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Battle of Bracelets: The Dark Saga is a new game for the Battle of Bracelets Series, made by Moonlight Studios for Series Swap Day 5. The game will include the Moonlight Bracelets, a new form of Bracelet and the Ghost Bracelets, undead bracelets, plus many new faces for the returning Bracelet types. The game will involve a new island, which the Golden Bracelets go to, trying to stop the Dark Bracelets from destroying the home of the Moonlight Bracelets, and capturing the "secret weapon".

'Battle of Bracelets: The Dark Saga'
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
One unconfirmed console
Genre(s) RPG, Fighting
Release Date(s) Unconfirmed 2014
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s) 7Rating
Media Included Wii U Disc

New Features

  • The playable characters all gain new powers from the mysterious moonlight that is covering the island
  • Each playable character gains a new weapon, and some have new abilities
  • Two new Bracelet Types: Moonlight and Ghost


Prologue: The Island of the Past

Aingeru was walking around his home village of Montanian Village, when across to the east he saw a dark cloud forming. It bellowed in the sky and crashed down into the sea below. He decided to head to the east, and discover what it was. Later that day, he reached the coast of Candler City, only to discover some fellow Golden Bracelets: Pablo, Rachel and Alex there too. He asked if they were here to study the dark cloud too, and they nodded. They turned back to the dark cloud, which was now growing stronger. Below it, a small land mass could be seen, and then it fully erupted from the sea.

There now stood an new island, not one that they had seen before, that had been dragged from below the surface of the water. The four Golden Bracelets suggested that they head over there to see what the island was, and why it was there. However, Bella, who was also a Golden Bracelet, came over and suggested that they go to the library, as she believed that there is a possible reason behind it. When they reached the library, Bella asked the librarian to show them in the direction of the history books. The librarian pointed left and so they went that way, after a few miuntes of searching Bella found what she was looking for. In fact, the island that had appeared, was a previous part of Melia Land, but before live had came here, it detached itself from the island and sunk into the sea. This island, is supposed to contain a secret weapon, that can descend the world into total darkness. The team decied then to go and head to the island.

Chapter 1: The Jounrey Begins

The team had now gone to the boat port to head to the island. They were now on their way, when Alex said they should have a battle to test their skills. Aingeru agreed. Aingeru could then pick and opponent; either Pablo, Rachel, Alex or Bella. Once the player has chosen, they fight (Lv2 5). Then, they player must choose a partner from the remaining three, to batte against the other two (Lv2 5). The team then reach the island, and get off when they all feel a sudden pain. After a few seconds, they were fine, but they had some new powers.



Golden Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Aingeru, the Green Bracelet FireBoB
Fire Form
Wing Form
Venom Wing
Dusk Wisp
Chaos Sword
Charged Bow
Pablo, the Red Bracelet IceBoB Light Speed
Steam Form
Plasma Wreck
Deadly Pulse
Chaos Hammer
Scale Wrecker
Ainhoa, the Indigo Bracelet WaterBoB Time Stop
Water Form
Astounding Sceptre
Nightshade Disc
Celestial Sceptre
Glacier Whip
Xavier, the Orange Bracelet StrongBoB
Slow Time
Radium Form
Twilight Twirl
Death Eclipse
Chaos Boomerang
Spiked Mace
Elena, the Teal Bracelet CrystalBoB
Thunder Form
Wing Form
Crystal Hearts
Demon Persecution
Igniter Blade
Crystal Mallet
Rachel, the Cyan Bracelet CosmosBoB Plasma Form
Space Force
Star Maze
Dark Mist
Lunar Bullet
Bruno, the Amber Bracelet BugBoB
Strong Danger
Twilight Arrow
Rising Flood
Golden Arrows
Radical Dagger
Bella, the Violet Bracelet DragonBoB
Foam Form
Real Drawing Power
Double Point Arrow
Stored Madness
Fiery Arrows
Ember Disc
Alex, the Emerald Bracelet RockBoB
Steam Form
Cloaked Menace
Steam Energy
Chaos Axe
Volcano Spear
Will, the Grey Bracelet FireBoB
Wing Form
Devil Wing
Burning Charge
Fiery Spear
Terror Claws
Zefire, the White Bracelet WindBoB
Celestial Form
Demoniacal Form
Cursed Shock
Sludge Wind
Angel Palm
Aerial Club
Iona, the Maroon Bracelet MagmaBoB
Magma Form
Magnetism Lord
Lava Chamber
Burning Metal Slash
Pyrite Launcher
Lewis, the Sapphire Bracelet CrystalBoB Sapphire Form
Crystal Impact
Diamond Drill
Sceptre Earthquake
Royal Sceptre
Cutter Claws
Katy, the Moonstone Bracelet MindBoB
Moonstone Form
Psychic Form
Black Aura
Devils Charge
Brain Blade
Diamond Orbitars
Echo, the Garnet Bracelet GhostBoB
Rock Totem Form
Invisible Form
Noise Barrier
Cave Dweller
Pebble Spear
Noise Palm
Lizzi, the Topaz Bracelet SteamBoB
Dragonfly Form
Temperate Touch
Burning Hands
Millipede Roll
Honeycomb Club
Chaos Beam

Dark Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Drake, the Dark Green Bracelet SwadowBoB
Dark Energy
Dark Form
Twilight Doom
Cursed Catalyst
Antimaterial Sword
Darkness Warrior
Inferna, the Dark Red Bracelet ThunderBoB Flame Form
Chaos Space
Soot Swipe
A Dark Matter
Dark Mask
Ash Spear
Garone, the Dark Yellow Bracelet FireBoB
Space Traveller
No Gravity
Volt Eruption
Star Swipe
Dark Trident
Shock Missile
Alange, the Dark Orange Bracelet DragonBoB
Steel Form
Climate Control
Sheer Force
Boulder Seed
Igniter Sword
Dragon Breath Rapier
Dalia, the Dark Violet Bracelet CosmosBoB
Mind Control
Demoniacal Music
Shocking Music
Chaos Fan
Hook Launcher
Areusa, the Dark Grey Bracelet IceBoB
Climate Control
Flower Form
Life Energy
Twilight Growing
Bud Bombs
Shion, the Dark Pink Bracelet
Lance, the Dark Myrtle Bracelet DragonBoB
Dragon Form
Nature Control
Lunar Power
Violent Rage
Icarian Bazooka
Dusk Net
Cryllica, the Dark Turquoise Bracelet
Vic, the Dark Emerald Bracelet ToxicBoB
Dragon Form
Toxic Touch
Vine Time
Holly Blade
Sacred Sword
Leaf Rifle
Landon, the Dark Topaz Bracelet DragonBoB
Night Form
Burning Light
Hells Hands
Cryptic Answer
Dragon Skull Club
Heavenly Bow
Justice, the Dark Sapphire Bracelet SandBoB
Attack Form
Hole Punch
Rock Storm
Wheel Staff
Jet Crossbow
Delaney, the Dark Moonstone Bracelet MetalBoB
Metal Body
Toxic Touch
Cosmic Wrap
Fluff Shower
Legend Scythe
Dark Doom Blade
Pierce, the Dark Garnet Bracelet CosmosBoB
Green Form
Gravity Force
Space Shock
Nebula Leaf
Bark Sword
Dark Galaxy Claws

Death Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Jairo, the Death Delta Bracelet ToxicBoB
Logic Vision
Radioactive Scratch
Death Rage
Delta Sceptre
Death Clawshots
Circe, the Death Sorcerer Bracelet ToxicBoB
Magic Power
Witch Psych
Poison Enchant
Witch Edge
Sorceress Boomerang
Reus, the Death Mummy Bracelet SandBoB
Second Opportunity
Sand Form
Pyramid Collison
Sand Edge
Egyptian Bazooka
Sphinx Club
Raxia, the Death Stone Bracelet
Danielle, the Death Azure Bracelet ToxicBoB
Poison Orb
Wing Form
Paralysis Chords
Guitar Shock
Poison Guitar
Death Club
Summer, the Death Aqua Bracelet DeathBoB
Earth Crack
Strength Increase
Charged Kick
Rapid Spiral
Karate Fan
Martial Whip
Juniper, the Death Coral Bracelet RockBoB
Mountain Form
Vine Chamber
Stone Cracker
Grass Strike
Leaf Dagger
Rock Shield
Matteo, the Death Lavender Bracelet CrystalBoB
Hyper Light Form
Sand Claw
Smash Rage
Crystal Bombs
Metal Sceptre

Silver Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Deryn, the Silver Ruby Bracelet MindBoB
Foam Form
Ruby Defense
Petal Therapy
Galant Spin
Lotus Staff
Rain Pipe
Emily, the Silver Azure Bracelet WaterBoB Wild Call
Shock Treatment
Aqua Curse
Gravestone Assault
Azure Scepter
Metal Feather Fan
Sol, the Silver Solar Bracelet RadiumBoB
Sun Form
Wing Form
Hyper Bullet
Burning Jet
Solar Cannon
Sun Disc
Luna, the Silver Lunar Bracelet MindBoB
Moon Form
Underground Form
Space Wires
Galactic Impact
Lunar Bolts
Lunar Belt

Overlight Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Samty, the Gigant Overlight Bracelet LightBoB
Light Shield
Growing Up!
Sparkly Destruction
Ultraviolet Ray
Crime Stabber
Overlight Staff
Ray, the Spark Overlight Bracelet ThunderBoB
Electricity Body
Zen Mode
Shock Column
Toxic Charm
Sting Tail Crossbow
Doug, the Earth Overlight Bracelet RockBoB
Path Wrecker
Magnificent Magnitude
Metal Rush
Wire Wrap
Stone Gauntlets
Boulder Basher
Lottie, the Nature Overlight Bracelet LeafBoB One with Nature
Animal Form
Vine Snatch
Dusk Disk
Bark Flute
Marble Sceptre
Carter, the Tropical Overlight Bracelet SteamBoB
Scalding Body
Steam Form
Colossal Downpour
Swift Shake
Cinder Blade
Hydro Cannon
Alvar, the Haunting Overlight Bracelet GhostBoB
Stealth Mode
Ghost Light
Shadow Master
Onyx Rod
Bronze Chain

Divine Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Tom, the Divine Azurite Bracelet LightBoB
Ingravity Balls
Thunder Control
Elder Wish
Mega Collision
Book of Magic
Divine Scroll
Rick, the Divine Peridot Bracelet
Mercer, the Divine Cobalt Bracelet LightBoB
Giant Rabbit
Card House
Magic Top Hat
Clown Flower
Isolde, the Divine Aqua Bracelet IsoldeBoB WaterBoB
Duel Weapon (with Entwined Staff Only)
Aqua Form
Geyser Attack
Rain Supreme
Entiwined Staff
Emberred Trident
Miguel, the Divine Azure Bracelet WindBoB Feather Form
Pounding Might
Gust Whip
Shade Boomerang
Caitlin, the Divine Coral Bracelet MindBoB
Cerebral Zone
Attract Hands
Zig-Zag Repel
Mental Force
Love Ray
Battering Ram
Frazier, the Divine Lavender Bracelet BugBoB
Ant Form
Wing Form
Harsh Gusts
Brick Parade
Razor Beam
Scale Blade

Moonlight Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Shade, the Moonlight Red Bracelet TwilightBoB
Dusk Form
Ignite Form
Cursed Wisp
Devils Scratch
Twilight Staff
Bonfire Lantern
Oasis, the Moonlight Blue Bracelet TwilightBoB
Twilight Form
Dowse Form
Dawn Facade
Blind Crash
Twilight Sceptre
Surf Edge
Byrrh, the Twilight Yellow Bracelet TwilightBoB
Dusk Form
Boulder Bowl
Stone Illusion
Twilight Headbutt
Twilight Mace
Pebble Chain
Lotus, the Moonlight Pink Bracelet TwilightBoB
Dusk Form
Psychic Move
Twilight Firework
Revolving Bars
Twilight Tome
Magic Pipe
Ellen, the Moonlight Green Bracelet
Krista, the Twilight Genie Bracelet TwilightBoB
Twilight Form
Wing Form
Twilight Swoop
Vicious Rage
Twilight Tusk
Dragon Flame Torch
Elyan, the Twilight Knight Bracelet TwilightBoB
Dusk Form
Knight Armour
Lance/Rapier Point Charge
Metal Column
Twilight Lance
Iron Rapier
Forrest, the Moonlight Pixie Bracelet]]

Ghost Bracelets

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Hawk, the Ghost Wing Bracelet GhostBoB
Tornado Shield
Soaring Punch
Heavenly Bullet
Angel Wings
Heavens Armour
Marlin, the Ghost Fin Bracelet GhostBoB
Water Form
Water Ace
Twilight Shower
Clownfish Club
Aqua Katana
Amazon, the Ghost Tail Bracelet GhostBoB
No Effect
Poison Sphere
Acid Smash
Palm Leaf Cutter
Heat Bomb
Ashlie, the Ghost Claw Bracelet GhostBoB
Mighty Claws
Cursed Slash
Psychic Claw
Death Claws
Combat Gloves

Natural Weapons

Name Image Type (s) Abilities Cursed Moves Weapons
Scoria, Staff of Firey-Ice FireBoB
Fern, Spear of the Forest LeafBoB
Orville, Trident of the Sea WaterBoB
Andy, Hammer of the Earth RockBoB
Skarla, Sword of the Sky SkyBoB
Wispa, Cannon of Space CosmosBoB



Name Image Type Abilities
Heart of Anger FireBoB
Heart of Depression WaterBoB
Heart of Freedom LeafBoB
Heart of Torture ThunderBoB
Heart of Gallancy WindBoB
Heart of Frost IceBoB
Heart of Stone RockBoB
Heart of Glass SandBoB
Heart of Timidity CrystalBoB
Heart of Galvan MetalBoB
Heart of Outrage DragonBoB
Heart of Webs BugBoB
Heart of Shine LightBoB
Heart of Illusion SwadowBoB
Heart of Melodies MusicBoB
Heart of Emptiness CosmosBoB
Heart of Courage StrongBoB
Heart of Solitude MindBoB
Heart of Passing GhostBoB
Heart of Jealously ToxicBoB
Heart of Viciousness MagmaBoB
Heart of Vapour SteamBoB
Heart of No Return RadiumBoB
Heart of Deviousness DeathBoB
Heart of Purity TwilightBoB
Heart of Rampage ChaosBoB
Heart of Beauty SkyBoB
Heart of Tricks MagicBoB
Heart of Force GravityBoB


The new island has creatures which try to protect it.

  • Moloferno - the Blazing Hound
  • Petradae - the Rock Demon
  • Gearron - the Iron Spinner


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