, Fusion Eternity

Battle of Bracelets Series is a new videogame series that is released in 12 April 2012 with the first game Galactian: Battle of Bracelets. The latest game released has been Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend. A new game has been announced, Battle of Bracelets: Beyond, which is followed by the codenamed Project Bracelets Pre4 (which would reveal its official name later).

Although this series is created and fully owned by Yami no Tenshi (tbc), the user had been very inactive most of the time, in which most of his rights are now shared with Samtendo09 (tbc), as explained in the Ownership section below.

How to fight in this game?

Battle of Bracelets series are a group of 3D Fighting game. The player can choose, where and how to attack. This games let the player to move through the stage and throw the attack when it's needed. The player can choose the attack that he wants to use with a short sequence of buttons (three buttons max.) and choose the place where he wants to throw. These attacks can be got thanks to rising levels. The rise of level will give you more attacks and health points. The player has to choose before the fight what attacks he will use because there is a limited number of them.

These health points rise with each level that the player gets. The player starts in a level 1 with 100 HP. Each level he rises will give him extra 50 HP (if it's under level 25). From level 25 to level 50, health points are 100 more for each level he rises. From level 50 to level 75, the player will be able to get 150 HP and finally, from level 75 to level 100, he can get 200 HP.

If the player wants to use any ability, he has to click the Select button once to open the abilities menu. If the player wants to use his main abilities, he will have to click the R button (once if he wants to use the main ability 1, twice if he wants the second...). After activating the main ability, all his attacks will change for this time. If the player wants to use his weapon, he must click L button to start using it.


There are several elements in which all the characters, abilities, items and attacks are classified. Elements are the oldest components of the universe and all the things of which the universe is made. The number of elements is slowly increasing thanks to all the chaos that the universe has. Here you have the list of elements that exists in Battle of Bracelets:

Current Elements

These elements can appear in any being, without depending if said being is animal, human, god, etc. 
FireBoB Fire
WaterBoB Water
LeafBoB Leaf
ThunderBoB Thunder
WindBoB Wind
IceBoB Ice
RockBoB Rock
SandBoB Sand
CrystalBoB Crystal
MetalBoB Metal
DragonBoB Dragon
BugBoB Bug
LightBoB Light
SwadowBoB Shadow
MusicBoB Music
CosmosBoB Cosmos
StrongBoB Strong
MindBoB Mind
GhostBoB Ghost
ToxicBoB Toxic
MagmaBoB Magma (this element first appears in Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death)
SteamBoB Steam (this element first appears in Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death)
RadiumBoB Radium (this element first appears in Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death)
GravityBoB Gravity  (this element first appears on Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend)
MagicBoB Magic  (this element first appears on Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend)

Special Elements

These elements have special attributes or only appear in some games.
TwilightBoBTwilight (this element appears on Battle of Bracelets: The Dark Saga)
EtherBoBEther (this element is still unknown, it is thought that it did not exist, it's existance is still a supposition)

Forbidden Elements

These elements are forbidden for lower beings. Just Gods and chosen people can obtain said elements.
ChaosBoB Chaos (Just ancient bracelets could use it)
DeathBoB Death (Just some ancient bracelets and Hades allies can use it)
SkyBoB Sky (Just some ancient bracelets and Overlight Bracelets can use it)
TimeBoB Time (Just Tempo and some Time Guardians can use it)
SpaceBoB Space (Just Aspace and some Space Guardians can use it)

The Other Elements

These elements are only available on the Other World. Every bracelet has this kind of elements as a hidden element.
SpecialFireBoB Special Fire
FluxBoB Flux
NegaThunderBoB Negative Thunder 
MagnetBoB Magnetism
WoodBoB Wood
SilenceBoB Silence
CharmBoB Charm
StrangeBoB Strange
BloodBoB Blood
VoidBoB Void


In the Battle of Bracelets world, there are several species that are important on the game. Some of them are more important and are important in the story, for example, the most important species is human. Other important species could be Gods, although not all Gods are from the same species. Here, there is a list of the main species that are involved in the story:

  • Human: the species of most characters of the series. They used to serve Gods but by the time and the try of the Gods to hide their wars, humans have started to forget about them. Now, they have developed technology that allows them to reach the most elemental bits of energy: the Chaos particles. They are mortal and their energy identity is called soul.
  • God: for humans, Gods are the creators of everything. Although it is not actually true, the power of Gods is huge. What they can actually do is to transform matter at will but never create or destroy it. They cannot be killed by human weapons or by a human if they do not use a divine weapon or dýnamis. Although it was created an item from their dýnamis to cancel their power: the Seal of Gods. Dýnamis is their energy identity and can be easily recognized as a giant pressure that anyone can feel.
  • Genector: these ones are the most unknown species, in the past they were visible and recognizable. Actually, they are creators and executors of matter and presumably the creators of the Universe (and in the future, the destroyers of it). The very few texts that talk about them explain that there are only seven Genectors (an invariable quantity) and each one represent a Primal Element. They can be just killed by their own Great Sword although it exists an item that was created from the chips of the Great Swords that cancels the power of them: the Seal of the Genector.
  • Ashiri: extinct species that used to venerate the God of Darkness. It is believed that the Ashiri were annihilated by some kind of warriors or fighters who served the God of Light. Other sources talk about a natural extinction due to the lack of food for their species. Some people say to have seen some of them in some specific area.
  • Spirit: this species are similar to humans but they do not have a body and cannot be easily killed. They are thought to be ethereal beings that cannot be killed at all but some legends talk about some heroes who have been able to send them to the Underworld and even destroy them. They cannot attack humans and neither be attacked since they do not have a embodiment to contact to them.
  • Soul: small creatures that trascend time and represent an element. They are immortal and are usually good partners of humans and Gods. They can give their partner a huge power if they have the same element. Some people recognize them as fairies.


  • 1,000,000 b.C.: The universe is created by the Gods from the Chaos that generated by the Gods energy, Tempo and Aspace are born. The two dimensions appear.
  • 130 b.C.: The Platinum Bracelet appears as a god, the Ancient Golden Bracelets appear.
  • 128 b.C.: Darkreon reacts, he creates the Ancient Dark Bracelets.
  • 125 b.C.: Golden and Dark armies prepare a war, other gods like Hades or Poseidon decide to create their own armies.
  • 120 b.C.: The First Dark War starts.
  • 111 b.C.: The First Dark War finishes with the Golden Victory. Darkreon is sent to Oblirion. The Peace Age begins.
  • YEAR 0: A huge war happens to humanity, after beating the rest of humans, the 7 Ancient Kings create the world how it is nowadays.
  • 653 A.D.: Darkreon finally leaves his prison and starts to prepare a new war for the control of the Earth.
  • Year 700: Darkreon wants revenge, the Second Dark War starts.
  • Year 800: The Second Dark War finish with Darkreon's victory. The Dark Epoque begins.
  • Year 804: The Platinum Bracelet is punished by Zeus, he will be prisoned by 30 years in the Olympus Garden.
  • Year 834: The Platinum Bracelet is free, he defeats Darkreon in a simple battle. They decide a peace sign. The Balance Age begins.
  • Year 1231: Darkreon's soul is stolen by Hades and divided in three weapons.
  • Year 1232: Other simple bracelets appear, most of warriors and soldiers wear one.
  • XIX Century: A prototype of the current Dark Bracelets is created, a giant energy of darkness is used over one of the Darkreon's weapons to wake up part of his soul. He possesses a girl and starts a new war. At the same time, Photos creates a prototype of the Golden Bracelets to fight Darkreon. This war is a pyrric victory for the God of Darkness, whose body die and his soul comes back to the initial state. Photos is sealed in three weapons by the Dark Bracelets.
  • Year 1994: The Platinum Bracelet decides to give his power to 16 new Golden Bracelets. The 11st Golden Generation appears.
  • Year 1995: The Dark Bracelets reappear, they start with soft attacks.
  • Year 1998: The Dark Bracelets decide to stop for some years, after being defeated in a little war.
  • Year 2011: After a meeting, the current Golden Bracelets decide to find new heroes due to the increasing activity of the Dark Bracelets. Aingeru and the new Golden Bracelets begin their journeys.
  • Year 2012: Aingeru beats Drake in the final round of the Elite Tournament. The Green Bracelet gets possessed by the dark energy to help Darkreon to wake up. Besides, Photos wakes up and fight Darkreon. The Death Army appears to invade the world after this battle.
Old Timeline
  • Year 2011: Golden and Dark Bracelets change of owner, the 2nd Golden and Dark Generations appear.
    • 1 October: The Dark Night events happen. The first new Golden Bracelets appear.
    • 12 November: Aingeru gets the Green Bracelet. His adventure begins with Ainhoa's help.
    • 13 November: the BoB 1 events start to happen.
  • Year 2012: Aingeru is possessed. The BoB 2 events happen. Aingeru is finally liberated at the end of that year.
    • 3 February: Tucker starts his journey.
    • 10 February: John also starts his journey.
    • 21 March: The Final of the SFT happens, Aingeru wins the tourney. He is possessed by the Dark Green Bracelet.
    • 11 April: Alex starts his journey.
    • 13 April: Will starts his journey.
    • 16 November: Aingeru is liberated.
    • 17 November: Darkreon wakes up. He is defeated. Hades' army appears.
    • 9 December: Aingeru, Pablo, Ainhoa and other Bracelets travel to the Hades. The BoB 3 events start to happen.
    • 16 December: Hades is defeated by the Golden and Dark Bracelets. They all come back to the real world.
    • 20 December: Aingeru had accidently fleed the Overlight Bracelets and gather Pablo and Ainhoa to stop them, so are Drake, Inferna and Garone, who planned to destroy Aingeru after his mistake. The BoB 3.5 (The Forbidden Light) starts to happen.
  • Year 2013: Gods wake up:
    • 19 January: Apollo sends his Ikarus to kill the Golden Bracelets.
    • 21 February: Aingeru and other Golden Bracelets invade the palace of Apollo. The Solar War begins.
    • 22 February: Apollo is beaten, Photos and he make peace.
    • 30 March: Poseidon asks Photos help. Thalassus' guardians appear to invade the oceans.
    • 2 April: Thalassus wakes up.
    • 5 April: Thalassus is beaten, Poseidon gets the Subarashi Kumoiumiken.

more coming soon...

The World in BoB

General View


Melia Land

The World is divided in several continents that are matched by a long chain of Islands called Legend Route. That Islands are in the middle of the World and divide the ocean in two sides: "The Northern Ocean" and "The Southern Ocean". Most of events in BoB1, happen in a part of the Legend Route. In the West of that part of the islands chain is Melia Land, the place where Aingeru lives. At the East of that, it's Galactian Land. It's a very important place where the Space and the Time Arches are found. The North-East of Galactian Land is called Caste Land. It's a country between mountains and a frozen northern land and where most of events in BoB2 happen. At the East of Caste Land, you can see Tridinia. It's a place divided in 3 regions and a fourth one in the middle (it's surrounded by a giant river and makes it an island). In this country, all the events of BoB4 happen. At the north of Melia Land, it is found Kardias, the place where most of the events of Battle of Bracelets 5 happen. The region is divided in a continental zone and several islands, the biggest one is considered the central one. It is supposed to the land of Gods, because most of temples to different deities are found there.

There are also several alternative dimensions. This fact is due to the dimensions that some Gods use to be safe or to live in them. There is a little one called Astonish World. It's actually a dimension created thanks to Darkreon's soul and it's controlled by Alange. The second one is the Hades, the place where all dead people go and it's controlled by Hades. All the BoB3 events happen there. In Battle of Bracelets 5, Photos sends the protagonists to speak with him to his dimension, a dimension that will contact with Aphrodite's one.

How to walk across the world

The world shows several cities and villages that are matched by several roads and routes. The player just have to walk by there in a tridimentional world to arrive the places where he/she has to go. The camera can be changed to walk in first person or in third person. If the player chooses the last one, he will be able to choose if he/she wants a near camera or a panoramic view. The player will automatically stop if other character calls him/her for a battle. The player can find several items where he walks. If it happens he/she has to press Abuttonton to take it. If he/she finds a person who wants to talk he/she has also the press Abuttonton. To get into a place that is closed by a door, the player must press Bbutton. Finally, when the player needs use a main ability or his/her weapon, he has to press 3DS Select and choose the movement that he wants to do.


The stages are the places where all the battles happen. They are also 3D places where the player must fight other character. In that places, the player can find obstacles and other items that can be useful in the fight, for example rocks, trees, animals, cars,...

The stages can be of different kinds: urban stages, interior places or natural stages. The urban stages are the ones that are found in villages and cities; they usually have different obstacles like cars, streetlights, banks, mailboxes...; and the floor is usually concrete or tiles. It can have also stairs and different streets. The players can even climb to balconies. The interior stages are often rooms of palaces or temples; those stages have obstacles like pillars, shrines, thrones or furniture; the floor is always covered by tiles and this kind of stages can have sometimes different rooms or even hidden rooms in the walls. The naturals stages are the typical ones of forests, beaches, mountains, caves, volcanoes, lakes, et cetera; there are usually rocks and trees, sometimes water and even any animal; the floor depends on the kind of place where the player stays.


Main Series

Name Technique Info Description
Galactian: Battle of Bracelets It's the first adventure. Aingeru discovers he is the Green Golden Bracelet. He finds friends as Pablo, Ainhoa or Xavier. But he also discovers his main rival Drake. He will try to get 30 Icons and win the Fighting Tournament.
Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows The second adventure and the sequel of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets. In this game, Aingeru becomes the antagonist and Ainhoa and Pablo decides to look for him and control him again. But Hades will try to get into the story...
Battle of Bracelets: the Cursed Death That's the third adventure and the sequel of Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows. Hades' army has kidnapped Bella and the Golden Bracelets will fight in the Hades for her. After that, they will need to look for the way to leave the Hades.
Battle of Bracelets 4: New Generation

The evil side of the world wakes up after 3 years. Aingeru has disappeared and nobody knows about him. But the Destruction Trinity is being waken up by a new company that wants to control the world.
Battle of Bracelets: The Forbidden Light

The adventure created for the fourth Series Swap day. This is made by Samtendo09. Does to sheer improval from fans, it become canoncial. It is involving the two team of Bracelets (Golden and Dark) to stop their newest enemies, the most hatred and powerful Bracelets: The Overlight Bracelets.

Battle of Bracelets 5


Name Technique Info Description
Bracelets Race

This is the first spin-off of Battle of Bracelets. This is a racing game where Aingeru, Pablo, Ainhoa and other Bracelets found some vehicles that are perfect for their bracelets. There are also Weap Disks that will help them to win the races.

Battle for Eternity

Main Characters

Golden Bracelets

That's the group of heroes, called Golden Bracelets.

Name First Appearace Description



Galactian: Battle of Bracelets

He is the hero of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets. He's also known as the Green Angel. He lives in Mountanian Village. He is one of the most powerful Golden Bracelets. He isn't the most fast, but he has a really important skill.

Element: FireBoB WindBoB

Weapon: Chaos Sword

Mega-Weapon: Nuclear Bazooka

Abilities: Wing Form/ Flame Form/ Thunder Form



Galactian: Battle of Bracelets

He is other hero of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets. He's from Intruse Land, a place at the West of Melia Land. He is also a strong bracelet, whose speed and fast attacks make him famous. He usually accompanies Ainhoa.

Element: IceBoB

Weapon: Chaos Hammer

Mega-Weapon: Mega-Laser

Abilities: Light Speed/ Steam Form/ Reactive Energy



Galactian: Battle of Bracelets

Ainhoa is one of the main heroes of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets. She lives in Burghale City, near the beach. This girl knows acrobatics and her attacks aren't weak, believe it. He usually goes with Pablo in her journey.

Element: WaterBoB

Weapon: Celestial Scepter

Mega-Weapon: Mechanical Flamethrower

Abilities: Time Stop/ Gravity Change/ Water Form



Galactian: Battle of Bracelets

Xavier is one of the main heroes of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets. He lives in Metafin City, in Metafin Island. He is very balanced and all his abilities are usually perfecty used. It's a very good rival for Dark Bracelets.

Elements: StrongBoB LeafBoB

Weapon: Chaos Boomerang

Mega-Weapon: Zero Laser

Abilities: Slow Time/ Radium Form



Galactian: Battle of Bracelets

Elena is one of the main characters that appears in the first game, she accompanies Aingeru in his journey. She lives in Aurora City. Thanks to Electric powers, she is a fast Golden Bracelet.

Elements: CrystalBoB MindBoB

Weapon: Igniter Blade

Mega Weapon: Zero Cannon

Abilities: Thunder Form/ Wing Form

Rachel Galactian: Battle of Bracelets



Galactian: Battle of Bracelets



Galactian: Battle of Bracelets

Dark Bracelets

Death Bracelets


You can see the chapters of Battle of Bracelets, here.

Extension Packs

Extension Packs are Downloadable Content that adds a part of story or a different one to the BoB games. At the moment, BoB 2, BoB3BoB 4 and BoB Bis have this kind of content. In this case you can see 4 different Extension Packs:

BoB 2

  • Emerald BoB (8 $/ 8 €/ £8): This story tells the first steps of Alex and how he goes improving thanks to fighting Dark Bracelets until he finish in the Hades.
  • Grey BoB (8 $/ 8 €/ £8): This story is about the moment when Will gets the Grey Bracelet and he fights the Ancient Bracelets.
  • Yellow BoB (8 $/ 8 €/ £8): In this story, Tucker obtains the Yellow Bracelet and starts a journey, in which he fights several Dark Bracelets.
  • Maroon BoB (8 $/ 8 €/ £8): John gets the Maroon Bracelet and he will fight a criminal band with the power of his Bracelet.

BoB 3

BoB 4

  • Overlight Truth ($8/8€/£8): Samty obtains his Overlight Bracelet after being tourmented by Dark Bracelets for a long time. This was suggested by Samtendo09.



Cover Arts


Golden Bracelets

Dark Bracelets

Death Bracelets

Silver Bracelets

Overlight Bracelets

Mechanic Bracelets

Divine Bracelets

Frozen Bracelets

Ancient Bracelets


Dream Bracelets







Which is the best current BoB canon game? (May 2015)

The poll was created at 22:57 on May 1, 2015, and so far 1 people voted.


Although the series is still owned by the creator himself, because of the prior one's decreasing activity, Yami no Tenshi (tbc) had shared most of the rights for one of his closer friends, Samtendo09 (tbc), with a few exceptions. See the latter one's talk page and scroll at the bottom under "Secret Santa" section for proof.

This means that Samtendo09 may now use the characters for multiple uses on Fantendo, as long as none of them die permanently and no over-development for any of them, and Samtendo09 had also included the characters he himself had made. To avoid chaotic results, the users will not further shares their rights to anyone else unless if Tenshi had selected another user they both can fully trust.

You may now ask Samtendo09 for the permission instead of Yami no Tenshi for the characters and anything (but not to make a game of it), as long as the game you would include the characters would make sense for any of them, otherwise either of the of the users who owns the right would ask you to remove them if the game itself and the characters does not match.

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