Revive the journey to the Underworld
Developer(s) Project Eternity
Publisher(s) Project Eternity
Platform(s) Fusion Eternity, Element Alpha
Genre(s) Role-Playing, Fighting
Series Battle of Bracelets Series
Predecessor Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend
Successor -
Release Date(s) 2015
Mode(s) Story Mode, Mission Mode
Age Rating(s) Pegi 7 ESRB E
Media Included Fusion Eternity Cartridge, Element Alpha Disk, Digital Game
I'm waiting for you all...
Hades in the beginning of the game.


Battle of Bracelets: Beyond (also code-name BoB:B or BoB 3Bis) is the new title of the franchise Battle of Bracelets. It is the result of the remake of Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death but with features of the newest games and changes in the whole story, as its predecessor Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend. This game will be released at the end of 2015. The last information that Project Eternity has provided is that this game will be created for Fusion Eternity and Element Alpha. The game will use the Battle of Bracelets Store again to sell future additional content, amiibo (from the Battle of Bracelets and Super Smash Bros. collection) and new game modes that will be eventually announced by Project Eternity.

This game will be sold in two different packs: a basic pack with the game and an amiibo figurine (Aingeru, Drake or Ainhoa), and an amiibo pack with the game and 5 different amiibo figurines (these can be of any of the characters of the game) for 10 more euros/dollars.

New Features

  • There will be new amiibo. These amiibo will be useful for many modes that are still unknown.
  • Each character will have a class. They can be swordfighterarcherlancerpaladinmage, incendiary and more...
  • There will be two different story modes: Book of Souls for the classic story and Book of Siblings for a new story in which the player can create an avatar to control in the story.
  • There will be new modes: amiibo Chess, that will be played with amiibo and BoB RPG, a new way to play Battle of Bracelets.
  • Ether (EtherBoB) will not appear as element in this game. Instead, Blood (BloodBoB), that was a strange element, will be an element that some characters will have.
  • Beasts will become a weapon class. Gifts will be also a new class.

Changes with Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death

  • amiibo appear and they will be used in several modes (they have been used since Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend.
  • The titles of the Death Bracelets are different. They are kept from Battle of Bracelets 5.
  • Thanatos and Hypnos are not obtained via DLC. They already appear in the Book of Souls.
  • The Oracles are changed. Right now, the North Oracle is Glacian whereas before, it was Andrew; the West Oracle is Kephyros whereas before, it was Crane; the South Oracle is Kida whereas before, it was Jairo.
  • The Hades map has completely changed, it has been created bigger than what it was in the old game.
  • This time, there will not be 12 temples to invade. There will be only 7, all of them associated to a Deadly Sin (before, they were related to the Zodiac signs).

more coming soon...


The game will contain several modes that the player will be able to enjoy. This game is multi-genre, mostly RPG-fighting although there are some modes that will let the player enjoy chess and tactical RPG. Some modes need to be unlocked in the Story Modes. In each mode, the player can get new characters, items, stages, weapons and even other modes. Here, you can see the list of modes that can be played in this game:

  • Book of Souls: The story follows Aingeru and Drake, who will go to the Hades to save Bella and Darkreon. This one is the classic story mode, in which the player will be able to get most of the content of the game. Enjoy the story that will break the rules of life and death!
  • Book of Siblings: The story happens at the same time that the Golden and Dark Bracelets start the invasion of the Underworld. The people who live, imprisoned, in the Hades will start a revolution, led by an avatar who will fight the Death Bracelets to free them: Arian
  • Battle Versus: This mode allows the player fight with any of the obtained characters, in the stage that the player prefers and with the rules that they want, such as the use of items, handicaps, friendly fire or even adding time to the fight.
  • Resistance: This mode will make the player live the war from the point of view of the Death Bracelets. The player will have to design the defense of the Hades' Palace and participate in the battles against the Golden and Dark Bracelets.
  • Patrol of the Underworld: ​The player will be able to travel through the Hades to get all the items that were not found in the Story Modes and participate in all the events that are out of the ​story. There are some missions that can be played via Patrol Mode.
  • amiibo Chess: With amiibo, the player can enjoy this mode in which the character will become the King, the character to beat by the rival group. Their mission is beating the rival King by removing all their defense. Each character will have a class that will make them move different ways and be weaker or stronger to different classes.
  • BoB RPG: This fake story mode is designed to be played as a tactics-RPG game. This story is different to the one of the Book of Souls and the Book of Siblings and will be useful to unlock some characters and some items or weapons.
  • Celestial Tournament: The player can participate in a tournament against other characters from the game. The tournament is made with the knockout system, so that the player will have to beat all the rivals to arrive to the final battle. The player can choose the number of characters that fight in the tournament.
  • School of Warriors: This mode is made for the new players of Battle of Bracelets. It is the best way for new fighters to learn how to move in a battle. There are also some videos where you can see the techniques to fight correctly.
  • Infinite Battle: The player chooses a character and will have to beat the rest one by one. Each rival that is beaten will give the player a little bit of life (HP points). If the player is beaten, they will lose the game. The more characters the player beats, the more items, weapons and even characters will be able to get.

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The story of the game is similar to the one of Battle of Bracelets: The Cursed Death, although there are several changes in the character roster and the story. Besides, there are some additional parts of the story that could not be found in the original game. The main story is the continuation of the story that was told on Battle of Bracelets: The Origin of the Legend. The Golden Bracelets travel to the Hades to save Bella, and the Death Bracelets to bring back the Darkness Dýnamis that Pandora, one of the servers of Hades, stole Darkreon after fighting the God of Light.

Book of Souls

This mode follows the story about the group led by Aingeru and Drake, who have different objectives but they will try to help each other. However, the attack of the Golden and Dark Bracelets was expected by the Infernal Army. Meanwhile, the God of the Underworld is preparing his return to the Surface. This journey will be an inflection point for the heroes, who will have to learn a lot if they want to come back home, save Bella and avoid the awakening of the God of the Underworld.

To read about the story of this mode, you can read it here.

Book of Siblings

The arrival of the outsiders will make the Infernal Army become more dictatorial and dangerous for the people who are imprisoned in the Hades. The prisoners and the ones who were given a life in hell have been repressed. A prophecy explained that a hero would free them and would bring them to the Surface. The player, as Arian, a human with powers that only Bracelets or Gods have, will have to lead the repressed people and drive them to freedom. However, they must learn that their powers are not a divine gift.

To read about the story of this mode, you can read it here.


This mode can be unlocked once Kephyros is available in the character roster.

In this mode, the main objective is keeping the Hades' Castle safe by fighting the invaders of the Hades. For that, the player will fight as a Death Bracelet or a soldier from a partner army (for example as an Oneiros). In this mode, some prizes can be obtained by getting some achievements. If the enemy reaches the Hades' Castle or the player is death, the player will lose. There will be three levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard. Otherwise, if the player conquers the Oracle of the North, the player will win.

The player will start on the Hades' Castle. The Hades' army will control the Hades' Castle and the three last temples and the invaders will control the Oracle of the North and the three first temples. The fourth temple will be fought by both armies. Once an enemy temple is invaded, the player can continue fighting for the next temple; but if an ally temple is invaded, the player will have to come back to the previous temple. The only way to get back a temple is to beat enough enemies to be in majority. Hades will help by throwing a giant wave of energy that will heal the allies and will weaken the enemies. The number of enemies will vary depending on the difficulty.

The characters who can be used are: Hades, Persephone, Thanatos, Hypnos, any Death Bracelet, any Oneiros, any Renegade Golden Bracelet, Geist, and Charles and Nastacia as Death Bracelets. The rest of characters will be enemies that will attack the Temples. Besides, some characters will be unlockable. The list of unlockable characters and prizes will be shown below.

Obtained Prizes

  • Celes (after beating her. She appears 5 minutes after beginning the game)
  • Egion (after beating him. He appears 3 minutes after beating Celes)
  • Abel (after beating him. He appears 2 minutes after beating Egion)

more information coming soon...


Playable Characters

Character Description Abilities Weapon
Golden Bracelets


Green Bracelet: Hades wants to control the World and sent his servers to invade it. Now, Aingeru arrives to avoid the disaster and stop the Hades army.

Wing Form

Flame Form

Chaos Sword



Indigo Bracelet: The Indigo Bracelet decides to go to the Hades to save Bella, who has been kidnapped by the Hades army. This is the perfect quest to show her power.

Time Stop

Gravity Change

Celestial Scepter



Red Bracelet: Pablo is an impulsive person who wants to be a hero. Nevertheless, he must be more careful with the enemies that can be found in the Underworld.

Light Speed

Steam Form

Chaos Hammer IceBoB


Citron Bracelet: Elena knows that something weird is happening. So many wars of Gods... She thinks that going to the Hades will let her know about a horrible future.

Thunder Form

Wing Form

Igniter Blade



Amber Bracelet: Bruno's link with the Underworld is something that made him travel to there. He has unfinished businesses there with the God of Death, Thanatos.

Strong Danger


Golden Bow



Orange Bracelet: Xavier will fight the Hades army to save his friend, Bella. He must learn to be more careful and less impudent if he wants to survive to hell.

Slow Time

Radiactivity Form

Chaos Boomerang



Cyan Bracelet: Her fears must be removed to visit the Hades. If she wants to save Bella, she must be stronger. Xavier and Rachel must learn about each other.

Plasma Form

Bee Realm

Chaos Shuriken CosmosBoB


Violet Bracelet: She was kidnapped by the Infernal Judges to get the necklace that will allow Hades to come back to the Surface. In the Hades, she seems to have an evil dýnamis.

Drawing Power

Foam Form

Fiery Arrows



Pink Bracelet: Nastacia has always faught light and darkness and this will make her act her own way. She will be an important value of this war, she will be an imbalance warrior.

Cryos Fielder

Selene Spirit

Chaos Whip



Maroon Bracelet: First, Iona decided to stay in the Surface, but Photos sent him to the Hades. His help to the Golden Bracelets will be necessary if they want to come back to life.

Magma Form

Magnetism Lord

Biosword MagmaBoB


White Bracelet: This hero has two different powers: the power of light and the power of darkness. Fortunately, it will be useful in the Hades to beat the enemies and save the Earth.

Divine Transformation

Second Chance

Divine Palm LightBoB


Yellow Bracelet: This time, he will have to fight in the Hades to find Solanne. The plan was not how he expected: now he will show the power of the Yellow Bracelet.

Pyros Fielder

Radium Form

Gamma Bazooka RadiumBoB

CharlesFace Charles* (N)

Grey Bracelet: His past is a mystery. Charles disappeared during the war against Darkreon but he suddenly appeared in the Hades to help the Golden Bracelets.


Awakening of the Past

Demonic Edge RockBoB

Ani (N)

Emerald Bracelet: 

Thunder Form

Drawing Power

Fulgure Machete ThunderBoB
Dark Bracelets


Dark Green Bracelet: Drake is the leader of the Dark Bracelets who are sent to the Underworld to get back the power of Darkreon. There, he will see that allies are not always the good side.

Dark Energy

Dark Form

Antimaterial Sword



Dark Red Bracelet: Her mission is fighting the Death Bracelets to defend Drake at his mission. Soon, she will find a second objective, save some Dark Bracelets that have been imprisoned in the Hades.

Flame Form

Chaos Space

Ash Spear ThunderBoB


Dark Yellow Bracelet: Garone can be a useless Dark Bracelet in most of missions, but he keeps his title because his fate is being a powerful Dark Bracelet. The Hades is a perfect battlefield.

Space Traveller


Dark Trident



Dark Orange Bracelet: Defending the God of Darkness is his main objective. Alange will have to guide the Dark Bracelets in his objective. He is also the one who knows about the unknown Dark Bracelets.

Steel Form

Climate Control

Igniter Sword



Dark Violet Bracelet: The power of Dalia is her own pride and confidence. She will go to the Hades to beat the Death Bracelets and bring back the dýnamis of the God of Darkness.

Mind Control

Demoniacal Music

Chaos Fan



Dark Grey Bracelet: She is well known in the Dark Army due to her beauty. Areusa looks delicate but she is quite dangerous at fighting. Now, she will help in the Hades to save Darkreon.

Climate Control

Venus Soul

Flowerang IceBoB


Dark Pink Bracelet: The youngest Dark Bracelet will support the rest of Dark Bracelets in the Hades. Shion will use her mind powers to madden the Death Bracelets.



Mystical Scepter SwadowBoB


Dark Myrtle Bracelet: Lance does not want to fight, he usually tries to complete missions that do not have to use violence. Nevertheless, he is a great fighter.

Dragon Form

Nature Control

Icarian Bazooka DragonBoB


Dark Turquoise Bracelet: She is the master of ice of the Dark Army. Her power will freeze any enemy. She usually helps Lance in his missions, as her personal warrior.

Ice Form


Dream Flute CrystalBoB


Dark Black Bracelet: Arles will hardly participate in the war against the Infernal Army. He prefers waiting for the perfect moment and get the glory. Ready for the fight?

Shadow Form


Ebony Sword SwadowBoB
Razor Dark Amber Bracelet: His main objective in the story is being sadistic and cruel. He wants to play with his enemies because it is his only motivation in war.


King of Bugs

Hydron Fists BugBoB


Dark Indigo Bracelet: He has never followed any god and probably he will keep travelling his own way. Nevertheless, he will be extremely dangerous as an enemy, so be careful and try to be as friendly as possible with him...

Metal Form

Songs of Steel

Bioarm MetalBoB

NereaFace Nerea (N)

Dark Emerald Bracelet: Nerea was kidnapped by the Infernal Army while they were getting the Darkness Dýnamis. She will become the apprentice of Drake, who will make a great warrior of her.

Panda Body

Awakening of the Past

Panda Cannon WaterBoB

Kazelio (N)

Malware MetalBoB

AriesComFace Aries Commander

Dark Aries Bracelet: His objective was controlling the journey of the Golden Bracelets. Now, he has to protect the Dark Bracelets through their adventure in Hell.

Hadron Form

Destructive Essence

Hadroniken FireBoB

JupiterComFace Jupiter Commander

Dark Jupiter Bracelet: Gigan will go to the Hades to help the Dark Bracelets after knowing about the plans of Hades. He will lead a part of the Dark Army to stop the infernal invasion.

Graviton Form


Gravitoniken GravityBoB

VenusComFace Venus Commander

Dark Venus Bracelet: The Venus Commander was sent to Hell to protect the Dark Bracelets in her mission to get back the Darkness Dýnamis. The power of love is strong.

Gluon Form

Love Power

Gluoniken MagicBoB

MarsComFace Mars Commander

Dark Mars Bracelet: Kriger uses photons to destroy beat any dangerous Death Bracelet of the Hades. He supports the Dark Bracelets who are trying to bring back the Darkness Dýnamis.

Photon Form

Magnetic Fielder

Photoniken LightBoB

AquariusComFace Aquarius Commander

Dark Aquarius Bracelet

Positron Form

Tsunami Force



Death Bracelets


Chaos Death Bracelet: Rhadamanthys is a fierce warrior that serves Hades for some unknown reason. His power is generated by his willpower. That will make him a powerful enemy.

Pyros Punishment

Iron Form

Xero Edge



Royalty Death Bracelet: The one who was king of Crete became an infernal judge of the Underworld. His mission is beating the Golden and Dark Bracelets and judge them to choose their punishment.

Ilektros Punishment

Iron Form

Xero Sword SandBoB


Storms Death Bracelet: Aeacus started to fight for Hades to get inmortality. However, he did not think that his job as Infernal Judge would be that way. He will mostly stop the rebel humans who are in hell.

Cryos Punishment

Iron Form

Xero Arrows WaterBoB


Calamity Death Bracelet: This girl was called to control the army of Hades to help and drive him to the Surface. She is usually followed by her entourage. Pandora hides a huge secret.


World of Roses

Hades Trident ToxicBoB


Harmony Death Bracelet: He would be one of the protected heroes by Zeus. Instead, he joined Hades to get back Euridice, his lover. He commands a part of the Death Army.

Eternal Melody


Death Lyra MusicBoB


Intensity Death Bracelet: The Intensity Death Bracelet faithfully fights for Hades. The defense of the God of Hell is the only reason to live and he will die for him.


Wing Form

Gargoyle Sword WindBoB


Pride Death Bracelet: Also known as "The Red Queen". She is pure fury, a very dangerous enemy in volcanos and hot spaces. Hades gave her a giant power to lead a faithful army of soldiers.

Magma Form

Erupting Anger

Inferno Orbitars MagmaBoB

Sariode (N)

Resistance Death Bracelet: Sariode can control fire and electricity easily. In fact, he takes advantage from situations and stages with electric fields or high temperature. This Death Bracelet controls one of the seven cursed temples.

Electric Absorption

Flame Form

Aries Club ThunderBoB

Achronas (N)

Elapse Death Bracelet: Time is not a limit for him. He trascends time and his power is based on using the best qualities of each age. Not only can he control his "Inner Time", he can control the "Outer Time" too. This power is one of the best values of the army of Hades.


Variable Age

Death Clock SteamBoB

Nigroime (N)

Blood Death Bracelet: Hades discovered an interesting power into him. Nigroime use his own blood to control what it touches. With his blood being well used and a special dark magic, he can even revive dead people, he can revive a powerful army.

Blood Form

Awake from Blood

Bloodtrickster Dagger


Melinoe (N)

Reflection Death Bracelet: She travels through the Hades desguised as the God of the Underworld by playing with the inhabitants of the dead world. Her loyalty is not understandable at all.


Plasma Form

Gift of Reflections CosmosBoB

YssirFace Yssir (N)

Inheritance Death Bracelet: The son of Hades will have an important role in this war. He will create a powerful army thanks to dark magic to make his father be proud of him.

Awakening of the Past


Soul Reaper DeathBoB

Glacian (N)

North Oracle: Cold but kind. He believes in justice and actually will help the ones that are fair. Since the moment when he met the Golden Bracelets, he thinks that they fight for justice. However, he has to fight them as a faithful server of Hades.

Ice Form


Gift of Tides CrystalBoB

Kephyros (N)

West Oracle: He is just a marionette of his own role. Kephyros has to defend his Oracle and he will do anything to defend it. Nevertheless, he is the first Oracle who thinks that something horrible is going to happen due to the arrival of the invaders.

Wing Form

Foam Form

Gift of Tornados WindBoB

Kida (N)

South Oracle: Kida is not as faithful to Hades as the rest of her partners but her abilities make her a deep value of his army. The control of Blood is her gift and she may control her enemies by controlling their blood. Absolutely, she is a dangerous enemy.

Blood Form


Gift of Flux BloodBoB

Gallia (N)

East Oracle: The expert of fossil statues and spirits collects some stones that are related to strong beings from the past. Besides, Gallia can create quakes and control ground. Thanks to her, the Hades is kept dynamic.

Desert Form

Climate Change

Gift of Tectonics SandBoB

GwyrdFace Gwyrd (N)

Green Golden Bracelet: Gwyrd was a brave hero in the 19th Century but was killed while the Dark Army tried to invade Corona City. He got a new life thanks to Yssir, that will use it to fight Photos because of abandoning him.

Thunder Form


Delta Sword ThunderBoB

GorriaFace Gorria (N)

Red Golden Bracelet: She was a brave warrior when she was alive. While the Dark Army was trying to invade the Deserticien Kingdom, she was killed. Now, she was revived to fight for Hades against Photos.


Blood Form

Chaos Orb BloodBoB

AnyilFace Anyil (N)

Indigo Golden Bracelet: He died while fighting for beauty. He believed that fighting for Photos was one of the beautiful things of life. Now, he found beauty in his second chance to fight the one who abandoned him.

Poison Blood

Putrefaction Form

Demonic Cat ToxicBoB

Auteros (N)

Cyan Golden Bracelet: The one who was the Cyan Bracelet 200 years ago came back to life. He will defend Hades if he is given immortality. He will freeze the heart of his enemies and drive them to a frozen hell.

Ice Form

Aurora Field

Aurora Cannon IceBoB

Melen (N)

Bee Realm

Daughter of the Forest

Hornet Foil


Silver Bracelets


Green Bracelet: She trusts her pupil, but she will travel to the Hades to help the Golden Bracelets to rescue Bella. She discovered the trap of Hades and will stop him.

Gas Form

Wind Absorption

Green Sword LeafBoB


Red Bracelet: His strength was helpful in past wars and he will try to help the current Golden Bracelets to come back to Earth and save the Violet Bracelet.

Golem Body

Second Chance

Chaos Drill RockBoB


Indigo Bracelet: Laura will defend the kingdom of Desertitien and the royal family of this country. This is her main mission after knowing the future invasion of Hades.

Cat Body


Blue Claws WaterBoB


Amber Bracelet: He could be considered the leader of the Light Army and the guardian of all the information that Photos has. His knowledge will be useful in the war.

Flammable Body

Slow Time

Dragon Bow FireBoB


Citron Bracelet

Mars Influence

Desert Form

Double Axes GravityBoB


Yellow Bracelet: She will desperately look for Seith and come back to the Surface. But it will be a hard task that will have to face with her hidden fury. She can be extremely dangerous.

Mist Form


Sacrylege WindBoB


Shadow Green Bracelet

Flame Form

Dark Form

Diabolical Spear FireBoB


Lord of Reality: The oldest son of Hypnos is sent when the God of Dreams see that the war goes bad. He can create Marvel Rooms in which all your dreams become real.

Spirit Form

Diamond Form

Morpheus Spear CrystalBoB


Lord of Fantasies: Amazed by humans, Phantasos will do anything to play with them. He can be very dangerous thanks to fantasies, mostly if you are a male.

Water Form

Perfect Copy

Fantasy Claws SwadowBoB


Lord of Desires: Her Marvel Room creates lots of cookie monsters and gingerbread men who will help her to fight the ones who want to attack her father, Hypnos.

Pleasured Illusion

Sand Control

Desire Orbitars LeafBoB

Phobetor (N)

Lord of Nightmares: The third famous son of Hypnos is cruel, sadistic and destructive. He usually argues with Phantasos, they are completely different to each other.

Wolf Body

Mind Control

Nightmare Claws SwadowBoB

TromiaFace Tromia (N)

Lord of Fears: The parallel partner of Onirei will participate in the war to help Hypnos. She plays with the fears of her enemies and use them to attack them.

Horrible Illusion

Butterfly Body

Fear Palm GhostBoB

NimisFace Nimis (N)

Lord of Memories: He plays with human memories. Nimis has the power of removing memory or inserting fake memories. His past is linked with Bruno and Ainhoa for some reason.

Eagle Body

Divine Healing

Memory Edge MetalBoB

OculusFace Oculus (N)

Lord of Imagination: She was also known as Yume before. She is a master of magic that creates monsters from her imagination. She can learn about future thanks to her orb.


Ceration Form

Sorcerer Orb MagicBoB

SanguineaFace Sanguinea (N)

Tercia Parca: The youngest servant of Thanatos. Her quiet personality lets her create brilliant strategies. What she first does during a battle is mind-reading her enemy and after learning about her rival, she throws powerful attacks that destroy her enemies blood.

Spirit Form

Control of Blood

Sanguine Scimitar BloodBoB

KardemisFace Kardemis

Seconda Parca: Kardemis was always the favourite servant of Thanatos, probably because of her beauty or because her fury. Her fighting style is known by being pure art that even her enemies enjoy.

Pluto Inheritance

Dragon Form

Harbinger Mandoble DragonBoB

MortiaFace Mortia (N)

Prima Parca:


Putrefaction Form

Demise Saber GhostBoB
Celestial Angels
Prometheus Angel of Punishment: His next mission as Zeus punishment is to control all the events that may happen in the Hades. Although his work is hard, he will do anything if he helps humans with that. His mission will make him meet his brother, although it does not have to be perfect...

Igneous Dýnamis

Cosmic Form

Titan Torch FireBoB
Sarpedon Angel of Loyalty: After looking at the chaos that is starting in the Hades, Zeus sends his angels to take the situation over control. Sarpedon is sent to talk to his brothers to stop the war. Probably, everything will be more complicated. 

Diamond Form

Holy Energy

Celestial Spear LightBoB
Celes Angel of Love: The fragile angel of Love is sent to the Hades to control the situation. She must watch Sarpedon, since anything may happen due to the brothers' meeting.

Cloud Form

Love Power

Aeolus Grimoire WindBoB

Spirit Form

Strong Danger

Celestial Familiar LightBoB
Abel Stardust Club


Divine Spirits
Night α-Darkness Bracelet: Her interest about the Darkness of Aingeru will make her follow him from the distance. Nevertheless, she will continue hiding all about her past... Why does she really care so much about the power of Darkness?

Fairy Hex

Night Fielder

Blackstaff SwadowBoB
Persephone Lady of Seasons: The wife of Hades will command her own warriors to fight for her husband. She can control the power of seasons, since according to the myth, she was the creator of them. Her power to change weather can be really dangerous.

Water Form

Climate Control

Underworld Staff LightBoB
Yamiru  (N) Genector Fossil: He is a remnant of the Genector of Shadows waken from a statue of the real Genector. Although his power is just a memory of all the power of his original, he is extremely dangerous. For some reason, he only wakes when Aingeru is next to the awakening ceremony.

Flamboyant Form

Darkest Hour

Phantom Kageiken SwadowBoB
Rhena  (N) Goddess Fossil: As Yamiru, she is a remnant of the Goddess The Lover. Her power is also reduced by being the memory of the original. For some reason, she only wakes when Elena is next to the awakening ceremony.

Thunder Form


Phantom  Pyrogeiken SwadowBoB

Zharia (N)

The Mirror: She claims to be a Goddess from the past. For some reason, she was found in a cell of the Patibullum. Besides, she can create mirrors that, according to her, they contain the souls of all her victims. Her title "The Mirror", is a reference to a position of a mysterious ancient army.

Awakening of the Past

Memory of Souls

Salem Mirrorette



GeistFace Darkreon*

God of Darkness: The God of Darkness is in danger due to his loss of dýnamis. But meanwhile, in the Hades, the past of Darkreon is waking up to change the war in the Underworld.

Shadow Thunder Form

Dragon Awakening

Shadow Sword SwadowBoB


God of Light: Photos is not interested on losing his rival, since the world would lose control due to the lack of balance. However, he has other businesses that he has to control. He will go to the Hades only if it is necessary and his servers are in danger.

Light Flame Form

Dragon Awakening

Platinum Trio LightBoB

HadesFace Hades*

God of the Underworld: After being beaten in the past by the Light and the Darkness Gods, he was forbidden to go to the surface. Now, he wants to come back by getting his necklace.

Final Form

Pluto Inheritance

Death Sword DeathBoB


God of Death: The God of Death will help Hades at stopping the Golden and Dark Bracelets. However, his plans are not just working for the God of the Underworld. He will show you the power of death. Death Touch Thanatos Club and Sword



God of Dreams: Hypnos will also help Hades. He is the God of Dreams although he can sometimes control the power of Death. His sons will be powerful warriors to fight for Hades. Dream Touch Hypnos Club and Sword MindBoB


Goddess of Hatred: The sister of Thanatos and Hypnos will want to play in the Hades. As a helper of Ares, she will start some events in the war to give power to the God of War.

Emotion Touch

Ice Form

Scepter of Hatred MindBoB

Goddess of Love: When Eris appears, only a Goddess can stop her. This time, Aphrodite will have to face other enemies from a terrible past. She also got many other beings that loved her but this time... these beings may want to make her pay for what she did...

Foam Form

Love Absorption

Scepter of Love LightBoB
Ares God of War: The most dangerous God in the battlefield is here. The smell of fear and blood motivates him and makes him even more powerful. He will always have the help of the Goddess of Hatred to have some enemy to face.

Flame Form

Mind Control

Scepter of War StrongBoB

ArianFace Arian (N)

???: Human that was found by Yssir in the Patibullum. According to the son of the God, their power is the same than a Bracelet wielder's one. They will investigate what is behind all this war. He will meet some people that will be key of future events.

Any Form

Sacred Body

Any Any

* All these characters have, at least, a secondary skin. These skins will be shown in the section of Secrets of this page.

more coming soon...

Non Playable Characters

  • Charon - Transport Death Bracelet
  • Cerberus - Fury Death Bracelet
  • Dante - Poetry Death Bracelet
  • Giccia - Protection Death Bracelet
  • Ixis - Symmetry Death Bracelet
  • Micheal - Pain Death Bracelet
  • Canedie - Gluttony Death Bracelet
  • Euridice
  • Death Soldiers
  • Death Mages
  • Death Maidens
  • Possessed Corpses
  • Sweet Creatures
  • Ghosts



  • Dawn: This is the main coin that can be used through the map. The player will have 10K Dawns at the beginning of the game. They can obtained by beating enemies or by selling items.

Health Items

  • Potion: It restores 100 Health Points.
  • Reinforced Potion: It restores 200 Health Points.
  • Super Potion: It restores 500 Health Points.
  • Hyper Potion: It restores 2000 Health Points.
  • Soft Infusion: This item restores the 10% of the total Health Points of the user.
  • Antidote: It cures the poison effects of the user.
  • Hot Chocolate: It cures the freezing effects of the user.
  • Refrigerant: It cures the burning effects of the user.
  • Hyperrefrigerant: It works as the refrigerant but also restores all the HP of the user if it is used in cold outdoors.
  • Talisman: This item cures the possession effects that the user can suffer.
  • Caffeine Drink: This drink cures the relax and dream effects that the user can suffer.
  • Anti-radiance: This item removes the radiance effect of the user.

Enhancer Items

  • Desert Fragrance: This fragrance strengthens the SandBoB attacks of the user and their allies on the battle.
  • Roses Fragrance: This fragrance strengthens the LeafBoB attacks of the user and their allies on the battle.
  • Magnetic Box: This item improves the MetalBoB powers of the user and strengthen the attacks of the same kind.
  • Divine Drop: This item rises the user a level up.
  • Magnetic Box: This item improves the MetalBoB powers of the user and strengthen the attacks of the same kind.
  • Elusive Robe: ​Wearing this robe will allow the user increase the evasion levels.
  • Light Ring: This item turns the main element of the user into LightBoB.

Field Items

  • Talisman Pack: The user will throw a ton of talismans over the field, weakening all the ToxicBoB, GhostBoB or DeathBoB Bracelets.
  • Devil Flute: This item put to sleep all the fighters who do not use this item.
  • Icarian Orb: It increases the power of the sun and may blind the enemy.

Special Items

  • Sandfish: It can be used to restore the 25% of the total Health Points. It can be sold by 20000 Dawns in the different markets of the Hades. Besides, if it is given to a Death Soldier of the South Oracle, he will give it Cerberus (the beast).
  • Skull: They can be sold by 5000 Dawns to any collector of skulls.
  • Seal of Gods: Mythical seal that was created by Gods to trap other Gods and lock their celestial power. One of them is used to control the Goddess Zharia XI "The Mirror".



Battle of Bracelets Collection

The amiibo figurines of Battle of Bracelets are back in this game. Most of amiibo that have already been released will be useful on this game. The functions of amiibo on this game will be eventually explained. Here you can see the list of amiibo that can be used on this game:

Super Smash Bros. Collection

Super Smash Bros. amiibo will be used also on this game. Right now, only some figurines have been announced to have a role. When they are used on this game, the player can unlock these characters. The available characters are:

Character Description Abilities Weapon

Hero of Hyrule

He is a legend that came from other world. He fights to save Hyrule and the princess Zelda. Link can become a wolf thanks to his Twilight Form.

Twilight Form

Triforce of Courage

Master Sword LightBoB

Captain of Icarus

Pit cannot fly by himself, but with the help of Palutena, he becomes a brave and powerful warrior. He also leads the Skyworld Army, the army of Icarus to serve Palutena.

Wing Form

Celestial Powers

Palutena's Arrow WindBoB

The Hero King

He was a hero in the past, prince of Altea. Myths will remember all his great feats and his sword will be a gift for lords of the future. Marth is ready to fight with his Falchion.

Awakening of the Past

Steel Form

Falchion MetalBoB

Princess of Hyrule

Hyrule has been always well governed by a good princess. Zelda will do anything to protect her realm. She is also known as Sheik when she becomes a Sheikah warrior.

Sheikah Form

Triforce of Wisdom

Hylian Sword LightBoB

Goddess of Skyworld

The Goddess of Light is ready to fight with all her power. She will first send all the Icarus to beat the weak enemies, the strongest ones will be her rivals, or better said, her victims.

Icarus Army

Celestial Powers

Palutena's Staff LightBoB

Hero of Blue Flames

Ike was known as a brave hero. He was son of a mercenary who was killed by the Black Knight. Ike became a legend who will be remembered in the continent of Tellius.

Calciner Form

Steel Form

Ragnell FireBoB

Lord of Ylisse

Hidden by the name of Marth, Lucina came back to the past to stop the end of the World. She is a powerful lord that was called to be the next Exalt of Ylisse, although she prefers to fight for her country.

Awakening of the Past

Steel Form

Parallel Falchion


The Tactician Magician

They were found by Chrom while they had amnesia. They soon became a perfect tactitian against the Plegian army. Nevertheless, they hide a horrible truth that will change the war.


Dragon Awakening

Grima Tome SwadowBoB

The Visionary

Although he was killed, Shulk revived to save the mechanic world in which he lives. Shulk is the only person who can wield the Monado, a sword that Homs cannot control.

Arts of Monado

Strong Danger

The Monado CosmosBoB

Dark Pit
Blackest Wings

After Pit reflected on Pandora's Mirror, Dark Pit got free. Only one of them can stay alive. Since then, he has faced his clone, although Dark Pit can fly on his own, without Palutenas.

Wing Form

Celestial Power

Dark Pit Staff SwadowBoB

King of Darkness

Ganondorf is the last owner of the Triforce. His fate is fighting Link. He was known as Ganon in some eras since he is the Demon King. He is the only male of his tribe and the king of the same.

Final Form

Triforce of Power

Sword of the Sages SwadowBoB

Little Mac
The Dentist

He has lived in the Bronx and from there, he became the strongest boxing fighter in the world. But any wound will be less harmful than any comment about his height... his name explains it.

Giga Mac

Virtual Body

Boxing Glove StrongBoB

Bounty Hunter

Samus Aran is one of the most important female characters of videogames. After fighting Space Pirates and Metroids for the Galactic Federation, she comes to fight whoever wants to destroy the peace that was built.

Power Suit

Thunder Form

Paralyzer CosmosBoB

Twilight Princess

The Princess of Twilight was once turned into a small creature and stolen the throne of her realm. Her strong personality helps her in the battle and fighting in Link's side made her colder and skilled. She can turn into a real Twili with the help of the Mirror of Twilight.

Liberated/Cursed Body


Twilight Shackle SwadowBoB

Umbra Witch

The strongest witch from Umbra appeared to fight in this world. She has travelled through perilous worlds while looking for her partner Jeanne, so she became a skilled expert of dark magic. Her worst enemies are angels. What will happen when she first meets Aingeru...?

Witch Time

Beasts of Umbra

Elfin Knight SwadowBoB

Lord of Bern

Calciner Form

Steel Form

Sword of Seals FireBoB

Agent 1

Ink Form

Skilled Singer

Hero Roller MusicBoB

Agent 2

Hero Charger MusicBoB

Secondary Skins

Shadow Aingeru
Dark Green Bracelet

Shadow Ainhoa
Dark Indigo Bracelet

Shadow Pablo
Dark Red Bracelet

Death Charm Bracelet

SwadowBoB ThunderBoB ToxicBoB MagmaBoB StrongBoB BloodBoB MagicBoB
Chaos Sword Wing Form Royal Scepter Gravity Change Double Katanas Magma Form Charmed Whip

Sanguinem Fielder

Dark Flame Form Toxic Touch Vulcan Field Selene Spirt

Death Will Bracelet

Death Alter-Ego Bracelet


Dark Amber Bracelet

RockBoB DeathBoB DragonBoB CrystalBoB
Demonic Edge StrangePower Dragon Bow Pluto Inheritance Salem Mirrorette Awakening of the Past
Awakening of the Past Foam Form Spirit of Salem

Retro God of Hell

Retro Death Bracelet

Ashiri God of Darkness

God of Darkness

RetroHadesFace RetroPandoraFace AshiriDarkreonFace DarkreonFace
DeathBoB ToxicBoB MusicBoB SwadowBoB SwadowBoB DragonBoB
Hades Sword Final Form Hades Trident Somniferous Midnight Reaper Shadow Thunder Form Shadow Sword Shadow Thunder Form
Pluto Inheritance World of Roses Dragon Awakening Dragon Awakening

God of Death

Body of the God of Light

Pink Bracelet

Spirit of Darkness

DeathBoB LightBoB TBA SwadowBoB
Death Naginata Death Touch Platinum Trio Light Flame Form
Berserker Dragon Awakening

more coming soon

Battle of Bracelets Store

Battle of Bracelets Store is a downloadable service of Element Alpha and Fusion Eternity and it costs €0.49 / $0.50. In this app, the player can buy downloadable content for the game. The most important articles that can be found in the store.

Besides the new downloadable content that can be shown in this section. All the content at this section can be bought too for this game.


  • The meaning of the title is "beyond life and death". This meaning is explained as "an adventure in which life arrives to the land of death and death aspires to control the land of life".
  • This is the first game in which the Story Mode is not called as it.
  • On this game, some details about some past wars will be explained. Right now, it is unknown the connection of the past wars with the story.
  • Hades and Pandora have been announced to have a second appearance.
  • Beasts will be absent on this game. Instead, they will become weapons.
  • Since Beyond has two story modes, the game will have two protagonists: Aingeru for the Book of Souls and Arian for the Book of Siblings.
  • Using the amiibo of Zelda or Sheik will unlock the princess of Hyrule. Link can be unlocked by using any of the Link or the Toon Link amiibos.
  • Samus appearance will be the Zero Suit one. She can be unlocked with Samus and Zero Suit Samus amiibos.
  • This game is the first one in which there are three characters with the same bracelet: Aingeru, Jessica and Gwyrd have once been Green Golden Bracelets. This happens with the Indigo and the Red Bracelet too.
  • This game is the first one that contains the "Genector" concept. At the moment, the only information related to Genectors is that each one is the owner of one of the Seven Great Swords.



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