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Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend
The new beginning of the legend
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Publisher(s) Project Eternity
Platform(s) Fusion Eternity
Genre(s) Role-Playing, Fighting
Series Battle of Bracelets Series
Predecessor Battle of Bracelets 5
Successor Battle of Bracelets: Beyond
Release Date(s) December, 2014
Mode(s) Story Mode, Mission Mode
Age Rating(s) Pegi 7.png ESRB E.png
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Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend (also name-coded as BoB Bis or BoB 1Bis) is the new title of the franchise Battle of Bracelets. It is the result of the remake of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets but with features of the newest games and changes in the whole story. This game has been released on 2014. According to the last information of Project Eternity, this game would be created for Fusion Eternity, a new console in development and Element Alpha.

New Features

  • There are new elements, they are Magic (MagicBoB.png), Gravity (GravityBoB.png) and Ether (EtherBoB.png).
  • A new enemy is shown, he is Pluto the God of the End. Besides, he controls an army of Plutonians.
  • The routes change according to the seasons. For example, the Onomeia Islands are available only on winter since the sea is frozen and creates an ice corridor.
  • New beasts will appear in the game, other ones will come back with other forms and improved design.
  • Other new characters will appear and other ones from previous games too, although they are later in the timeline.
  • The player can play as a Dark Soldier, Death Soldier, or a Celestial Soilder customized by them.
  • The secondary effects of the attacks are pointed out. The different effects can produce problems on the enemy such us being frozen, burned, paralized, magnetized, dizzy, possessed, asleep, radiated and more.
  • The Icon system changes, now only 15 are necessary to get the entrance in the Elite Fighting Festival (the new name of the Sunday Fighting Tournament and they were necessary 30 Icons to be able to compete).
  • A new feature has been shown, it is "The Other World", a place in which rules of space and time do not work as in the normal world. It is accessible through portals.
  • The game will get an amiibo collection. amiibo toys will allow the player use special characters. The appearance of the characters are the current ones, although the appearance in the game will be different.


Aingeru in the game.

The story of the game is similar to the one of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets and Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows, although there are several changes in the character roster and the story. Besides, there are some added parts of the story that could not be found in the first games.

The main story talks about Aingeru, a young boy who gets the Green Golden Bracelet. Then, Aingeru will find other Golden Bracelets who will fight the darkness and avoid the awakening of Darkreon, God of the Shadows. Through his journey, he will find other armies of enemies and gods who are looking for a greater power. Besides, this story is the beginning of a huge battle in which humans and gods will fight each others to fight for their dreams.

Besides, the story shows another army as a secondary enemy, Pluto the God of the End, who first appeared as an angel of Zeus but his power was locked by him to avoid the end of the Earth. But the Plutonians will join him to bring the world to the end. Also, the game shows new characters as the Royal Families that can be found during the story. Who will need the player's help for different reasons. There are some other surprises in the game that can be seen during the story.

To read the whole story, visit the page of the here.


The game contains several modes that any kind of player can enjoy. Depending on the use of each mode, the player will have more or less characters, items, stages and weapons to choose on other modes. Some of the modes are not available at the beginning of the game, they have to be obtained by the Story Mode, by reaching some achievements or downloading extra content. Here, the list of modes that appear in the game can be seen:

  • Story Mode: the mode in which you can enjoy the aventure of Aingeru across the Legend Route to beat Darkreon. Find other characters that will join your adventure and new quests that you would not have imagined. Enjoy this new story about the biggest event of the history.
  • Patrol Mode: this mode is similar to the story mode, but you can travel around the world a free way. Patrol Mode is perfect to find special items, fight other characters through the world and improve your skills.
  • Mission Mode: The Golden Bracelets have other kind of missions besides beating the God of Darkness, enjoy special missions that will let you get other prizes that cannot be obtained by the Story Mode.
  • VS Mode: The player can fight other characters alone or with their friends in a battle in which he can choose the rules, time, the stage, items, etc. It is the perfect space to improve strategies and get stronger while rising up some levels.
  • Infinite Battle: The player chooses a character and will have to beat the rest one by one. Each rival that is beaten will give the player a little bit of life (HP points). If the player is beaten, they will lose the game. The more characters the player beats, the more items, weapons and even characters will be able to get.
  • The King of the Dimension: The player can get into a tournament against other characters from the game. The tournament is made with the knockout system, so that the player will have to beat all the rivals to arrive to the final battle. The player can choose the number of characters that fight in the tournament.
  • Training and Tutorials: This mode is made for the new players of Battle of Bracelets. It is the best way for new fighters to learn how to move in a battle. There are also some videos where you can see the techniques to fight correctly.
  • Designer Studio: The player can create their own characters thanks to the character editor of this mode. The characters can be used in the VS Mode, the Patrol Mode, The King of the Dimension, and all the online and Street Pass modes.
  • Wi-fi Space: Here is a list of the possible things that the player can do in the Wi-fi Space, a mode that keeps all the online modes of playing:
    • Global VS: The player will be able to fight against other people from the rest of the world. They can also exchange items thanks to these fights.
    • Online Patrol: The player will join other 3 players to fight enemies and get new items and weapons together. Besides, they can fight each other when they want and where they want too.
    • Global Tournament: The player will join other 31 people maximum in a tournament in which they will have to beat their oponents and achieve the final battle in a knockout system.
    • Eternal Survival: Several players around the world will fight each others while they are surviving to the biggest amount of rounds. There are global rankings as well as friends lists rankings.
    • Galactic Mission: Two, three or four players connected through the Internet will cooperate to complete the missions successfully. This mode is perfect to train for the group battles.
    • Wi-fi Password: The player can download codes from the Internet to unlock missions, characters and items to use them in the Patrol Mode or the Online Patrol.
    • BoB Store: This mode lets the player log in the Battle of Bracelets Store.


Playable Characters

The game will have 72 playable characters. Most of them are from the story mode but other can be got by the Mission Mode.

Character Description Abilities Weapons


Green Bracelet

A young hero sees his adventure begin again. His fight between the power of the darkness will not be only to save the world, it will be to avoid a worse power to come alive.

Wing Form

Flame Form

Chaos Sword




Indigo Bracelet

She has been always a courageous girl who was afraid of nothing. But her life is changing and maybe all her fears will appear. It is time to destroy them and become a superior being.

Time Stop

Gravity Change

Celestial Scepter WaterBoB.png


Red Bracelet

Pablo is the speed of the Light Army. Fast and accurate. He can smash the floor with his hammer and beat any enemy easily. Now the quest is huge and his light will have to cut the Darkness.

Light Speed

Steam Form

Chaos Hammer IceBoB.png


Orange Bracelet

Limits are something that Xavier does not know, if he cannot move faster, he will make time slower. If his punch is not strong enough, he will make the enemy weaker. Why would he need limits?

Slow Time

Radiactivity Form

Chaos Boomerang




Citron Bracelet

Elena is pure energy. She will not stop a second to find the correct way to act in each moment. But her sweet and fragile appearance is only a lie that can cost someone's life if they are not careful.

Thunder Form

Wing Form

Igniter Blade




Amber Bracelet

His loner beginnings have made him a strong and resistant Golden Bracelet. Now, he will have to run with his new friends to improve and defend the values that his ancestor handed down.

Strong Danger


Golden Bow




Violet Bracelet

The mystery around this girl will be uncovered sooner or later. Meanwhile, this beautiful girl will draw her path to the victory thanks to her power. Just a simple pencil and a paper to create an ally.

Real Drawing Power

Foam Form

Fiery Arrows




Cyan Bracelet

Coward but intelligent heroine. Her power is the pure universe, she controls the power of the cosmic dust. And about her cowardice, she eventually will learn the sense of heroism.

Plasma Form

Bee Kingdom

Chaos Shuriken CosmosBoB.png


White Bracelet

Zefire is one of the most interesting man that can be found. He is like an angel, he is like a demon. He is stronger as a demon, he is more careful as an angel. His power is almost perfect.

Divine Transformation

Second Chance

Celestial / Demoniacal Palm WindBoB.png


Maroon Bracelet

He came from a city that lost freedom a few years ago, so he started a journey to strengthen and train to liberate it. But a God kidnapped someone important to him. The perfect quest for him.

Magma Form

Magnetism Lord




Nastacia (N)

Pink Bracelet

Nastacia is the youngest of the Golden Bracelets of the past. She actually suffered something in the past that makes her hate the Golden and the Dark Bracelets. Her power is extremely lethal.

Cryos Fielder

Selene Spirit

Chaos Whip



Seith (N)

Yellow Bracelet

Arrogant and crafty, Seith is one of the most clever Golden Bracelets. He does not like to do things by himself, that is why he is helped by the former Yellow Bracelet. Party must begin.

Pyros Fielder

Radium Form

Gamma Bazooka




Dark Green Bracelet

Darkness needs to wake up. Drake is ready to defend his beliefs and follow the God of Darkness even if it means his destruction. The strongest Dark Bracelet is back to play again.

Dark Energy

Dark Form

Antimaterial Sword




Dark Red Bracelet

Inferna is a warrior diva, elegant but powerful. No doubt that she is one of the strongest followers of Darkness. When she joins Drake, a destructive pair appears to show an infinite power.

Flame Form

Chaos Space

Ash Spear ThunderBoB.png


Dark Yellow Bracelet

He is the paradox of skill and power. His way to act made him a special warrior that always try to improve his combat style. Will Garone find the way to become the "perfect warrior".

Space Traveller


Dark Trident




Dark Orange Bracelet

Son of the Void World. He can be considered a god into his dimension. He is quite calm but his chaotic power is infinitely powerful if he controls the perfect strategy.

Steel Form

Climate Control

Igniter Sword




Dark Violet Bracelet

The most experienced member as warrior of the Dark Beauty Trio. The energy that Dalia controls is not the typical one that any would expect from this lady the first that that anyone first see her.

Mind Control

Demoniacal Music

Chaos Fan




Dark Grey Bracelet

Her beauty was created by gods, it is said. But not only her beauty is divine, her power and the weapon that she was given are all idea of Aphrodite. But her obedience to the Love Goddess is a mirage...

Climate Control

Venus Soul





Dark Pink Bracelet

The youngest Dark Bracelet has to combine her life as a normal high school student with the one as server of the Darkness. She is the last component of the Dark Beauty trio as well as a popular girl.



Mystic Scepter




Dark Myrtle Bracelet

Lance is one of the most peaceful Dark Bracelets, although he will serve Darkreon and do whatever it is needed if necessary. He is the perfect partner for Cryllica and an excellent dragon trainer.

Dragon Form

Nature Control

Icarian Bazooka




Dark Turquoise Bracelet

This sadistic woman is the partner of Lance in the battles. She does not care much about Darkreon but following him will allow her find victims of her dream flute. Good luck for them.

Ice Form


Dream Flute




Dark Black Bracelet

He was called to conquer the Deserticien Island for the Dark Army. His elegance is just the mask that hides a big power that will be used to control the society. The dark side of a person is a good weapon.

Shadow Form


Black Sword SwadowBoB.png

Razor (N)

Dark Amber Bracelet

Razor can be a psychotic, crazy, offensive, destructive, lethal, chaotic, sinister and ruthless person. The idea of fighting him can be too dangerous, so think about it twice before the battle.


King of Bugs

Hydron Fists



Tenkachi (N)

Dark Indigo Bracelet

A mysterious Dark Bracelet that went rouge. He only cares about himself, and refuses help. He stole the Bioarm from the Virgo Commander, who was trying to make a arm that uses the same powers as his Technosword.

Metal Form

Songs of Steel




Aries Commander

Dark Aries Commander

He is one of the Dark Commanders that Darkreon chose to remove the Golden Bracelets from Earth. His weapon holds the subatomic essence of destruction. The power over hadrons is completely his.

Hadron Form

Destructive Essence

Hadroniken FireBoB.png

Venus Commander (N)

Dark Venus Commander

She is one of the Dark Commanders who leads the Dark Soldiers armies. Her mission is guiding the soldiers to the domain of the Earth. Her subatomic power makes everything atract.

Gluon Form

Love Power




Jupiter Commander

Dark Jupiter Commander

He is, physically, the strongest Dark Bracelet. His power comes from gravitons, particles that participate in gravity. This power was made for him, how to destroy with gravity.

Graviton Form


Gravitoniken GravityBoB.png

Mars Commander

Dark Mars Commander

Light can destroy. And Kriger is the most important example of this. Although he belongs to the Dark Army, Kriger controls light as particles, photons. His sword can destroy anything with light.

Photon Form

Magnetic Fielder



Aquarius Commander (N)

Dark Aquarius Commander

Cold and serene. Ziel is a serious woman who watches and cares for Darkreon. Her power is controling positrons that can destroy matter. Ziel can be decisive in the war against Photos.

Positron Form

Tsunami Force





Death Chaos Bracelet

Rhadamanthys is the strongest server of Hades, but this is just the physical power. His passion makes him one of the most unpredictable fighters, his natural impetus are his most lethal allies.

Pyros Punishment

Iron Form

Xero Edge




Death Storm Bracelet

This man is the other Hades Judge, the one who thinks of the defense of Hades. His power is based of the fast capability to think of the best option in the worst and dangerous moments.

Cryos Punishment

Iron Form

Xero Arrows




Death Royalty Bracelet

Brother of Rhadamanthys, he is the most intelligent of the three Judges and the one who last decides which punishment the soul must suffer. His strategies never fail.

Ilektros Punishment

Iron Form

Xero Sword




Death Calamity Bracelet

She was called the most beautiful person after death. She has a giant power that could control after liberating the God of the Underworld. She is said to grow the most lethal roses in the universe.


World of Roses

Hades Trident




Death Harmony Bracelet

The special musician of Hades is also one of the commanders of the Underworld. He was given a lyra by Apollo to make the world more beautiful although now he will use it to punish.

Eternal Dance


Death Lyra




Death Intensity Bracelet

Completely loyal to Hades. His power is consists on petrifying the enemy to make it harmless. His objective, he has to command the Hades' army to victory and control the alive world.


Wing Form

Gargoyle Sword



Regna (N)

Death Bracelet

Regna is a extremely strong Death Bracelet. Her powers are rumored to succeed Thanatos, one of the twin gods. Her powers over magma make her a force to be reckoned with.

Magma Form

Erupting Anger

Inferno Orbitars MagmaBoB.png


Overlight Agate Bracelet

The prophecy of the Sun explained that a hero would destroy the corruption of the sky. Samty seems to be this hero who will fight the Overlight God, Zoumeràs, and liberate the Earth from a fatal destiny.

Light Shield

Growing Up!

Crime Stabber



Opaluke (N)

Overlight Opal Bracelet

Opaluke is loyal and strategic, yet very ruthless against foes. His crystal and sky powers are only surpassed by Zouméras himself, who gives him wings after powering him up.

Sheer Wings

Angel's Assault

Expendable Sword



Sophia (N)

Overlight Mist Bracelet

A narcissistic girl who only looks after her and will fight for her, possibly for Zoumeràs if she is interested in it. Her power over water is extreme. Nothing will stop her if she wants something.

Water Heal

Foam Form

Steam Staff



Helga (N)

Overlight Temporal Bracelet

Helga is shy and quiet, only speaking for Sophia and Zouméras and/or when really needed to. Her Radium power is enormous, and if there's one thing she truly hates, it is the Dark Bracelets.

Calm Aura

Gamma Form

Double Time Fan RadiumBoB.png

Jessica (N)

Green Silver Bracelet

She is the leader of the Silver Bracelets. She commands the Silver Bracelets and makes sure that the Golden Army is safe. She uses her powers over wind to blow her enemies away.

Gas Form

Wind Absorption

Green Sword



Axel (N)

Red Silver Bracelet

He is one of the leaders of the Golden Bracelets of the first generation. The only problem is his childish personality that brings him to dangerous moments. He is really strong though.

Golem Body

Second Chance

Chaos Drill



Nestor (N)

Silver Amber Bracelet

Nestor is the best strategist of the Light Army. He taught Bruno the most important values of justice. His power is "beating the enemy with the least amount of energy". Power and resistance.

Flammable Body

Slow Time

Dragon Bow



Laura (N)

Indigo Silver Bracelet

The Indigo cat is here to help the new Golden Bracelets. Her power will help the country that is going through a war, as a member of the nobility. Are you ready to fight as this crafty woman.

Cat Body


Blue Claws



Ann (N)

Citron Silver Bracelet

The mother of the Green Bracelet was actually the latest Citron Bracelet. Her power was used to stop the war of the latest generation. Nowadays, she will help Elena to become a strong warrior.

Mars Influence

Desert Form

Double Axes



Solanne (N)

Yellow Silver Bracelet

Solanne is the extremely shy Golden Bracelet from the past. But when she gets angry, she can turn into a psychopath. Fighting this woman can be extremely dangerous, don't you think so?

Mist Form





Vikor (N)

Violet Silver Bracelet

Vikor is a master Viking, only becoming a Silver Bracelet by accident. He is short-tempered, and often has to be calmed down by Solanne. He wants to be the greatest Viking ever, but is it what he needs?

Rock Form

Viking Spirit

Nordic Axe



Erik (N)

Green Shadow Bracelet

He is the mentor of Drake, the elder Green Dark Bracelet. His rivalry with Jessica now disappeared but he is still controlling the Darkreon armies. Retired enemy, but still a powerful enemy.

Dark Form

Flame Form

Diabolical Sword



Violanta (N)

α - Plutonian

Violanta is one of the main servers of Pluto. Her objective is bringing the world to the end and help Pluto with his curse. After the awakening of Pluto, she will get the power that was promised to her.

Eye of Violence

Thunder Form

Execution Club GravityBoB.png

Cenestia (N)

β - Plutonian

Cenestia is the other main server of Pluto. She is the opposite to Violanta. Cenestia is more arrogant and energetic than α. She is extremely strong but her problem is being too hasty.

Eye of Deceit

Flame Form

Rupture Club


Kernel (N)

Ker - Plutonian

Kernel is the young son of Pluto. He gave his father the item with which he could get back his memory. He is the core of Pluto, the plutonian on which the rest of them depend, another cursed human.

Eye of Deflagration

Magnet Form

Sharp Blackjack



Zuihou (N)

γ - Plutonian

This young poor boy once recieved the message of Pluto to help him with his mission. Then, he became a destructive warrior who is hidden behind the role of a singer manager.

Eye of Despair

Ice Form

Scythe of Destruction SteamBoB.png

December (N)

δ - Plutonian

She was gifted with an awesome voice that would capture anyone's heart. But now, her voice serves to the God of the End. Her song will be the last thing that some warriors will listen.

Eye of Charm

Magma Form

Strange Palm MusicBoB.png


Celestial Angel of Punishment

He is the son of Iapetos, one of the titans. After being punished by Zeus, he will serve him to be forgiven by the Olympus. His mission is controlling one of his partners who may be a danger.

Igneous Dýnamis

Cosmic Form

Titan Torch



Sarpedon (N)

Celestial Angel of Loyalty

One of the siblings of Zeus. His brothers got jealous at him after being chosen by a beautiful boy of whom the three brothers fell in love. Now he has to bring them to the correct side.

Diamond Form

Holy Energy

Celestial Spear



Celes (N)

Celestial Angel of Love

A woman who was chosen by Zeus to keep the balance, although it is more power over the Earth than balance. Anyways, she will help Sarpedon with his new missions.

Cloud Form

Love Power

Aeolus Grimoire



Abel (N)

Celestial Angel of Bravery

One of the high angels of Zeus. The God of Gods trusted on him to defend the Olympus in case that any rebellion or invasion could start. As enemy, he can be extremely lethal.

Stardust Form

Water Absorption

Stardust Club



Egion (N)

Celestial Angel of Intelligence

Calm but he will justice whoever he must be justiced by the holy power. He is the only angel who controls another being to fight. His Familiar, Satori, will help him to fight, judge of heaven.

Spirit Form

Strong Danger

Celestial Familiar




α-Darkness Bracelet

The mysterious woman who chases Aingeru is back. Her power is similar to the God of Darkness although she is not linked to him, actually Darkreon does not know about her.

Fairy Hex

Night Fielder




Kardemis (N)

Seconda Parca

She is the second of the siblings of Thanatos. Her power is sending humans to death with her sword. She also controls all the dragons of the Hades, actually her army of dragons is gorgeous.

Pluto Inheritance

Dragon Form

Harbinger Mandoble



Reality Dream Bracelet

Morpheo is the oldest son of Hypnos. His power is making any dream look real. Now his objective is making the Golden Bracelets forget a dangerous past for Hades.

Spirit Form

Diamond Form

Morpheus Spear




Fantasy Dream Bracelet

As sweet as powerful and dangerous. His power is making the enemy have a sweet fantasy while Phantasos attacks with all his power. Men are his favorite victims, he enjoys torturing them for some reason.

Water Form

Perfect Copy

Fantasy Claws




Desire Dream Bracelet

Onirei lives in a literal fantasy world. Nevertheless, her army of Ginger Dolls protect her and fight  for her in the worlds. This is the power of one of the daughters of the God of Dreams.

Pleasured Illusion

Sand Control

Desire Palm



Carmen (N)

Purpure Bracelet

She is the Princess of the Ancient Realm of Deserticien. She wears one of the Royal Bracelets which were created long ago after the Greatest Disaster. Her power is used to control the peace of the island.

Divine Transformation

Candle Control

Pharaoh Scepter




God of Darkness

The God of Darkness is back from his eternal dream. He sent his soldiers to get the three items that contain his soul. He is as strong as a human when his soul is not complete.

Shadow Thunder Form

Dragon Awakening

Shadow Sword




God of Light

Photos' human name is Miride in the age. He will be found by the Golden Bracelets to get the power of the God of Light. His main objective is looking for the balance of the World, by fighting Darkreon.

Light Flame Form

Dragon Awakening

Platinum Trinity LightBoB.png


God of the Underworld

Hades is next to wake up from his realm. He sends his soldiers to the world to get the necklace that allows him to come back to Earth. One of the most powerful gods is here to join the battle.

Final Form

Pluto Inheritance

Death Sword DeathBoB.png


God of the End

Pluto has been a cursed God, he lost all his memories and is sentenced to be the end of everything. His mission is watching the end of every being, even the end of himself...

Apocalyptic Ether Form

Second Chance

Apocalyptic Scepter EtherBoB.png


Goddess of Love

She is the power of love, the destructive power of love. Although she is a cute and sweet goddess, her power is so well used that can be used to destroy her enemies. Beware the goddess of love.

Foam Form

Love Absorption

Scepter of Love




Goddess of Hatred

The opposite of Aphrodite. Her power is stronger if her enemies are together, she can easily change the point of view of them. Divide and rule, her strategy is really obvious.

Emotion Touch

Ice Form

Scepter of Hatred




God of Death

The God of Death kills with a touch of his index finger. Although he can easily beat any god, he serves Hades for his own interests. The more humans Hades brings, the more he will play with corpses. Death Touch

Thanatos Club

Thanatos Sword




God of Dreams

Sometimes thought to be a God of Death, Hypnos is quite different. He does not kill, he will put anyone to sleep with his inculpatory finger. He also serves Hades for some deal with said God. Dream Touch

Hypnos Club

Hypnos Sword



* These characters have secondary appearances and outfits.
(N) The character has never appeared before on the series.

Dark Soldier (N)

Ebony Bracelet

Customizable character. Dark Soldiers are the lowest rank in the Dark Army, but even the lowest rank can turn out an impossible rival. The player can choose abilities, kind of weapons and element.

MainAbility 1

MainAbility 2

Shadow Weapons SwadowBoB.png ± element

Death Soldier (N)

Deadly Bracelet

Customizable character. Death Soldiers are the lowest rank in the Death Army. Do not understimate them for being a low rank, they can be really strong. The player can choose abilities, kind of weapons and element.

MainAbility 1

MainAbility 2

Death Weapons 1 / 2 elements

Celestial Soilder (N)

Holy Bracelet

Customizable character. They are the lowest rank of Celestial Angel. They may be a low rank, but they can keep up with their superiors. The player can choose abilities, kinds of weapons and element. 

MainAbility 1

MainAbility 2

Angelic Weapons LightBoB.png ± element

Any of the custom soldiers can be changed by Dark/Death/Celestial Witches, Wizards or Knights.

Non-playable Characters

  • Nitros' latest appearance

    Zeus - God of Gods
  • Athena - Goddess of Fair War, Divine Light and Intelligence
  • Nitros - God of Fire
  • Laika - Goddess of Water
  • Virgo Commander - Dark Virgo Commander
  • Tromia - Horror Dream Bracelet
  • Phobetor - Nightmare Dream Bracelet
  • Charonter - ε-Plutonian Commander
  • Nixis - ζ-Plutonian Commander
  • Stichia - η-Plutonian Commander
  • Kerberos - θ-Plutonian Commander
  • Hydras - ι-Plutonian Commander

Battle Animals and Beasts

  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Lava Dragon
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Wyvern (R)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Magma Spirit (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Kappa (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Freezer Hydra (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Lava Ogre (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Glacier Ogre (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Pegasus (R)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element./Click to see Bracelets of this Element./Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Okasus (R)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Calendian
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Wolvreik
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Scorpius (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Vulcan Dog (R) (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Butterbeet

(R) means the beast or battle animal can be ridden.


These weapons can be got as achievements and prizes while the player advances in the Story Mode or just while exploring in the Patrol Mode. Besides, other weapons can be got after successing in some mission in the mission mode or as prizes in the Tournament and Eternal Fight.

To remember the different kinds of weapons that there were in the latest games of the series, some of the weapons are back. There are still swords, hammers, spears, edges, arrows and bows, arms, legs, etc. There are also a special kind of weapons, technological weapons that contain the essence of the most destructive effects of nature. The most destructive of these weapons are the Technoswords, the ones that the Dark Commanders bring. Here, you can find any of the new weapons that can be found in the game.


Abilities are fighting tools that can be used once in a battle, can be lost by using them and have an immediate effect over the battle. Abilities can be obtained in the Story Mode or Patrol Mode by buying it or finding it anywhere, or as prize in the Tournament or Eternal Fight. Abilities are bought in Ability Shops, zones where the user can buy abilities, recharge or sell them.

Some abilities are unique for certain characters. For example, Aingeru has the Negative Zone as ability but can be lost if he uses it. To recharge it, the user will have to go to an Ability Shop and choose the option "Recharge Abilities".

To find the abilities that can be found in the game, you can take a look here.


Second Forms of Characters

Some characters show two or more different forms in the game. Some can be got in the game, other ones can be got through DLC content and others will appear in future events.

Image Character Abilities Weapon

Shadow Aingeru

Green Dark Bracelet

Wing Form

Dark Flame Form

Shadow Electro-Sword



Shadow Ainhoa

Indigo Dark Bracelet

Gravity Change

Toxic Touch

Royal Scepter ToxicBoB.png

Shadow Pablo

Red Dark Bracelet

Volcanic Form

Complete Team

Double Katana



Shadow Elena

Mysterious IV Bracelet

Sapphire Form


Annihilator Sword




Shadow Bruno

Mysterious XXII Bracelet

Helios Eye

Neptune Spirit

Arrows of Void




Soul of Hades

Pluto Inheritance

Foam Form

Dragon Bow




Altair Shadow Bracelet

Erebus Spirit

Dark Thunder Form

Sacred Sword of Altair




Lord of Astonish World

Destruction Form

Climate Control

Destruction Edge





Midnight Beast

Dark Thunder Form

Dragon Awakening

Midnight Reaper




Body of the God of Light

Light Form

Flame Form

Platinum Sword LightBoB.png


Celestial Angel of Secrets

Ether Form

Ice Form

Divine Starcrusher



There are several kinds of items that can be used during the journey. There are several kinds: Health Items, Enhancers, Key Items and Field Items. You can see them all here.

Health Items

  • 100 HP Potion: This item is fine if the player is beginning their journey. If they want to have something stronger, they will have to advance in the journey.
  • 200 HP Potion: It is not enough for experts but an important help for new players.
  • 500 HP Potion: A stronger potion that gives the user 500 Health Points. Not enough for an expert but a treasure for a novel.
  • 1000 HP Potion: This potion is really strong and gives the user 1000 HP. This can prevent the user about a danger.
  • 2000 HP Potion: This potion can be a very interesting, this potion gives the user 2000 HP.
  • 5000 HP Potion: This potion is extremely powerful, since the user is given 5000 HP. The user could turn back to life.
  • 10000 HP Potion: Almost perfect potion. The potion will give 10000 HP to the user as if it was a miracle.
  • Diabolic Potion: This potion breaks the HP limits of the user. This item duplicates the current HP of the user (even over the limit), but the item produces burning effects.
  • Angel Potion: This potion breaks the HP limits of the user. This item duplicates the current HP pof the user (even over the limit) although it can make the user slower.
  • Ancient Potion: This potion usually restores the HP levels to the user, although it restores the HP in a 90% of chances.
  • Drink: This item gives the user the 10% of their total HP points.
  • Super Drink: This item gives the user the 25% of their total HP points.
  • Mega Drink: This item gives the user the 50% of their total HP points.
  • Total Drink: This item restore the user all their total HP points.
  • Perfect Beverage: This item restore the user all their total HP points and cures all the effects of the user.
  • Aurora Water: This item gives the user the 30% of their total HP points.
  • Fresh Water: This item gives the user the 20% of their total HP points and removes possible burning effects.
  • Coconut Milk: This item gives the user the 10% of their total HP and removes possible rage effects.
  • Oasis Water: This item gives the user the 25% of their total HP and removes burning or confusion effects.
  • Cinnamon Coffee: This drink gives the user 500 HP and increases the power of FireBoB.png and MagmaBoB.png attacks.
  • Antidote: This item removes the poison effects of the user.
  • Hot Chocolate: This item removes the freezing effects that the user may suffer.
  • Refrigerant: This item removes the burning effects of the user.
  • Hyperrefrigerant: This item has the same effect than the refrigerant, except in cold outdoors, in which the user will also get all their HP back.
  • Antiparalizer: This item removes the paralysis effects that the user may suffer.
  • Talisman: This item removes the possession effects of the user.
  • Psychic Cure: This item removes the confusion effects that the user may suffer.
  • Relaxing Tea: This item relaxes the user and removes the rage effects.
  • Antidepressant: This item encourages the user and removes the depression or sadness effects.
  • Caffeine Drink: This item removes the relax effects of the user.
  • Anti-radiance: This item removes the radiance effects of the user.


  • Magnetic Box: This item improves the MetalBoB.png powers of the user and strengthen the attacks of the same kind.
  • Electric Box: This item improves the ThunderBoB.png powers of the user and strengthen the attacks of the same kind.
  • Magmatic Box: This item improves the FireBoB.png and the MagmaBoB.png powers of the user and strengthen the attacks of the same kind.
  • Magical Box: This item improves the MagicBoB.png powers of the user and strengthen the attacks of the same kind.
  • Ocean Box: This item improves the WaterBoB.png powers of the user and strengthen the attacks of the same kind.
  • Lucky Stone: This item increases the fail chances of the enemies and the accuracy of the user.
  • Diamond: This item strengthens the power of the CrystalBoB.png and MetalBoB.png attacks and the user of the same.
  • Pearl: This item strengthens the power of the CrystalBoB.png and WaterBoB.png attacks and the user of the same.
  • Amber: This item strengthens the power of the CrystalBoB.png and BugBoB.png attacks and the user of the same.
  • Aquaria Stone: This item extremely strengthens the power of the WaterBoB.png attacks and the user of the same but it also gives a little power of Water Form for a few seconds. It is reusable.
  • Lotus Fragrance: This fragrance strengthens the LeafBoB.png and WaterBoB.png attacks of the user and their allies on the battle.
  • Desert Fragrance: This fragrance strengthens the SandBoB.png attacks of the user and their allies on the battle.
  • Brave Robe: The user who wears this robe will strengthen and increase their attack levels.
  • Cautious Robe: The user who wears this robe will strengthen and increase their defense levels.
  • Fast Robe: The user who wears this robe will increase their speed levels.
  • Accurate Robe: The user who wears this robe will increase their accuracy levels.
  • Elusive Robe: The user who wears this robe will increase their evasion levels.
  • Vital Robe: The user who wears this robe will increase their HP levels.
  • Olympian Helmet: The user gets a 50% the defense level and a 20% the attack level for a limited time.
  • Icarus Feather: The user can fly for a 20-second period.
  • Sun Lotion: This item can protect the user of the burning effects.
  • Divine Drop: This item rises the user a level up.
  • Light Ring: This item turns the main element of the user into LightBoB.png.
  • Shadow Ring: This item turns the main element of the user into SwadowBoB.png.

Field Items

  • Cosmic Dust: When this dust floats in the air, all the fighters get the relax effect, except the ones with CosmosBoB.png element, who will improve the attack levels.
  • Cindery Dust: When this dust floats in the air, all the fighters get the burn effect, except the ones with FireBoB.png or MagmaBoB.png element, who will improve the attack levels.
  • Music Box: This item relaxes all the fighters who do not use this item.
  • Insecticide: This item weakens all the users with BugBoB.png as element.
  • Ash Incense: This incense strengthens the MagmaBoB.png attacks and all the fighters with the same element.
  • Vanilla Incense: This incense strengthens the SandBoB.png attacks and all the fighters with the same element.
  • Black Parfum: The parfum allows the user poison the enemy in one of the fights.
  • Skyblue Parfum: The parfum allows the user freeze the enemy in one of the fights.
  • Ancient Dust: This dust strengthens the SandBoB.png and LightBoB.png attacks but weakens the WaterBoB.png ones.
  • Icarian Orb: This item increases the sun energy and may blind the enemies.
  • Anubis Stone: This item paralizes the enemies for 15 seconds without being able to remove the paralysis effect.
  • Devil Flute: This item put to sleep all the fighters who do not use this item.
  • Volcanika Robe: The robe will burn the enemies who touch it and strengthens the FireBoB.png attacks. 
  • Capture Card: When this card is thrown over a weak beast from the real world, it captures the beast.
  • Capture Idol: When this idol is thrown over a weak beast from the Other World, it captures the beast.
  • Sand Clock: This item freezes the time for a short distance to avoid attacks of the minor soldiers or knights.
  • Burning Protector: This kind of shield produce a scorch to the enemies that attack the user.
  • Electric Protector: This shield produce a cramp to the enemies that attack the user and causes paralysis.
  • Freezing Protector: This shield produce a freezing to the enemies that attack the user.
  • Gravity Breaker: This item can reduce gravity of the field.
  • Cloud Waker: When this stick is used, the field will get full of clouds and will improve any WindBoB.png and SteamBoB.png attack.

Technological Items

  • Hadron ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user gets the FireBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Photon ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user gets the LightBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Alpha ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user gets the WindBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Beta ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user gets the IceBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Gamma ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user gets the RadiumBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Magneton ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user get the MetalBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Positron ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user get the DragonBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Gluon ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user get the MindBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.
  • Phonon ROM: This item is activated by using it over the bracelet. It gives the user several attacks that can be used once a battle. Besides, the user get the MusicBoB.png element or strengthen all the attacks of the same element.

Key Items

  • Celestial Horn: This horn was given by Sarpedon to be called if the user finds Rhadamanthys.
  • Space Orb: This Orb can wake Aspace's soul if it is used in the correct place.
  • Time Orb: This Orb can wake Tempo's soul if it is used in the correct place.
  • Key of the Portal: This item allows the player go to the Other World. It is given by Egion.
  • Pluton Explosive: They are used to break the space net and send everyone and everything next to this bomb when it explodes.
  • Nitro Hex: Ancient amulet that allows the user resist while they dive into the lava for a short time. It can be used as much as the user wants.
  • Seal of Gods: It is an extremely powerful item that is used over Gods. If it is used with a God, the Soul of the God will be prisoned.

The Other World

It is an alternative dimension in which things do not work a normal way. It is accessible through portals and it is important in the Story Mode. It is thought that even particles are not the same in the real world than in this dimension. It is why physics in this world are completely different.

Characters in the Other World do not have the same elements than in the Real World. Actually, elements are not the same, there is a whole list of new elements that only work in the Other World.

Other Elements

These elements only exist on the Other World. Although not any the elements do not exist on both worlds but their nature are not the same. Here, you can see the list of elements of the Other World:

  • SpecialFireBoB.png Special Fire
  • FluxBoB.png Flux
  • WoodBoB.png Wood
  • MagnetBoB.png Magnetism
  • NegaThunderBoB.png Negative Thunder
  • SilenceBoB.png Silence
  • CharmBoB.png Charm
  • StrangeBoB.png Strange
  • VoidBoB.png Void
  • BloodBoB.png Blood
  • MistBoB.png Mist
  • VirusBoB.png Virus
  • PureDarkBoB.png Pure Dark
  • OverlightBoB.png Overlight
  • SynchronBoB.png Synchron

Other Beasts

These unique beasts only exist in the Other World. They have different powers compared to their normal-world counterparts, because the elements are from the Other World. Here, you can see the list of beasts in the Other World:

  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Quiet Fogbeast (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Elder Treant (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Virus Cloud (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Succumbus (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Overlight Guardian (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Void Skeleton (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Magma Fog (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Chimera Horse (R) (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Phoenix (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Love Doll
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Static Wolf (R) (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Magnetic Beetle (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Orochi (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Tree Elf (N)
  • Click to see Bracelets of this Element. Nitrosnake (N)


Missions are independent pieces of story that can be played from the Story Mode, the Patrol Mode or the Mission Mode. In the first two modes, the player can achieve the mission by finding it (or find the NPC who begins this mission) through the map. In the third mode, the player will have a mission library in which they can decide which mission to play, besides, the reward is displayed on the menu of the mission. These missions are useful to obtain special items, capture special beasts or unlock other characters, such as Thanatos or Hypnos who do not appear in the story and cannot be obtained there.

To see the list of missions you can visit this page. You can find the Story/Patrol and the pure missions in different paragraphs.


Battle of Bracelets Collection

There are some amiibo figurines that are used in the game. The function of the amiibo toys is allowing the player choose special characters that do not appear in the game without amiibo. These characters have special attributes that normal users cannot have. Besides, the amiibo figurine has a special function that keeps the level of the character in a bar-code, so that the character can be used with their own properties in different games. Besides, the game allows special cards that activate special abilities of each character. It has been announced that each character will have 30 cards that can be bought in a 6-cards pack at the price of €0.30/$0.30. The price of each amiibo character is €4.95/$4.95.

Here you can see the list of amiibo toys that can be found and their skills:

Wave 1: Warriors of Dimensions
Amiibo Toy Weapon Abilities

Celestial Warrior

Divine Sword

Wing Form
God of Fire Body


Celestial Warrior

Divine Hammer

Light Speed
God of Ice Body


Celestial Warrior

Divine Scepter

Time Stop
Goddess of Water Body


Celestial Warrior

Divine Lancer

Dark Form
God of Darkness Body


God of Time

Tempus Balance

Tempus Control
Light Form


God of Space

Dimensional Scepter

Spatium Control
Light Form

Wave 2: Between Lights and Shadows

Queen of Diamonds

Sacred Foil

Wing Form
Queen of Diamonds


Celestial Archer

Sacred Archer

God of Wind Body


Queen of Spades

Vulcan Spade

Dark Form
Queen of Spades


God of Darkness

Midnight Reaper

Dark Form
Thunder Form


Primal Light God

Platinum Sword

Blue Flame Form
Wing Form


Primal Darkness God

Shadow Sword

Red Thunder Form
Wing Form

Wave 3: Trip beyond Death

Archaeal King

Power Sword: Kratos

Treasure of the King
Ilektros Spirit


Archaeal King

Victory Sword: Nike

Treasure of the King
Pyros Spirit


Goddess of Calamity

Calamity Trident

Wonder Room
Toxic Form


Perfect Orange Bracelet

Divine Boomerang

Light Speed
Radium Form


Queen of the Underworld

Demonic Arrows Pluto Inheritance
Foam Form

Demon Executionist

Demonic Trident

Demon Execution

Wave 4: Tales of the Underworld

Celestial Warrior

Divine Disks

Plasma Form
Bee Realm


Dark Jack


Dark Knight


Scorpion Commander

Click to see Bracelets of this Element.
Click to see Bracelets of this Element.



Super Smash Bros. Collection

By using the amiibo toys from Super Smash Bros., the player will get skins for the characters of Battle of Bracelets based off Nintendo characters. You can see here the list of Nintendo skins that can be unlocked with amiibo:

Battle of Bracelets Store

Battle of Bracelets Store is a downloadable service of Element Alpha and Fusion Eternity and it costs €0.49 / $0.50. In this app, the player can buy downloadable content for the game. The most important articles that can be found in the store; they are the Expansion Packs of Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend. At this moment, two have been announced. They are BoB Bis: Aquarian Invasion, BoB Bis: Ikarus Invasion and BoB Bis: Twilight World.

DLC Items

Second Outfits from The Cursed Death ($0.49 / €0.49)

The Legend of Zelda Special Outfits (Free)

  • Aingeru, Ainhoa and Elena are paying tribute to one of the most important series of the videogame universe, The Legend of Zelda. That is how you can get Aingeru dressed as Link, Elena as Zelda and Ainhoa as Fi.

Special Great Swords (Free)

  • Subarashi Kataishiken The Great Sword of Death has made it's debut at this game as one of the strongest weapons that have never existed. The owner of this item is not here yet, but he promised to make his appearance at the appropiate moment.

Map Expansions ($1.99/€1.99 each)

  • South-Eastern Galactian: After a few years, the population of Galactian has increased, so the government decided to build cities at that zone, but during the construction, several temples have been found. Since then, a lot of strange people started to appear through those new cities. Go and investigate the new cities, you may find new items and other interesting characters.

Expansion Packs

  • BoB Bis: Aquarian Invasion ($7.99 / €7.99) Poseidon appears with all his army to avoid an ocean apocalypsis and get the control of the oceans that Pontus wants to control again. With the help of the Golden Bracelets, save the World against the dark tides.
  • BoB Bis: Ikarus Invasion
  • BoB Bis: Twilight World ($7.99 / €7.99) An alliance of demons will try to invade the Earth from Oblirion, The Cemetery of Gods under the control of a powerful enemy. Actually, the player becomes the enemy.

More information is coming soon.

Beta Elements

  • Cupid was planned to be in the game, but he was actually changed by Kardemis. Besides, some Marine Bracelets and Poseidon were planned to be in the game too, but after some Silver Bracelets and Celestial Angels being added, they were moved to one of the Expansion Packs.
  • One of the islands of the Legend Route was finally removed from the final version of the game, that island was Fragmentaria. The reasons were "the island does not contribute anything to the story".
  • Apollo, Artemis and Ares were first chosen to appear in the game, but they would not fit in the final game. This means that these three characters will not appear in the game.
  • It was also planned to create a second Story Mode in which the player would control the Silver Bracelets (Jessica, Axel, Laura and Nestor) but the idea was finally removed.



DLC Images


Promotional Art


  • The creator of the game, Yami no Tenshi (tbc), decided to make a brand new game with a similar story. Besides, the author wanted to mix the divine essence of Battle of Bracelets with a technological side.
  • The idea of "The Other World" is based off the "Mysterious Zone" from Pokémon series, although it is a licit place and it is designed for the player.
  • The game contains all the Dark God saga events (everything related with the battle against Darkreon), although some arcs have been added to refresh the player's objectives.
  • Some special things from The Legend of Zelda series make a cameo in the game. For example, two weapons from said series are found in the game, the Master Sword and the Wind Waker. Besides, there is a tribute DLC to said series in which some characters are dressed as TLoZ ones.
  • This is the first game created by Yami no Tenshi (tbc) in which there are more than an Overlight Bracelet, being Samty in the other games the only Overlight Bracelet who has appeared.
  • After participating the first time in the Elite Fighting Festival, you will be able to participate again each three months (the Elite Fighting Festival will be celebrated the last week of March, June and September and the third week of December). The game will save right after participating to avoid players to cheat.
  • This is the first game of the series in which events of the Year Zero have been commented.


What do you think about the game overall?

Should the game often get free new characters?

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