This page shows all the weapons that all the characters can use in Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend as long as the player buy them, find them in the Story Mode, Patrol Mode and Mission Mode or earn them as prizes in other modes. There are several kinds of weapons, exactly 18: Swords, Scepters, Edges, Hammers, Orbitars, Arms, Legs, Guns, Disk Weapons, Bows, Spears, Projectiles, Palms, Armor Weapons, Claws, Pincers, Grimoires and Lasers.

Special kinds of weapons like the Zodiac Weapons or the Technoswords can interact with the user of the weapon by giving the user other special abilities or special attacks that could not be made without those weapons. The other special weapons of the game are the Legend Weapons that are rarely found and appeals the mythology of the series and other ancient cultures.

Great Swords

  • Seven Great Swords
    • Subarashi Kageiken
    • Subarashi Idainaryuken
    • Subarashi Kaminariken
    • Subarashi Kumoiumiken
    • Subarashi Kataishiken


Swords are all the edged weapons with handle on it's base. Depending on the kind of edge and it's size, swords can get different names. On this game, swords can have different powers like throw fire, ice, call thunders, change form, etcetera. Besides, there is a special kind of sword that can be obtained through the story: the technoswords, technological weapons that contain the essence of matter. Here, it is the list of swords that can be obtained.

Standard Swords

Bronze Sword 
Bronze Sword: The Bronze Sword is the weakest common sword, but it is the easiest and the cheapest sword that the player can find.
Silver Sword
Silver Sword: It was created with a better material to improve the Bronze Sword. It is not as easy nor cheap to find but it is more destructive than the other sword. Besides, it is harder to break.
Gold Sword
Gold Sword: The Silver Sword was not strong enough, so blacksmiths started to create these swords. The problem of this weapon is its price. The Gold Sword is one of the most expensive weapons but it can hurt a lot.
Iron Sword
Iron Sword: The iron sword is one of the weakest swords, but it is very resistant, which makes defense increased with this weapon.
Steel Sword
Steel Sword: This sword is a better version of the Iron Sword that is forged in the most important cities.
Emperor Sword
Emperor Sword: The Emperor Sword is given to emperors of the main societies of the World. Besides, this weapon increases the attack levels of the user and gives them the attack Emperor Slash (750 HP).
Angelic Sword
Angelic Sword: This sword is very light and was created by angels for angels. Once, this weapon was sent to Earth to a person with a good heart. But this weapon did not finish on the best hands. Nevertheless, the power of the weapon comes from a celestial resource.
Iron Katana
Iron Katana: This Japanese sword is made as a really light sword that allows the user attack fast, nevertheless, this sword has an important problem, it is not a strong nor a resistant weapon.
Maru Katana
Maru Katana: Another kind of Japanese sword that is made as a light-medium sword that allows the user attack slower but more harmfully and nimbly. Another good point of this katana is that the resistance of this weapon is high.
Shoshu Kitae Katana
Shoshu Kitae Katana: Elite samurais use these swords to kill their objectives, what it means that this kind of weapon is used to kill strong enemies and dangerous people that must be murdered. This weapon gives the user a special attack Round Dragon Cut (1000 HP).
Supreme Sword
Supreme Sword: Big sword that is not easily used, but the destructive power of this weapon can break the land and produce quakes. It was thought that this weapon was created in the YEAR 0 by the Twilight Technology to conquer the rest of civilizations. Nevertheless, this weapon was stolen by a peace brigade.
Desert Broadsword
Desert Broadsword: The weapon that the Royal Guard of Deserticien uses is a long and cruiser-weight sword that is used to defend the desert monarchy. It is a trustable weapon because it is destructive and fast. A good guardian of the princess must control this sword perfectly.
Divine Claymore
Divine Claymore: A claymore is a long and heavy sword that needs to be handled with both hands. This weapon is actually a gift that humans created for the Gods. It was thought that this sword would remind Gods that humans appreciate Gods and do not want to be punished. However, this legend disappeared after several years and humans started to use it.
Thunder Foil
Thunder Foil: One of the lightest swords that is not made to cut, it is made to spike with the top of the foil and invoke the thunder with the energy that the weapon releases. The Thunder Foil has a strange power, it creates electric fields that may paralize people with ThunderBoB or MetalBoB elements. This sword gives the user the special attack Syncrony of Thunder (500 HP).
Scimitar of Magic
Scimitar of Magic: Invoking the power of magic is one of the best resources. That is what this weapon makes, it uses magic to attack, but the edge is not the softest thing of the scimitar. This weapon can be extremely dangerous if it is used by a magician who knows how to attack with a sword.
Nitros Greatest Sword
Nitros Greatest Sword: Nitros created this weapon to be used with justice. That is the reason why Nitros will give the Greatest Sword to a good-hearted person who will fight for a fair world. Actually, the use of this sword will allow the user of the same attack with a special move Nitros Burning Moon (2000 HP).
(♈) Aries Claymore
(♈) Aries Claymore: This is the Sacred Claymore of Aries. The power of this item is stronger if the user of the sword is Aries too. The creation of this sword was long ago, when a celestial species that is extinct created the Twelve Zodiac Weapons. They decided to create a heavy sword that would bring one of the 12 heroes of the story. You can see here the list of attacks that the Aries Claymore gives to the user of the weapon:
  • FireBoB (500 HP) Aries Struck - Strong hit that can burn the enemy.
  • FireBoB (750 HP) White Ram Blade Rain - Thousands of firey blades will appear behind the user to hit the enemy.
  • FireBoB MagicBoB (900 HP) Firey Summoner - A giant blaze will appear from the floor. This attack may fail but if the attack is completed, the enemy will suffer the attack twice.
  • FireBoB
  • FireBoB
  • FireBoB
  • FireBoB

Special Swords

Magnetoniken: Technological weapon that was created by the Dark Intelligence for one of the Dark Commanders, but for some reason, this sword disappeared. This sword contains the essence of Magnetic Photons, as destructive as magnetic. This special sword will have some special attacks for the user:
  • MetalBoB (750 HP) Magnetic Repression: Attack that crushes the victim with a ton of metal.
Phononiken: Technological weapon that was created by the Dark Intelligence for the Virgo Commander, but he lost the sword after being beaten. The Phonon Sword contains the essence of Phonons, that can destroy thanks to vibrations of the two blades. This special sword will have some special attacks for the user:
  • MusicBoB (750 HP) Vibration Tempo: Attack that produces vibrations with harmony that can destroy the vital organs of the victim.
Master Sword
Master Sword: This legendary sword comes from far away. It was given to a hero dressed in green to beat the King of Darkness. This weapon is a gift for players and tribute for The Legend of Zelda. This weapon gives the user some special attacks that they can use while they use the Master Sword.
Tyrfing: This mythological weapon was once the pride of Asgard, the Kingdom of Ice. It was created by dwarves for Odin, God of Asgard. But one day something happened and the same dwarves that created the sword, put a curse on the weapon. This weapon can easily throw critical attacks but also can hurt the user. This sword has special attacks that the user can throw.
Gram: A legendary hero used this weapon to kill dragons. This weapon was forged by a magic blacksmith. The origin of the legend of this weapon is very similar to the legend of other legendary weapon: Excalibur.


Scepters and staffs are weapons that attack with magic, although the fighter can use it to attack physically, but it is not as effective. The original use of a scepter is funneling energy and shoot it the way the weapon is prepared for. Scepters are usually used by people who can control the energy of the universe, such as wizards, witches, priests or divinities like Gods. Some of the weapons of this group are more physical, such as whips or sticks. The special scepters are basically the ones of High Priest of some Gods and other special scepters.

Normal Scepters and Staffs

Natural Whip
Natural Whip: Someone who needed the help of a weapon to defend themselves trusted their defense on nature. And nature answered them and gave them this weapon. This weapon is given to someone who cares for nature and good-hearted.
Cosmic Whip
Cosmic Whip: This weapon was called also "Cosmic Torture" since it was used to punish the ones who offend the deities of the Cosmos. This weapon is very respected, because it can be used to eternally hurt anyone.
Radium Stick
Radium Stick: The effects of the radium sticks are really dangerous over humans and animals. The enemies can be radiated with this item, which makes it a powerful weapon. The stick will be more powerful if the user of the weapon is a RadiumBoB user.
Yggdrasil Branch
Yggdrasil Branch: The branch of this tree has an extremely powerful magic power. This item can be curative if it is well used and really destructive if not. The energy of the attacks is increased if the health hex is used often.
Angelic Scepter
Angelic Scepter: Celestial staff that is given to high-energy angels of Heaven. The LightBoB powers of this weapon gives the user the same element. Besides, the user of this weapon will get the attack "Angelic Chasm" (1000 HP damage).
Tarantula Staff
Tarantula Staff: In the past, there was a realm in which humans and spiders used to live together. The Queen of this realm controlled her servants with the Tarantula Staff. If the user of this weapon hits an enemy, said enemy will get poisoned.
Empress Scepter
Empress Scepter: Long ago, there was a giant empire that was ruled by a tyrant empress. This scepter was used by her, but she died a weird way and left a curse over this scepter: this weapon would punish humanity because of her death. This weapon unlocks the attack Curse of the Empress (800 HP) that may narcotize the enemy.
Anj Cross
Anj Cross: This weapon is the soul of the Gods of Deserts. Before Year 0, it was the command scepter of pharaohs and should not be seen by the populace. It was said that the pharaoh could control the sand of the deserts, so the pharaoh who used it for evil reasons would produce horrible sandstorms.
Wildfire Scepter
Wildfire Scepter: The Wildfire Scepter is a weapon that controls a ton of spirits of fire. If the user says it is necessary to attack, the wildfire spirits will attack; if the user says they must defend, they will defend. Nevertheless, these spirits are sometimes rogue and sometimes attack the user.
Tides Baton
Tides Baton: For those people who cannot control water or the ones that have problems with the sea, the Tides Baton is the perfect weapon for you. The moon will not compete with the Tides Baton. The weapon will unlock the attack Tide Execution (2000 HP).
Neutron Baton
Neutron Baton: The energy of the Neutron Baton is extremely big, but the lack of electric energy of the neutron baton will let gravity be the weapon of this weapon. With the Neutron Bat, the user can control Gravity and Pressure the way they want.
(♓) Piscis Scepter
(♓) Piscis Scepter: This is the Sacred Scepter of Piscis. The power of this item is stronger if the user of the scepter is Piscis too. The creation of this scepter was long ago, when a celestial species that is extinct created the Twelve Zodiac Weapons. They decided to create a weapon that controls water that would bring one of the 12 heroes of the story. You can see here the list of attacks that the Piscis Scepter gives to the user of the weapon:
  • WaterBoB (500 HP) Bipiscis Call - A ton of fish will arrive to bite the enemy.
  • WaterBoB
  • WaterBoB
  • WaterBoB
  • WaterBoB
  • WaterBoB
  • WaterBoB

Special Scepters

Pluto Sacred Scepter
Pluto Sacred Scepter: This weapon is one of the most ancient weapons that humanity has created. Long long ago, many humans worshipped Pluto and created this scepter. When Pluto came to Earth, he started to use this weapon. Now, the power of the scepter is one of the strongest ones. This weapon gives some special attacks:
  • EtherBoB (1000 HP) Invocation of the Five Moons: Attack that uses the power of the Pluto satellites to pulverize the enemy.
Artemis Sacred Scepter
Artemis Sacred Scepter: Artemis uses this scepter to invoke the pure power of the Full Moon. Actually, she can change the state of the moon (full, crescent, waning, new) to set the energies of the atmosphere and nature. This weapon gives some special attacks:
  • IceBoB (1200 HP) New Moon Blast: The power of the the new moon will freeze the atmosphere. Suddenly, a ton of ice needles will fall from the sky.
  • Wind Waker


Edges are weapons that are different to swords. These weapons are used to attack physically but these weapons usually have a "soul" or special energy that allows the user attack with a bit of magic. The meaning of most these weapons are showing power or fright. There are also some edges that are purely physical such us axes. The special edges are well-known scythes from the Greek Mythology and popular culture. Here is the list of edges that can be obtained:

Standard Edges

  • Igniter Scythe
  • Phantom Scythe
  • Death Scythe
  • Tiger Scythe
  • Wing Edges
  • Angelic Edges
  • Norse Axe
  • Austral Dane Axe
  • Space Ripper
  • Beelzebub Axe
  • Sharpen Gravity
  • Shiroi Hakucho Phylum
  • Abyss Pickaxe
  • (♆) Neptune Trident

Special Edges

  • Megas Drepanon
  • Grim Reaper


  • Bronze Hammer
  • Aurora Hammer
  • Death Hammer
  • Ruby Hammer
  • Angelic Hammer
  • (♉) Taurus Club
  • Diamond Club
  • Babel Pounder
  • Lava Blackjack
  • Hephaestus Hammer
  • Long Hammer

Special Hammers

  • Mjolnir


  • Oculus Orbitars
  • Rhadamant Orbitars
  • Death Orbitars
  • Angelic Orbitars
  • Flamethrower Orbitars
  • Duo-Phoenix
  • Anubis Orbitars
  • Locust Swarm Orbitars
  • Happy Orbitars
  • Tarantula Orbitars
  • Witch Orb
  • Pontus Orbitar
  • (♊) Gemini Orbitars


Normal Arms

  • Storm Hand
  • Dark Arm
  • Scorpion Needle
  • Sphinx Arm
  • Angelic Arm
  • Alchemy Gauntlet
  • Mercurius Gauntlet
  • (♌) Leo Arm

Special Gauntlets

  • Suryastra
  • Vayvayastra
  • Erebus Caster


  • Swan Leg
  • Grasshopper Leg
  • Angelic Leg
  • Angelic Boots
  • Ice Boots
  • Blizzard Leg
  • Atlas Boot
  • Killer Boots
  • Gravity Legs
  • (♃) Jupiter Boots


Normal Guns

  • Volcano Cannon
  • Neptune Cannon
  • Aurora Gun
  • Death Gun
  • Cactus Gun
  • Angelic Gun
  • (♎) Libra Equipment
  • Basilisk Rifle
  • Vulcanus Cannon
  • Blowing Blaster
  • Cerberus Cannon

Special Cannons

  • Asurastra
  • Devastra

Disk Weapons

  • Bronze Shuriken
  • Iron Shuriken
  • Steel Shuriken
  • Star Shuriken
  • Explosive Shuriken
  • Chakram
  • Angelic Discus
  • Aiaara Discus
  • Hurricane Discus
  • Cyclon Boomerang
  • (♄) Saturn Execution Disks


Normal Bows

  • Glacier Arrows
  • Roman Bow
  • Longbow
  • Aurora Bow
  • Angelic Bow
  • Wyvern Bow
  • Silver Bow
  • Antimatter Bow
  • (♐) Sagittarius Bow
  • Ra Arrows

Special Bows

  • Indaastra


  • Bronze Spear
  • Silver Spear
  • Iron Spear
  • Steel Spear
  • Dragonic Lance
  • Cosmic Spear
  • Whirlpool Spear
  • Thunder Spear
  • Aurora Spear
  • Bright Spear
  • Thor Spear
  • Piercer Pike
  • Wolf Spear
  • (♑) Capricorn Lance

Special Spears

  • Agniastra


  • Iron Bullets
  • Steel Bullets
  • Thorn Bullets
  • Oblivious Rounder
  • Vesta Rounder
  • Steel Slingshot
  • Harmony Slingshot
  • Eruption Missle
  • Specter Missile
  • Virus Missile
  • Demon Roses
  • Angelic Roses
  • Tarot Deck

Special Projectiles

  • Vajra


  • Greek Palm
  • Angelic Palm
  • Death Palm
  • (♍) Virgo Palm
  • Musical Palm
  • Perish Palm
  • Airbelle Palm
  • Seth Palm
  • Medium Palm
  • Radiation Palm
  • Summoner Palm

Special Palms

  • Hand of Zeus

Armor Weapons

  • Atlas Shield
  • Harmony Shield
  • Aurora Shield
  • Thorn Shield
  • Dracule Helmet
  • Ocarina of Apollo
  • Icarian Compass
  • Amaterasu Shield
  • Iris Armor
  • Lucifer Wings
  • Royal Parasol
  • Starfish Armor
  • Divine Clock
  • (♏) Scorpio Needle

Special Weapons

  • Apollonian Lyra


  • Diamond Claws
  • Mole Claws
  • Inferno Claws
  • Batset Claws
  • Meteor Claws
  • Harpy Talons
  • Plague Claws
  • Helios Claws
  • Wolf Claws


  • Bronze Pincers
  • Demon Pincers
  • (♋) Cancer Pincers
  • Galactic Pincers
  • Inferno Pincers
  • Insect Mandible
  • Dischord Pincers
  • Tsunami Pincers
  • Kraken Tentacles

Sea Weapons

  • Leviathan


  • Mechanic Grimoire
  • Ceres Grimoire
  • Celestial Grimoire
  • Snow Grimoire
  • Abyss Grimoire
  • Haunted Grimoire
  • Dragon Grimoire
  • Armageddon Grimoire
  • Tornado Grimoire
  • Aisumikami Book
  • Nyx Grimoire
  • (♀) Venus Spellbook

Sacred Grimoires

  • Sacred Book of Eris
  • Sacred Book of Winds


  • Icarian Laser
  • Gaia Laser
  • Xenon Laser
  • Cryos Laser
  • Arachne Laser
  • Vulcan Laser
  • Chronoflasher
  • Gorgon Laser
  • (♒) Aquarius Laser

Total Lasers

  • Hadronic Laser
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