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The fifth game of Battle of Bracelets
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) NintendoPrima.png

Hybrid Delta

Genre(s) RPG, Fighting games
Series Battle of Bracelets
Predecessor Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death
Successor Battle of Bracelets 5
Release Date(s) End of 2012
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s) Pegi 7.png ESRB E.png
Media Included Nintendo Prima Cartridge
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Battle of Bracelets 4: New Generation is an upcoming game of Battle of Bracelets series. It is actually the 5th game of the main series but the fourth made by Alange95 (tbc) and by Stelios7 (tbc). In this game there are new kinds of Bracelets, new characters and new places. It is a game for Nintendo Prima and Hybrid Delta and it will be released in 2012 Holidays.


Three years later...

Alex and John have gone to Megalopole City to find Aingeru. They contact to Ainhoa and Elena to know if they had seen him. But they don't know. The next day, they went to the opening of a company there, and they found Tucker there. But Ainhoa noticed that the boss wore a bracelet. They start to investigate and find something called the Chaos Orb, but not just that, someone with the Green Bracelet was there, his name is Ager and he says that he killed Aingeru...

With Ainhoa, you have to fight him (Lv2 3). When she knows about it, she goes to tell the rest about it. Tucker denies the fact. He had seen Shadow Aingeru in a near past. What is going on there? After phoning Bella to tell her about the Chaos Orb to investigate, they will look for him in the last place where Tucker saw him: Gaelia City. To go there, you have to go to East bridge to leave the central island. At the other side of the bridge, Inferna reappears to fight the Golden Bracelets again (Lv2 4). There, she tells you about three orbs hidden in Tridinia, and the Dark Bracelets are looking for them.

A Secondary Quest

The village is built in the main road of it but at the end of the city Pablo calls you to fight you (Lv2 6). He tells you about the Three Hidden Orbs. There are three temples in the three regions of Tridinia. You can continue to the west, where you have to go through a cave. There, you will find two new Dark Bracelets, one of them rather older than the other Dark Bracelet. Their names are Renny (Lv2 8) and Eaton (Lv2 7). After fighting them, they tell you that they are looking for something like a mineral. After that, they leave the cave, you can continue. The next place where you go is Palatina, a classic city of the country in which a man advices you to visit the cathedral.

In that cathedral, a man who was dressed as a bishop was there, talking about a new world. There, there was also a person with a bracelet like the one of the president of that company. He's Iche (Lv2 10) and due to you don't believe him, he fights you. After beating him, he and the bishop leave the cathedral, when you leave the cathedral, Xavier and Garone are fighting. You will fight them both, despite the fact that Garone just wants to warn the golden bracelets about the three beasts of the country (Garone (Lv2 10) and Xavier (Lv2 11)). After fighting them, Xavier asks you to go to the north and go across the Nori-Nori Wood. In the wood, Drake will be there, he has been beat by the Green Bracelet. When he tells you that, he will fight you (Lv2 13), there will be other Dark Soldiers in the forest with level 8.

The first of the Beasts

After leaving the forest, you will arrive to Scandar, a city of metallurgy where the Green Bracelet that was called Ager was there. He must fight you to kill you (Lv2 17). When you beat him, he will fast disappear and Mason will appear. He has left the Hades long ago, but Mason knows enough about the Death Bracelet to tell you that Rhadamanthys, Judge of Hades is around that place to find the hidden beast of north. He will fight you (Lv2 18). At the north, there is a giant factory of metal where Iche, one of the Mechanic Bracelets, is (Lv2 20). After beating him, Iche will push a button that locks the exit room and a lot of Mechanic Bracelets will appear. Until you don't them, the doors won't be opened. There are two roads, one to the north and other one to the east. If you go to the north, a similar person to Ager is waiting for you, but with amber clothes. He's actually Bruno that is following Ager's steps, but he wants to fight you (Lv2 22).

The road of the east drives you to a little village next to a lake, Nouba. This village was built over a ruins. Airi, one of the Mechanic Bracelets is there to fight you (Lv2 23). If you go from Nouba to the north and go across the Miracle Cave (you will have to fight Pandora (Lv2 24) there), you will arrive to the Rock Ruins. There is a giant shrine with a red stone in the middle. Behind that, there is a statue of a beast, that will wake up when you touch the stone. As soon as you touch it, Airi reappears to take the stone, after fighting her again (Lv2 24), anyway, some Mechanic Soldiers will arrive to steal the stone. After that, they go out and the beast, Aterrica, disappears.

Getting Ready for the Truth

After leaving the ruins, Xavier will find you again to know what happened in the ruins. After that, he will challenge you (Lv2 20). Then, Bella arrives to the ruins and tell you where to go and an unknown Golden Bracelet is kidnapped by the Mechanic Bracelets because of some plans that they have. You will go from there to the village where you went by the north route before. In the first village, Fillea, you will find Ceilla, who wants to fight you there (Lv2 24). You can continue travelling across the route of the east of the village that finish in the sea, in the Flasherium City. The city, full of light, is lately suffering outages. Elise asks you to go to the electric supplier central. There, Eaton is there with a machine that absorbs all the electric energy, you have to fight him there (Lv2 27). After fighting him, three Mechanic Soldiers will catch the machine and will leave the central with the machine, Eaton will disappear after that.

After going through the south route of the country. You will arrive to the City of South, Romia. Iche will be there to fight you (Lv2 29). In the south of the city, there are some ruins in which Ager is. Other Mechanic Employees are there to help him to activate the second stone. Alange will appear there to get the stone too. You will have to fight him there (Lv2 30). After that, you will have to fight Ager (Lv2 33), when you do it, his hood will get broken and his face will be shown... It's Aingeru. He has been working for the Mechanic Bracelets to uncover their plans. You will have to fight him anyway since you won't trust him (Lv2 33).

Back to Metropole City

With this, two of the three secondary stones have been obtained by the Mechanic Bracelets, The other one can be found in the ruins of the South-West of the country. When you leave Romia, you will find Areusa and Garone to fight you, but soon, Rachel will come to help (Areusa (Lv2 34) and Garone (Lv2 35)). You can go to the next village, Buscarne, in which Inferna (Lv2 36), Drake (Lv2 37) and Uil (Lv2 37) will fight you. You can get into Buscarne, where a boy called Tom wants to talk with you: Athena, keeper of Earth is in danger, suddenly, a Divine Bracelet appear. She is Medusa. Tom will cover your eyes to avoid that you get petrified with her eyes, anyway, you will have to fight her (Lv2 40). Right after beating Medusa, another Divine Bracelet will appear, Romeo, trying to cut your head but suddenly Aingeru who noticed the problems that had appeared, will attack him (you will unlock him then). Now you have to beat him with Aingeru (Lv2 42).

After that, Tom will go with you to the next ruins while he talks about the help that Athena, Goddess of Justice and Light, needs because of the evil Gorgon and the Fallen Angel. They want to become the new gods of the Earth thanks to fear and destruction. When you arrive to the last ruins, Shion and Keegan are fighting with Cat and Renny. Shion will ask you help to fight Cat (Lv2 45), and after that Renny (Lv2 47). At the end, Renny activates the last of the stones and the third beast wakes up. Then, the president of the company arrives to the last ruins and tell them the plans of the Mechanic Bracelets, after understanding what happens, Cat repents about to who she helped. Wladimir disappears with the third beast. Now you have to travel to Metropole.

The final fight

You arrive to Metropole city, the sky is too dark now due to the amount of dark energy that the orbs are producing from the mount behind the electric company central. Will arrives to tell you that most of Mechanic Bracelets are there, preparing the awakening of Arcaneiros, a mechanic beast. But the road to the mount is full of Mechanic Bracelets that will fight you, Airi, Ceilla, Iche and Artheid (from Lv2 49 to Lv2 54). When you arrive to the dome of the temple, you will see the rebirth of Arcaneiros, that you have to fight. When you beat it, Wladimir will fight you, you have destroyed his plans (Lv2 55), but in the last hit, you will be beaten by Artheid, who will be also attacked by a dark angel, followed by a red-haired girl.

After that, she tells you that she's called Night and Aingeru changes his bracelet for some reason when he's followed by her. In the next room, the fifteenth Golden Bracelet is there, although she wants to fight you (Lv2 54) Despite that, he tells you that he has always been controlling the company and boicotting the plans of Wladimir. He invites you to come back to Metropole. It's time to rest for some days...

Fighting a false sky

You are in a house, talking with Aingeru about the appearance of the divine bracelets. Night tells you that she knew about a group of divine bracelets that are rebel against Athena, goddess of Justice. When you leave the house, you find Tom, who wants to fight you to show him your power (Lv2 55). After that, he invites you to go to the Colosseum of Athena, where the war of light is happening. In the first room of the colliseum, another helper of Athena will fight you because he though you were an intruder (Lv2 57). After fighting him, he tells you that the evil side of the sacred bracelets is under the floor of the colosseum. When you descend to the underground, you find a giant stage where Lucifer is found.

The first stage of that zone is protected by Licaroux, Demon of the Wind, his power is based on illusions and control of wind (Lv2 60). The second stage is protected by Stardust Knight, whose power is based on the control of plasma and shadow attacks (Lv2 62). The third stage is protected by Kayren, the Minotaur Bracelet, whose energy is extremely powerful and he can easily break stones and rocks (Lv2 64). The latest stage is protected by Medusa, the Gorgon Bracelet. This is the most powerful enemy of the latest ones, and she can petrify with her eyes, that is why you cannot attack her frontally (Lv2 67). Lucifer asks you to follow him. You two come into a giant room in which another Golden Bracelet who you don't know is crucified; he is also a winged one, as if he was an angel. His power is feeding all the power that the Megas Olympus, a machine that is absorbing the light of the world to give it to the fallen angel. You have to fight Lucifer (Lv2 71). After beating him, the machine will be destroyed, but Zefire will be controlled by a shadow waste of the machine; you have to fight him to save the angel (Lv2 70). After that, you will be able to come back home.


Playable Characters

This game will have several new playable characters. It makes more than 60 characters.

Name Description Abilities Weapon


(Emerald Bracelet)

He is the main bracelet of this story and he wants to find where Aingeru is.


Steam Form

Chaos Axe




(Maroon Bracelet)

John is helping Alex to find Aingeru. He is now part of the new hero team.

Dark Form

Exploder Form

Molotov Cocktail




(Yellow Bracelet)

He accidentally finds Alex and his friends and, but he will go to help them to find their friend.

Golden Form


Golden Scythe




(Indigo Bracelet)

She knows the mystery about the place where Aingeru is and the real use of the Chaos Orb.

Time Stop

Gravity Change

Water Form

Celestial Scepter WaterBoB.png


(Teal Bracelet)

She is finding her love with the help of Ainhoa. After that, she will try to destroy the problem that the project is producing.

Thunder Form

Wing Form

Igniter Blade




(Green Bracelet)

He disappeared and is searched by his friends. He has actually a secret behind all of this.

Wing Form

Flame Form

Thunder Form

Chaos Sword




(Red Bracelet)

The red Bracelet has been researching some special events that were happening in Tridinia with the help of Xavier.

Light Speed

Steam Form


Chaos Hammer IceBoB.png


(Orange Bracelet)

He is looking for the three sacred weapons of the country. He will help Pablo with those paranormal happenings.

Slow Time

Radioactive Form

Chaos Boomerang




(Cyan Bracelet)

She is helping Pablo and Xavier with their research. The events that happen in the coast are always her priority.

Plasma Form

Bee Kingdom

Shuriken CosmosBoB.png


(Amber Bracelet)

He was on holidays then when the Golden Bracelets reappear. They will find some clues about a dangerous secret.

Strong Danger


Golden Arrows




(Violet Bracelet)

The Violet Bracelet was needed to discover the power of the Chaos Orb after the problems of the Hades.

Real Drawing Power

Foam Form

Fiery Arrows




(Grey Bracelet)

After coming back from the Hades, he has got used to the real world again. But he will be needed in this war.

Wing Form


Fiery Spear




(Turquoise Bracelet)

She came back from the Hades with the help of the Golden Bracelets. Now, her new enemies aren't dead.



Fiery Scythe




(Brown Bracelet)

The other bracelet that comes from the Hades. This time, she will help to find the 15th Golden Bracelet. Rainbow Form Rainbow Hammer



Ella (New)

(Pink Bracelet)

She is the secret that Aingeru has hidden all this time. His friend has the plans of some special weapon that can be interesting for Dark Bracelets.


Flower Form

Metal Sword



Zefire (New)

(White Bracelet)

He is the last Golden Bracelet and the most hidden one. His opposite abilities are one of the main powers that he has, as a balanced Golden Bracelet.

Celestial Form

Demoniacal Form

Angel Palm




(Dark Green)

The Dark Bracelets are back to find the Hidden Orbs of Tridinia that have a giant power, and can be really necessary.

Dark Energy

Dark Form

Antimaterial Sword




(Dark Red)

She is the Dark Bracelet that warns about the existence of the Hidden Orbs in Tridinia to be accidentally helped by the Golden Bracelets.

Flame Form

Chaos Space

Dark Mask

Ash Spear



(Dark Yellow)

Garone is the base of the attack in the Dark Bracelets. He found the legend of the Three Hidden Orbs.

Space Traveller


Dark Trident




(Dark Orange)

The brain of the Dark Bracelets. The strategy of the dark side depends on him. But he hides a big power, typical of a god...

Steel Form

Climate Control

Igniter Sword




(Dark Grey)

The first one of the Dark Beauty Trio. She still have a war with Alex, so she will be watching all the journey of the Emerald Bracelet.

Climate Control

Flower Form





(Dark Violet)

This Dark Bracelet has a big friction to Tucker since he started his journey. She controls all the south east zone.

Mind Control

Demoniacal Music

Chaos Fan




(Dark Pink)

The youngest girl of the Dark Beauty Trio. The Dark Pink Bracelet has a secret plan in the south of Tridinia.



Mystic Scepter




(Dark Indigo)

After confronting Alex during his journey, he came to Tridinia to help in the main mission of the Dark Bracelets. Edge Form Shadow Scythe




(Dark Cyan)

He would be a perfect croupier if he wasn't an enemy of the game. Luck always goes with him and his cards.

Gambling Chance

Jack of Hearts

Gambling Cards




(Dark Amber)

That Dark Bracelet that was an apprentice in the Hades is now ready to make a good role in the game, a powerful enemy.

Dark Form

Smoke Form

Shadow Lance




(Death Australis)

The Death Bracelets are here to control the situation in the real world. What will happen with the South Sage?

Ice Form


Cryo-Arrows IceBoB.png


(Death Occidentalis)

He is the West Sage of the Hades but also an Ancient Bracelet. Which one will he use in the real world?

Invensibility Lv. 2


Book of Chaos




(Death Orientalis)

He is the eagle of the Hades, the East Sage. How will he react after coming back to the real world?

Flying Ace

Eagle Dash

Death Katana




(Death Borealis)

He is the most powerful sage of the Hades and the last one. He's interested on one of the orbs of Tridinia.

Laser Form

Rainbow Attack

Laser Bow




(Death Cancer)

Steven is the Cancer Bracelet of the Hades and it's the first time for long time that this bracelet has visited the Real World.

Thunder Form






(Death Taurus)

Other character that has some problems in the Hades that make him come back to life. He's ready for a new adventure, this time, out of the hell.


Shadow Transport

Knives Fan




(Death Virgo)

One of the most intelligent Death Bracelets and the Virgo bracelet of the Hades. The use of false technology in a different world is an important hidden weapon.



Logic Vision

Delta Scepter




(Sky Judge)

One of the Hades' Judges and the most active of the judges. Visiting the Overworld and destroying is something that amuses him.

Direct Justice

Metal Flight

Xero Edge




(Water Judge)

The second Judge of Hades and the most strategist of them. He needs watch everything from his home of death to know how to invade the world of life.

Direct Justice

Water Form

Xero Arrows




(Land Judge)

The last Judge of Hades and the one who decides the fate of the dead people. The fate of the spirits stays peaceful in the Hades...

Direct Justice

Land Control

Xero Sword




(Death Harp)

She woke up all the army of Hades and now, she works in the Earth as the hand of the God of the Underworld to execute all his plans. Somniferous

Harp of Death

Hades Trident




(Death Lyra)

His music was always perfect with Euridice, but now, Orpheo plays the dark melody of the Underworld. Hades wanted him as his commander and controller of his death army.

Hades Music

Eternal Melody

Death Lyra





His Bracelet from the sky was rebel once in the past. But now, he has a mission of peace in the real world.

Light Shield


Crime Stabber



Ceilla (New)

(Mechanic Specter)

A lady that came from the World of spirits Her Ghost energy is one of the most powerful ones of the world. All that the Mechanic Bracelets needed to their plans.

Ghost Form

Dead World

Elysium Orbitars GhostBoB.png

Iche (New)

(Mechanic Steel)

The mechanic bracelet of the Steel has a great ability with swords. With similar powers to Ella's, he can be dangerous rival of her.


Strong Danger

Storm Sword MetalBoB.png

Artheid (New)

(Mechanic Storm)

Economic chief of the business but not a weak Mechanic Bracelet. His last name could be Problem. For some reason, he study the universe...

Storm Energy

Thunder Control

Celestial Foil



Renny (New)

(Dark Amethist)

He is an old Dark Bracelet who follows the max. power of the lytic orbs of the region. The Mechanic side is improved with him and Eaton there.

Dark Waves

Negative Crystal

Amethist Axe



Eaton (New)

(Dark Griffin)

Other special Dark Bracelet who helps Renny in their mission. The Mechanic Bracelets needed help for it and they may be the perfect allies.

Bird Calling

Tornado Form

Chaos Birds



Cat (New)

(Mechanic Soul)

She is a mechanic bracelet who thinks that the objectives of the company are good. She will notice that she was wrong.

Light Control


Scepter of Soul



Airi (New)

(Mechanic Sound)

She is the old sister of Auri, the new fighter of Aurora City. She controls the rhythm of the Mechanic Bracelets and the right hand of Wladimir.

Music Control

Crystal Defense

Ultrasonic Arm



Wladimir (New)

(Mechanic Compass)

He is the young president of a false energy company and a brilliant mind that created the Mechanic Bracelets. He wants to wake up all the destruction creatures of Tridinia.

Thunder Form

Dragon Form

Storm Bazooka



Josh (New)

(Cosmic Blue Bracelet)

He is a strange kind of bracelet and it's supposed to be a divine bracelet. His power has a strange cosmic energy that can be powerful.

Lightning Discharge

Parkour Skills

Thunder Gauntlets ThunderBoB.png

Maion2 (New)

(Divine Copper Bracelet)

Her only wing isn't the best way that she has to fly, but the Divine Copper Bracelet is ready to produce big problems to the rest of Bracelets.

Wing Form

Plasma Form

Celestial Crowbar II



Mercer (New)

(Divine Cobalt Bracelet)

He is a kind of bracelet who uses his top hat to get magic as weapon. Athena will be too happy with him in her army.



Magic Top Hat



Andromeda (New)

(Divine Chain Bracelet)

She is a semi-goddess that was chained to the rocks until she was washed away. She is in the white side of the Divine War. Chain Control Nebula Chain



Tom (New)

(Divine Azurite Bracelet)

He controls the magic and makes great battles. Athena considers him an important bracelet of her army.

Ingravity Balls

Thunder Control

Book of Magic



Kayren (New)

(Divine Minotaur Bracelet)

Kayren has the bracelet of the half-human half-bull creature. He will be one of the followers of Medusa in the Sky War.

Beast Body

Earth Control

Minotaur Spear



Romeo (New)

(Divine Perseus Bracelet)

Romeo wears the bracelet of the hero, Perseus. The mythology says that Perseus cut Medusa's head, will it happen again?

Medusa Powers

Dragon Form

Medusa Sable



Medusa (New)

(Divine Medusa Bracelet)

She was a beautiful woman until Athena punished her. Now, she is a demigoddess who can petrify any person with her eyes.

Petrifaction Power

Dark Side

Medusa Hammer



Lucifer (New)

(Divine Angel Bracelet)

The Fallen Angel has arrived to fight the Golden Bracelets and invade the world. But he is more powerful than any of the Dark Bracelets.

Wind Form

Light Form

Fallen Sword

Angel Shield



Emily (New)

(Silver Azure Bracelet)

She loves nature and her power makes her control the nature. Chasing Tucker made her stronger.

Wild Call


Azure Scepter



Deryn (New)

(Silver Ruby Bracelet)

She is a vital follower of Alex and one of his best friends. She doesn't have anything to be jealous of Golden Bracelets.

Foam Form Lotus Staff



Peira (New)

(Devil of Conspiracy)

She was called by the Chaos to form an army of devils. Her power resides on destroying the relationships of the rivals. Conspiracy Rumor Flute MindBoB.png

Persephone (New)

(Death Queen)

She is a daughter of Zeus and Hades' husband, creator of the seasons and the Queen of the Underworld.

Water Form

Climate Control

Underworld Staff DeathBoB.png


(Alpha Darkness)

A mysterious girl that has some kind of relationship with Aingeru. She is the kind of girl with the power of a Goddess. What will be her mystery? Dark Form Blackstaff




(Dark God)

He is the God of Darkness but now, he's calmed, without a plan to control the world. Darkreon sends his minors to find some energy treasures around the world. Dark Thunder Form

Scepter of Darkness

Shadow Sword




(Underworld God)

It was a mistake, Hades plans were broken by the Golden and Dark Bracelets. Now, he stays silent in his castle, waiting of other opportunity. Final Form

Hades Scepter

Death Sword



(Death God)

He is the God of Death. His twin brother, Hypnos and he will be able to make their typical party of destruction in the real world, out of the control of Hades. Death Touch

Thanatos Club

Thanatos Sword




(Dream God)

He is the God of Dream, son of Nyx. He is Thanatos twin brother and his fingers are necessary to put anyone to sleep for years. Dream Touch

Hypnos Club

Hypnos Sword



Non-playable Characters

  • Mechanic Employees.
  • Dark Soldiers.
  • Death Soldiers.
  • Tempo - The Time Goddess.
  • Aspace - The Space God.
  • Athena - The Light, Justice and War Goddess.
  • Jessica - Green Bracelet (Aingeru's predecessor).
  • Laura - Indigo Bracelet (Ainhoa's predecessor).
  • Axel - Red Bracelet (Pablo's predecessor).
  • Nestor - Amber Bracelet (Bruno's predecessor).
  • Xander - Orange Bracelet (Xavier's predecessor).
  • Iona - Maroon Golden Bracelet.
  • Chainia - Death Andromeda Bracelet.
  • Icaron - Death Gargoyle Bracelet.
  • Lance - Dark Myrtle Bracelet.
  • Cryllica - Dark Turquoise Bracelet.
  • Licaroux - Devil Wind Bracelet
  • Stardust Knight - Comsic Night Bracelet


  • Aterrica - Land Factor (Dark Trinity).
  • Windorica - Wind Factor (Dark Trinity).
  • Aquaria - Water Factor (Dark Trinity).
  • Arcaneiros - Supreme Factor (Mechanic Demon).

New Abilities

These are some of the new abilities that can be found here.

Normal Abilities

  • Winter Weather: The user can make that the stages gets a cold temperature that improves the Ice attacks and abilities.
  • Desert Clime: The user calls the power of nature to invoke a sand storm. The SandBoB.png attacks will get increased.
  • Doubling Health: The user's HP points will be doubled after using the ability.

Field Abilities

  • Imperial Zone: The combat field turns into a golden city that is perfect for the user of the field. The place increases the speed and the power of the user.
  • Field of Spirits: This is one of the best places to fight if the user has the GhostBoB.png element. It increases the power of the Ghost attacks.
  • Digital Space: The battle field becomes a 3D world that makes all the attacks lineal and slower. CosmosBoB.png attack will be stronger.

Custom Abilities

  • Vampire Cloth: The ability makes that the user becomes a vampire with ToxicBoB.png. The user will be able to absorb health power from biting a rival.
  • Marine Cloth: The Marine Cloth makes a bracelet stronger in water zones. The user will be able to dive into the water all the time that they want.
  • Firewild Cloth: The Firewild Cloth gives the user extreme power with FireBoB.png and GhostBoB.png.


Story Mode Missions

Say Bye my dear angel...

You will play with Aingeru. He and Night are in a little village of the south-eastern zone of Tridinia, in the dock of that place. Already into the game, you will be invited by Night to go to a.little cave in the north of the village. In the cave, you will have to fight with a dark demon that Night had told you before (Lv2 74). When you are about to beat it, Night nails you her nail on your back and start to absorb the energy of your soul. Now you are possessed by the darkness of the lady. She tells you that Aingeru has part of his soul bathed on darkness that a Dark Bracelet gave him after stealing her the source of her power.

The rest of the secret chapter is here.


The player can change the weapon that the character is using as soon as they want in the "Weapon Wardrobe" Mode. The player can decide what kind of weapon they want to use in the battle. There are weapons like swords, hammers, clubs, edges, armors, spears, bows, etc. To see the different weapons that you can get in the Story Mode, the Shop and with reaching the aims of the missions; you can see them here Battle of Bracelets 4: New Generation/Weapons. Besides, you can also use all the weapons of Battle of Bracelets 3.


Tridinia is "the Country of the Three Lands". In this place, there are three different regions: the Electric Region, the Sea Region and the Mountain Region. These regions are linked by bridges that cross the rivers. In the middle of the regions, there is a big island in which there is a giant city that is the capital of the country: Metropole. In this city, the journey of the heroes begin, after knowing that Aingeru is disappeared.

Electric Region

This is the eastern region of the country. This island is full of electric rocks and places in which there are usually energetic parks. Also, there are big amounts of turbines in the countries of the center of the island. When the player travels to the north of the island, they will see that there are more and more mountains. Here is the list of the cities of the Electric Region:

  • Buscarne: This is the eastern city of the region. It is connected to Metropole and the little village of Ardua by two bridges, the first one to the north and the second one to the east. The docks can bring you to the island of Mical-Mical, where you can find the Temple of the Sun.
  • Cluna: This is the city of the center of the Electric Region. There is nothing interesting at this city except a big park with a lake.
  • Murkia: The village of Murkia is well known by the Windy Forest and the Electronic Farm. You can visit the farmers to get some special food.
  • Alteria: The village of the north connects the Electric Region with the Mountain Region. The village has a drawbridge that lets the traffic of boats.

Here is the list of special places to visit in the Electric Region:

  • Wind Ruins: This is one of the places where you have to get one of the Chaos Stones. The beast Windorica rests there.
  • Electronic Farm: This farm is the food base of the region and also the place that controls the energy generated on the Windy Valley.

Mountain Region

This is the northern region of the country and the biggest one. The region mixes mountains and valleys in which you can find the different cities of the region. Lots of cities appeared thanks to the iron and coal mines. Although the region is fuller of mountains in the north, you can cross several caves anywhere. Here is the list of cities where you can go:

  • Gaelia City: This is the most central city of the region and most of the population works in the coal mines in the north. There is also a little musseum about coal mines there.
  • Palatina: This city is one of the most visited by the tourists due to a giant cathedral. This city also has to the east a giant palace, made of platinum and marble.

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Oceanic Region

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