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Developer(s) Walange Corporation
Publisher(s) Walange Corporation
Platform(s) Wii U

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Prima

Release Date(s)
Story Mode

VS Mode

Mission Mode

Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Fighting
Series Battle of Bracelets Series
Predecessor Galactian: Battle of Bracelets
Successor Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death
Media Included 3DS Card

Prima Card Wii U Disk

Battle of Bracelets: Dark Shadows is the second game of Battle of Bracelets Series and the sequel of Galactian: Battle of Bracelets. In this game, there is a more complete Story Mode, Multiplayer Modes and On-line with StreetPass Modes and Friend Codes. In Character Areas and Attacks, the most important change is the conversion of Aingeru into the Dark Green Bracelet and the appearance of more enemies. It was released the 12th June, for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo Prima.


The Dark Angel

Ainhoa and Pablo have arrived to the top of Boreal Mount and they found... Aingeru, but his shadow form. You have to choose character: Ainhoa or Pablo? Now, Aingeru (Lv. 70) is very strong and it's difficult to defeat him. When you win, Aingeru disappears and Xavier and Elena arrives you have to go to Bullestie City. The next day, Elena has looked for a book in a library to find how to change Aingeru again. The secret is in Caste Land where the Dark Palace is. Now, you have to go to Caste Land, at the north of Galactian Land.

The form to go to Caste Land is arriving to Lacal City and go to the east. When you arrive here, Inferna and Garone are waiting for you. You have to fight against them (Inferna Lv. 67, Garone Lv. 66). After defeating them, Inferna will fall a sheet of paper with the picture of a mirror. Elena decides to go alone to investigate what the mirror is and why the Dark Bracelets are interested on it. Now, you have to visit another city: Aundras Ville. Aundras City is only a border city. Then, you have to go to the north. The place are the Mountains of Souls, where there is a cave where Rachel is waiting for you.

The Mirror of Shadows

Rachel tells you that she listened something of a mirror that has the soul of a dark spirit and it's found near Tindres City (at the north of the mountains). You have to go there. When you arrive, you find Shadow Aingeru who is going to the mountains. You will have to stop him (Lv. 77). If you defeat him he will disappear and you will go to the museum of the city. If you find a book about the mirror, Elena will arrive and tell you that the mirror is known as the Mirror of Shadows and it can become anyone a Dark Bracelet and it keeps Darkreon's soul. It's hidden in a room in the top of the Mountain of Souls. You have to go there. When you arrives to the room, Alange is also there and he found the Mirror of Shadows, you have to take it fighting him (Lv. 80). Although you win, Alange takes the mirror and he leave.

If you run behind him you will arrive to a village, Disty Ville. In this village you lose his trail. After that, two different characters ask about him. Then they told that they are also Golden Bracelets, yellow and maroon, their names are Tucker and John and they will challenge you to a battle (Tucker (Lv.82), John (Lv.82)). When you win, they say that will help you. Now, you can play with them. Suddenly, Xavier appears and behind him was Drake. He (Lv. 81) fight with them because he wants a golden bracelet for him. After that, Tucker will tell you about an abandoned castle near Filen City. You have to go to the north and go to Visvit Ville. There, Areusa is fighting Bruno, he needs your help against her (Lv. 84).

The Assault of the Dark Castle

You can go now to the next city, Filen City, the city of the Dark Castle. Inferna is waiting for someone and she gets surprised when she sees you. She (Lv. 84) has to fight you. After that, Elena appears and she tells you that the Dark Castle has three relics: the Scepter of Darkness, the Mirror of Shadows and the Dark Sword. The three relics in the castle, wake up Darkreon. At the moment, only the Dark Sword and the Mirror of Shadows. But, at least, you have to find Aingeru. Go to the castle. When you arrives, Drake is in front of the mirror. He's watching over the mirror and you have to fight him (Lv. 85). After that, you have to read the book that is in front of the mirror. You will discover that the mirror hides a weird world and you can cross it. And some Bracelets souls are into the mirror . You can't liberate him until there are 7 souls in. Curiously, there are 5. Ainhoa and Pablo will be the travellers.

Bruno arrives. What will he want? He starts to read the book and he find why are 7? Seven souls wake up Darkreon's. Anyways, Pablo and Ainhoa decides to go to the world. Tucker and John will be waiting for them in the real world and control the situation. Now they have to travel to Astonish World. They cross the mirror but... Two different people have left the mirror!!! Wait, not different. They are Shadow Ainhoa and Shadow Pablo. Now, you have to use Tucker and John against Shadow Ainhoa (Lv. 86) and Shadow Pablo (Lv. 87).

Astonish World

Pablo and Ainhoa have crossed the mirror and they found a weird world. There are no gravity laws, and it hasn't colour. And the two heroes have now Dark Bracelets. It looks a dead place but they will investigate. If you go to the left, you will find Alange. His appearance is very different in this world. He looks more powerful (Lv. 90). He has more attacks and powers. When you win, you will have to visit some places of Astonish World. If you go to the north, you will find other bracelets, with levels between 85 and 88. Finally you will find Aingeru. He has a dark appearance but he isn't the villain that you found in Boreal Mountain. Anyways, he wants to fight with you (Lv. 91). After the fight, Aingeru tells you that the exit is in the underground of Astonish World.

The entrance of the underground is in a cave in the north of Astonish World. The cave is a labyrinth whose center has the portal to the real world. There, you will find Dark Bracelets Clones as Inferna, Drake or Shion. When you finally find the portal's room, Alange appears to avoid their return to the real world. You have to fight him (Lv. 95) again. After that you will come back.

Pablo and Ainhoa Absence

While Pablo and Ainhoa are absent, Tucker and John are fighting against Pablo's and Ainhoa's Dark Clones. After fighting with them. Xavier will arrive and he will tell them that he will watch over. When you leave, Bella will confuse you with Dark Bracelets and you have to fight her (Lv. 85). After fighting, she will tell you that she has a weird amulet that she has found in a city. Suddenly, Drake appears and asks you a fight (Lv. 87). When Drake sees Bella's amulet, he gets frightened and he goes. After that, you go to Starting City to the shop where she found the amulet. But a weird girl with other bracelet left the shop. She was angry but she got surprised when she looks at Bella with the amulet. She asked Bella where did she find it, she is Pandora, the Death Harp Server. She (Lv. 90) will fight you for the amulet.

After that, Pandora goes and Alange arrive. He doesn't want to fight, but he asks who the girl was. Bella tells him she was Pandora. When he hears this name, he turns pale and he goes. Xavier arrives and he told you that you have to go back to the castle. But when you go to the castle, Shadow Pablo (Lv. 90) is waiting for you. Then when you go in the castle Shadow Ainhoa (Lv. 90) is also there, in front of the door of the mirror's room. And there, Shadow Aingeru (Lv. 92) will fight you. After defeating them; Pablo, Ainhoa and Aingeru fall from the roof. Aingeru asks who Tucker and John are. He finally discovers they are golden bracelets.

Darkreon's Waking Up

Now, the 3 Golden Bracelets (Aingeru, Pablo and Ainhoa) have to defeat their clones. When you leave to the garden of the castle, the Dark Clones and Drake are there with the Scepter of Darkness now you have to fight against them Shadow Aingeru (Lv. 94), Shadow Ainhoa (Lv. 94) and Shadow Pablo (Lv. 94). But Drake can come into the castle. When you win, the dark clones disappear and your bracelets change. Now you are a perfect bracelet (Dark and Golden at the same time). Suddenly, the castle starts to have a powerful dark energy. When you come there, a man is in the throne. He is Darkreon, the god of Darkness (Lv. 101), you three have to fight against him. Be careful, he has an attack that can kill you in a second. When you win, he will sign a peace with golden bracelets. After that, you have to fight against Drake (Lv. 96) to revenge Darkreon. Then when you win, you can leave out of the castle.

The End...?

When you leave, a person with a bracelet appears. He's Shura, he came from the Hades just to help the Death army, but he betrayed Hades just to help Golden Bracelets. Behind him, another Death Bracelet appears, he's Francis, the Papillon Bracelet (Lv. 96). He must attack Shura and bring him to the Hades. After defeating him, Shura tells you, Hades will attack the Alive World to invade it, but he's not enough powerful there and he has to defeat the golden bracelets to control the world. Rachel arrives and she says you have to go to North Gate. She has to give you something special. When you arrive, a purple-dressed man with a bracelet arrives. He's know as a Hades Judge, He's Rhadamanthys (Lv. 100), he wants to kill you. But he's not so powerful there and you shouldn't have serious problems to defeat him.

After this fight, Rachel gives you a "Orto-Orb". When you use the orb, your level will be improved to Lv2 1. Now, you have more power. You can go now to North Station, to take a train to Nocturnus Ville. John is waiting for you there. He (Lv2 2) wants to fight you in Galactian Stadium. Then Tucker appears and he wants to fight too (Lv2 3). Finally, Bruno challenge you to other battle, to show you how much he has improved (Lv2 4). Then, Pablo tells you that you have to go to Lacal City. But, before going, Pablo and Ainhoa shows you three younger boys, they are apprentices and the next green, blue and red bracelets. You can fight with them, they are of level 80.

The Secret of the Lake

When you arrive to Lacal City, you find another Death Bracelet, similar to Rhadamanthys. He's Minos (Lv2 5). After that, Rachel goes where you are and tell you that Bella was kidnaped by some Death Bracelets, and the lake of Lacal City is really the entrance to the Hades. There is a secret temple in the middle of the lake, where you must go. But, in the coast of the lake, there are three bracelets: Francis (the Papillon), Amanda (the South Crown) and Talles (the North Crown), all of them with lever 100. They tell you after fighting them that the lake is known as "Avernus Lake" and the Temple is the entrance of the Hades.

When you arrive to the temple, Caronte (the Boatman) has to fight you (Lv2 3). After that, a girl appears in the temple. She is Pandora and she invites you to come to the Hades, telling you Bella is in there. But she wants to fight you to show your power (Lv2 6), then against Orpheo (Lv2 6) and finally against Aeacus (Lv2 8). After that, a door in the main room is open. Then, Pablo, Ainhoa, Rachel, Xavier, Bruno, Elena, Tucker and John will accompany you.


Playable Characters

Characters Description Abilities Weapons



The red bracelet has to find where is Aingeru, but at the moment, he has to be the protagonist

Light Speed

Chaos Hammer



The Indigo Bracelet accompanies Pablo to find the real Aingeru.

Time Stop

Celestial Scepter

Shadow Aingeru

Dark Green

The new Dark Bracelet has to try to complete his missions to wake up the God of Shadows.

Wing Form

Flame Form





Drake has lost the Dark Green Status, but he has to help Aingeru in his missions.

Shadow Energy

Shadow Sword



Xavier will accompany Pablo and Ainhoa in his journey and find the real Aingeru.

Slow Time

Chaos Boomerang


Teal Green

She has to investigate the real plans of the Dark Bracelets and the secret of Darkreon.

Thunder Form

Igniter Blade


Dark Red

Now, his rival is in the dark side but, will she bear him? Will she do her missions?

Flame Form

Dark Mask


Dark Yellow

His secondary role isn't very important but he can do some special missions.

Space Traveller

Dark Trident



Rachel will travel alone to discover what the Mirror of the Shadows is.

Plasma Form



Dark Orange

The best strategist of the Dark Bracelets is always accompanied by some Dark Soldiers

Steel Form

Igniter Sword

John Mogwai

Maroon (New)

John is a recent Golden Bracelet who has weird powers that will be very useful in the adventure.

Dark Form

Molotov Cocktail


Yellow (New)

Tucker is John's friend and he's in the same case that Mogwai. His powers are also very useful.

Golden Form




Bruno is one of the only Golden Bracelets who knows the secret of the Mirror. He's a good fighter.

Strong Danger

Golden Arrows



Bella, the girl who has the Hades Charm. She will be one of the most important characters in Hades story.


Fiery Arrows


Dark Pink

One of the late dark bracelets who has important missions in Melia Land. The Dark Beauty is here!


Mystic Scepter


Wyvern (New)

His dark appearance is very different that he is. The new enemy will do that he appears to help Golden Bracelets.

Last Opportunity

Dragon Hands


Dark Cyan

She is a dark master who is looking for the Scepter of Darkness and get the real power of Darkreon.


Chaos Fan


Papillon (New)

He's a Death Server. He has arrived from the Hades and he has to find the power of the Platinum.

Butterfly Dress

Death Petals


South Crown (New)

She is a Death Bracelet. She thinks that Hades' justice is the best and fighting against him have to be punished.

Star Lights

Royal Hammer


North Crown(New)

He's other Death Bracelet. As Amanda, Hades' justice is the only good one although he doesn't want to punish.

Star Lights

Royal Arrows


Unicorn (New)

Janette is other bracelet who appeared to help Rachel and Bella. She has weird abilities and attacks. Mystic Form Coral Sword


Metal Blue (New)

Theremy is one of the Blue Helpers (he helps Ainhoa and Rachel), and he is their apprentice. He's one of the Help Trio. Water Form Turquoise Crossbow


Metal Green (New)

Paul is a Green Helper (he helps Aingeru and Elena) and he is their apprentice. He's one of the Help Trio. Steam Form Green Sword


Metal Red (New)

Sylvia is the Red Helper (she helps Pablo an John) and she is their apprentice. She is one of the Help Trio. Flame Form Cadmium Bazooka

Aries Commander Dark Aries

This Zodical Enemy is an expert of Fire, due to his sign. This time he doesn't appear in the story. Negative Form Aries Scepter

Jupiter Commander

Dark Jupiter

He's other Dark Commander, ready to help Aries Commander (if they don't argue). Gas Form Chaos Axe

Mars Commander

Dark Mars (New)

That's a new commander who will control the war between Golden and Dark Bracelets (and try Dark ones win). Un-Gravity Mars Sword

Leo Commander

Dark Lion (New)

Other Zodiacal Enemy, also expert of Fire due to his sign. He usually helps Aries Commander.

Lion Form Poison Edge

Dominus Commander

Dark Sun (New)

He is the dark personification of the Sun. Apparently the most powerful. He controls the light and the energy of the sun. Plasma Form Lv.2 Plasma Hammer


Death Bird (New)

Weird enemy from the Hades. With bird wings and powers that will make him be able to gangrene anything.

Nekrow Power

Wing Form

Death Disks


Lyra (New)

Orpheo will a Death Server until he finds his love, Euridice. He's full of goodness but love is more powerful.

Hades Music

Chaos Lyra


Harp (New)

Pandora is the Death Server of Hades. But, she only knows what the god wants and what are his plans.


Death Harp


Sky Judge (New)

The main judge of Hades. He usually flies with his main weapon, Xero Edge. His attacks are totally powerful.

Direct Justice

Xero Edge


Earth Judge (New)

Other of the Hades judges. His sword is powerful and can kill anyone easily. In this case, he is a good strategist. Direct Justice Xero Swords


Water Judge (New)

The last Hades judge. He doesn't need an arch to throw his arrows. He perfectly knows how to control the situation. Direct Justice Xero Arrows

Playable Characters (Beta Forms)

Characters Description Abilities Weapons



This form is the original Aingeru, before getting the Dark Green Bracelet.

Wing Form

Chaos Sword


Perfect Green (New)

It's Aingeru´s perfect form. He has the new abilities of Shadow Aingeru and a new weapon.

Wing Form

Igniter Form

Chaos Sword

Nuclear Bazooka

Shadow Pablo

Dark Red (New)

It's the clone who appears when Pablo crosses the mirror. He has new abilities.

Light Speed

Steam Form

Double Katanas

Shadow Ainhoa

Dark Indigo (New)

As Shadow Pablo, she is Ainhoa's dark clone who appears when she crosses the mirror.

Time Stop

Gravity Change

Royal Scepter


Dark Green

This is Drake's form before losing the Dark Green Bracelet against Aingeru. Shadow Energy Antimaterial Sword


Dark Orange (Shadow)

When Alange appears in Astonish World, his appearance and attacks are incredible.

Steel Form

Chaos Form

Igniter Sword


Death Violet

Now Bella is in Hades' side and she wears a new bracelet: Death Violet. Real Drawings Igniter Arrows


Maroon (Perfect Dark Form)

This form is when John uses his Dark Form, he can control a bigger ton of Darkness. Dark Form Lv. 2 Molotov Cocktail


Yellow (Perfect Golden Form)

Tucker's armor is increased and can use it as a weapon thanks to his edges. Golden Form Lv. 2 Golden Scythe


Golden Form

This is a special beta form of Radamantis with a Golden Bracelet and the secondary abilities. Wind Control Xero Edge


Golden Form

This is a special beta form of Aeacus with a Golden Bracelet and the secondary abilities. Water Control Xero Arrows


Golden Form

This is a special beta form of Minos with a Golden Bracelet and the secondary abilities. Earth Control Xero Sword

Non-playable Characters

  • Darkreon (Shadow God)
  • Hades (Death God)
  • Tempo (Time God)
  • Aspace (Space God)
  • Morpheo (Dream God)
  • Thanatos (Secondary Death God)
  • Hypnos (Principal Dream God)
  • Distordio (Vacuum God)
  • Pyros (Fire God)
  • Cryos (Ice God)
  • Lectros (Electric God)
  • Sundium (Light God)
  • Moonia (Darkness God)
  • Charon (Boatman Bracelet)
  • Alex
  • Will
  • Uil
  • Jairo
  • Elise
  • Crane
  • Mason
  • Julius
  • Dalia
  • Dark Soldiers
  • Minor Bracelets (they appear in the road just to increase his level or train)

New Abilities

  • Electric Dynamo
  • Electric Engine
  • Pyroengine
  • Cryoengine
  • Scream
  • Steam
  • Sacred Flames
  • Sacred Water
  • Sacred Stone
  • Dry Ghost
  • Dark Sand
  • Water Body
  • Nitrogen
  • Fireproof
  • Thunderproof
  • Dream Distorsion
  • Coldproof
  • Spider-amber
  • Water Cage
  • Zero Kelvin
  • Bee Wings
  • Bee Sting
  • Spider Web
  • Hauted Attacks
  • Piro Phosphorus

Online Mode

VS Mode

In VS Mode, the player can fight with a friend via Nintendo Network. The players can select a lot of rules (time, use of abilities, character levels, teams,...).

Cooperative Mode

In this mode, the player can make a different Story Mode.

Special Misions

Frozen Weather over North Gate

You can take a train from North Gate but you can see that the route continues at the north. You can get this route to arrive to a temple that is at the end of the route. This temple hides a treasure in the highest floor, but the temple isn't a easy place to visit, there are lots of weird creatures and traps. In the floor of the treasure, you will see Aries Commander who is trying to heat the ice box where the treasure is. If you want to get the treasure you will have to defeat him (Lv. 100). In that box, you will find the treasure that is a Frozen Orb, with this orb you will get more power on Ice attacks.

Battle on Galactian Stadium

This mission is quite special and it can be got when you update the game. If you go to Bullestie City you will be able to visit the Galactian Stadium. You can see the museum, the dressing room, the field, etc. But if you arrive to the special boxes, you will see characters from Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death, such us Alex, Will, Uil, and some Death Bracelets...

Extension Packs

There will be four extension packs with the stories of four different Golden Bracelets. In each extension pack, there are different characters that can be sent to the main game to be played after getting the extension. The four extension packs will be about Alex, Will, Tucker and John and each one will be released in the end of this year. But they will be shown in July of this year. Eack pack will cost 8 $ (8 € if it's in Europe and ₤8 if it's in United Kingdom).

If you want to visit the story of Alex, visit the page of Emerald BoB.

If you want to visit the story of Will, visit the page of Grey BoB.

If you want to visit the story of Tucker, visit the page of Yellow BoB.

If you want to visit the story of John, visit the page of Maroon BoB.




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