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Battle Theater is a 2014 Umbrella game developed by Wario Inc., that is a 2D fighting game. However, instead of the traditional recipe, the game has an audience, and the goal is to please them and get higher ratings, because if not, you'll pay. It is the first of the series. The game is inspired by Fighters of Lapis and the audience element was partially inspired by Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.


Battle Theater is not your regular fighting game, instead, it focuses on ratings and style. The main mode, Brawl, features a 2D SSB esque-fighter with an audience. Each characters can punch, run, and jump, but also have special moves and three Super moves. The unique mechanic of Brawl, is that characters have a Ratings meter in their hud, rather then an HP bar. Characters must do combos and specials on foes and fight well to keep the bar up. However, the bar must be kept up constantly, because if it is depleted, the character will lose a life. Character have an energy meter, that must be filled by having foes drop it or getting it through items. Fill one bar to pull of a Level 1 super, and so on, for up to three bars. Variables are up to the players, and lives can be altered from 1 life to up to 5, items can be turned on or off(off if you're a sissy), and more. Besides basic audience members, rare Guest Stars will show up depending on what stage and characters you choose, as well as randomly. These stars enjoy specific moves and will award more ratings if their objective's are complete. Stylish moves can also be performed to earn more ratings, these are done by doing the move and shaking the Gamepad/Wiimote immediately after. Coins earned for spending in Shop mode are called Box Office, and are determined by your ratings and whether you won or not. The game also features an extensive menu where snapshots can be taken. The player also has a Superstar bar, which when filled, the player can choose to go into replay mode or Slow-Mo, in which it will double the damage of the next attack or slow down the foe. Rare moves or items used will cause the game to zoom in towards the player. The audience also interacts with the player, throwing items and hazards.

That Umbrella's Show is the story mode of the game. It features various missions the player must compete in stages and the hub, the Colliseum. Bosses are fought in this mode and supers are only available in fights.

Crowd Favorite is the third mode. Rather then having you die when you have a depleted ratings bar, whoever reaches max ratings first wins.

In Arcade, you have to fight up the ladder in different matches. The final foe is Master Hand.

In the Deadly Dungeon, the player must fight through 100 floors of enemies or characters. Every ten floors, you get a prize. The final floor pits you against Crazy Hand.

In the Shop, items, music, and stickers can be bought with coins from the other modes.

Cheat codes can be used in this game in the Code section of the shop.

Stickers can be earned in battle or bought, and then viewed in the Sticker Gallery.

Stages can be created in the Stage Builder mode, using tools from other stages. These can be exported and imported fairly easily.

Script mode has the player fighting against every playable character one at a time(with healing available), but following the special conditions given at the beginning of the match. The final fight has the player fight against Giga Stick, Mini Galleom, and Electrified JOS in a no-rules match.


Match 1: Stick

Conditions: Use only punches and kicks.

Match 2: Rawk Hawk

Conditions: Use only special moves.

Match 3: Lakitu

Conditions: Only use aerial attacks.

Match 4: Watt

Conditions: No extras.

Match 5: Tingle

Conditions: No aerial attacks.

Match 6: Samus

Conditions: Only attack Samus in her armor.

Match 7: Galleom

Conditions: Only get hit 10 times.

Match 8: Duon

Conditions: Beat the match in under 1 minute.

Match 9: Ulala

Conditions: No super moves.

Match 10: Sly

Conditions: Do not let any props or ratings be stolen from you.

Match 11: Sora

Conditions: Use at least one extra.

Match 12: Lara Croft

Conditions: Do not get hit by her bow.

Match 13: Black Mage

Conditions: Get hit at least 20 times and still win.

Match 14: Neku

Conditions: Use your Level 1 super at least once.

Match 15: Bub and Bob

Conditions: No superstar moves.

Match 16: Iron Man

Conditions: Do not get hit with aerial attacks.

Match 17: Wolverine

Conditions: Do not let Wolverine heal.

Match 18: Batman

Conditions: No blocking.

Match 19: Joker

Conditions: Finish Joker with a special move.

Match 20: Mulder and Scully

Conditions: Only attack Mulder.

Match 21: Emma Swan

Conditions: Beat her with a combo.

Match 22: Zuko

Conditions: Don't attack him as the Blue Spirit.

Match 23: Luke Skywalker

Conditions: No summons.

Match 24: Indiana Jones

Conditions: Block every hit.

Match 25: Jesus of Suburbia

Conditions: Never let him get more ratings then you.

Match 26: Scribble

Conditions: Use only kicks.

Match 27: Dimentio

Conditions: Only use your first special move.

Match 28: Vivian

Conditions: Only use aerial punches and kicks.

Match 29: Pianta

Conditions: No extras or props.

Match 30: Polygon Man

Conditions: No using or getting hit by aerial attacks.

Match 31: Dart Monkey

Conditions: Only attack him when he's using a blaster.

Match 32: Scott Pilgrim

Conditions: Only get hit 5 times.

Match 33: Mewtwo

Conditions: Beat the match in under 45 seconds.

Match 34: Metal Stick

Conditions: No supers or special moves.

Match 35: Banjo and Kazooie

Conditions: Only hit Kazooie.

Match 36: Kirby

Conditions: Use at least 3 extras.

Match 37: Cranky Kong

Conditions: Do not get hit by his cane.

Match 38: Spider Man

Conditions: Get hit at least 30 times and still win.

Match 39: Doctor Doom

Conditions: Use your Level 1 super at least 3 times.

Match 40: Lobo

Conditions: No superstar or super moves.

Match 41: Wonder Woman

Conditions: Do not get hit in the air at all and only get hit on land 10 times.

Match 42: Jon Snow

Conditions: Don't get hit by Jon's special attacks.

Match 43: Donald Duck

Conditions: No blocking and must take at least 15 hits and still win.

Match 44: Oswald

Conditions: Finish Oswald with a combo.

Match 45: Pocahontas

Conditions: Only attack Pocahontas when she's not attacking.

Match 46: Seven Dwarves

Conditions: No extras, items, or special moves.

Match 47: SpongeBob SquarePants

Conditions: Don't get hit at all.

Match 48: Wicked Witch of the West

Conditions: Don't allow her to use her super moves.

Match 49: Hugh Jackman

Conditions: Get hit by every single one of his hits and still win.

Match 50: Mii

Conditions: Don't get hit at all and beat the foe in one minute.

Match 51: Giga Stick, Mini Galleom, Electrified Jesus of Suburbia

Conditions: No rules.

Guest Stars

There are 10 Guest Stars.

Image Name Series Description
RyuStreetFighter Ryu Street Fighter Enjoys combos more then 25 hits.
200px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World-1- Mario Super Mario Enjoys fire attacks.
Mikebay Micheal Bay Real Life Enjoys explosions.
Sonic SSB4 Sonic Sonic the Hedgehog

Enjoys speed.

Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Enjoys when you are hit with trash by the audience.
416px-OWG DK Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Country Enjoys powerful attacks.
Ash XYcrop Ash Ketchum Pokémon Enjoys extras.
130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land Toad Super Mario Bros. Enjoys items.
AQUA1 Aqua Kingdom Hearts Enjoys magic.
Fmbtgs Falcon Marvel Comics Enjoys aerial attacks.


Rawk Hawk is leaving late after a fight with Gonzales, when a mysterious challenger appears. Rawk Hawk laughs at the small foe(thinking he was a fan), and charges forward to fight. Rawk Hawk though, is knocked out in one hit. The challenger swoops Rawk Hawk up and teleports away. Some time later, Rawk Hawk wakes up in a gladiator arena, wondering what happened. He soon sees Sora teleporting in. Rawk Hawk and Sora meet and are forced to fight. After Rawk Hawk/Sora wins, the mysterious challenger appears congratulating the two for fighting well. He introduces himself as Mr. D, manager and host of the popular combat sports show Battle Theater, and reveals an audience in the shadows. While Rawk Hawk soaks up the attention, Sora runs off to the inside of the arena to investigate.

Sora finds and frees three other heroes, Stick, Iron Man, and Luke Skywalker. They all talk about how they got there and how they want to escape. Team Sora creates a plan and explores the vast arena, but they're stopped from leaving by Mr. D. Mr. D shows that it is just not possible for them to leave, and splits up the team across the arena. After each one beats their missions for the day, they are allowed to go to the break room. Seeing a commerical for Battle Theater, they see that the champs get to leave Battle Theater. Accepting what they need to do, they finish their missions for the next three days easily. They are all tested by a gigantic boss, a robot known as F-16 Bigfoot. They barely survive, but the tough fight increases their ratings exponentially. Mr. D moves them up a rank to a nicer living place. There they meet Lakitu, Watt, and Rawk Hawk, who all need their help to escape the arena. They agree and the team fights on.

Meanwhile, in Arkham Asylum, Mr. D breaks out Joker in exchange that he fights in Battle Theater. Joker agrees and the two escape from the Asylum while battling guards. They are soon attacked by future Batman who ended up in the asylum somehow. Although Joker defeats Batman, Mr. D surprises Joker and attacks him, taking him away while Batman escapes. Swearing to capture Batman, D returns to the arena as the team works their way up by beating missions until they reach the next level. Scared by how fast they are moving up, D casts a spell on Joker to enhance him and send him out to battle the heroes.

The others, who have now recruited Tingle, Samus, Galleom, and Duon, are attacked by this Titan Joker in their relaxing in their break room. The team stalls the foe while Tingle and Samus go to get help. They reach Mr. D and inform him of the attack. D, acting like he didn't send Titan Joker out, comes back and casts a spell on him to send him away to a private facility. The team, who saved many people, and joined by the great Sora, Ulala, and Sly. They go on more missions and after beating Metal Overlord, move on to the next rank. Metal Overlord is destroyed, but D reconstructs him on the conditions that Overlord uses his powers to collect data from the Batman of the future. Overlord heads out and chases Batman to a dark and isolated island.

Batman meanwhile, has to land on this island because his Batwing is out of fuel. He is attacked by wild animals and crazy hunters, but is able to hike up to the top of the Island, and is attacked by a lost girl, Lara Croft. After besting Croft, he explains that he landed here as well. Saying that he can help her escape if she helps him find fuel, she joins up with him. However, Overlord attacks. The two work together and escape, reducing the Overlord to his original form. He is still able to escape though, with the two's DNA. D is happy, and takes the DNA, and brings it to a dark machine. Overlord asks what it is, but is shooed off. D modifies four heroes he kidnapped, Neku, Black Mage, and Bub and Bob to make them into a dark mash-up called Hybrid, who he prepares to use to fight the heroes.

Meanwhile, Batman and Lara find oil left behind by Overlord and bring it to the Batwing and fly off, where they fly to New York City. They part but are compelled to help when they overhear that Iron Man is looking for Wolverine, who he needs to create a healing elixir. Along with Iron Man, they follow clues to Storybrooke, Maine. They meet Mulder and Scully, FBI agents looking for the disappeared Emma Swan. They then set off on a ship across the seas to try and find who they are missing.

The team at the arena complete even more difficult missions and reach Hybrid. Hybrid proves to be a true challenger, but the team combines their strengths to destroy the abomination. Destroyed, Neku, Black Mage, Bub and Bob all are blasted away. D is angry as he lost all of the data so far. Seeking to quickly find a solution before the heroes reach the top, D heads off to find a powerful magician. The others, who set off to sea, land at D's private facility. They fight through the facility, surrounded by guards and infiltrate it, finding all who they looked for after going through the enormous prison. However, Titan Joker breaks out and attacks the heroes who must escape. They leave, but the monster destroys a gas tank which kills all of them.

The arena team is joined by Zuko, Luke Skywalker, and Indiana Jones after besting all of them. They move up the ranks and discover the machine that created Hybrid and see what D has done. Ready to confront him, they wait for him to come back to defeat him and escape. In the Underwhere, the heroes who died and Joker wake up split apart. The heroes venture through and meet Queen Jaydes, alerting them that someone has infiltrated the depths of the Underwhere, known as D. Saying that they'll stop him if she allows them to go deeper. She grants this wish and they set off, making it to Dimentio's prison. They find D and Dimentio, who are about to escape. D and Dimentio use their magic together and are unbeatable, until Joker attacks them with laughing gas, allow the heroes to battle the two. D accidentally sends the heroes back to the mortal realm as the two laugh. They snap out of it later and realize what happened, and quickly go back to the arena.

However, the team is waiting for them. D tells them that Dimentio forced him to do it. After beating Dimentio, they learn the truth and join up with Dimentio. D hides away, so they are forced to go on more missions with two ranks left. They beat the next rank and take out Giga Bowser and are joined by JOS, Vivian, and Scribble. The other team wakes up on a bench with Mickey hats and Ice Cream Sandwiches. They explore and realize that they are in Disney World. Joker goes off to ride the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ride and the others follow him, and find Joker dizzy from riding. They get on as well, but learn that in the back is Mr. D, who seeks to recruit the 7 Dwarves who have gotten a lot of attention of late from their new ride. The gamer gives them even more publicity by playing the game, but they see through D's nice exterior and join the team as they battle in the mine carts. Mr. D escapes and they chase him to the Wasteland. They find that D has brainwashed Oswald, who is assaulting Donald. With Donald, they defeat him and Oswald is restored. However, D has already gone. The team journey to Mickeyjunk Mountain, where after battling the Phantom Blot, they are helped by the Goblins who fly them to Virginia. A mysterious spirit inside of a tree warns the team that a darkness has risen, trying to corrupt Pocahontas. They head out to the port and find that Governor Ratcliffe has kidnapped her, and D is trying to "rescue" her. They battle Ratcliffe and his minions and succeed, but D has escaped. They save Pocahontas, but find that D has already left across the riverbend to Nintendo of America's headquarters. Meanwhile, the arena team beat the final rank(and are joined by Spider Man, Lobo, Doctor Doom, and Wonder Woman) and defeat Darkside, waiting now to fight the champion.

The others make it to Nintendo of America where they meet Cranky Kong, Kirby, and Mewtwo. They learn that the president, Reggie has been kidnapped and is being held at the highest floor. After beating various enemies from Nintendo games, they make it to the final floor and discover many other heroes being held. They try to attack, but D stops them by creating a Mii abomination with the features of all the heroes kidnapped called MIIIII. MIIIII is defeated but has learned the powers of all of the others. D cackles as he teleports away. The heroes free all of the other characters.  Reggie thanks them for their help and summons the Fils A Mech to fly them to the Battle Theater arena.

Meanwhile, the champion, Piantissimo II arrives. However, before the battle even begins, MIIIII appears and knocks Piantissimo II off the arena. Mr. D chuckles and congratulates the heroes for how well they've done, but reveals his true goals. D is tired of being the manager and is now prepared to become the champion. Saying that in previous years he was not able to qualify, but now with access to the powers and DNA of the heroes, he's unstoppable. Now going to defeat the heroes to become the undisputed champion, a giant battle begins. TBA



There are 25 default characters.

Image Name Series Description/Supers
StickBattleTheather Stick Battle Theater

A simple stick man of sorts. He can attack with basic fighting moves as well as baseballs bats and basic weapons.


Level 1: Super Punch: Stick punches the foe with a lot of power to send them back.

Level 2: Home Run: Stick hits the foe with a baseball bat with a lot of power to send them flying.

Level 3: Missile Madness: Stick blasts the foe with machine guns and grenades, then shoots a bazooka at the foe to send them flying as he sends a missile to attack the foe. This rockets the foe even higher until Stick summons a rocket ship that completely obliterates the foe in space.

Rawk Hawk Super Mario

FEEEEEEEEEEEEL THE RAWWWWWWWWWWK! Rawk Hawk is pretty slow but powerful. He can attack with basic fighting maneuvers, as well as annoying taunts.


Level 1: Crystal Shine: Rawk Hawk puts on the fake Crystal Star Belt to attract attention.

Level 2: Crystal Belt: Rawk Hawk puts on the real Crystal Star belt to attract a lot of attention.

Level 3: Crystal Star: Rawk Hawk uses the Crystal Star Generator to grow to a large size, upgrading his attack, defense, and attracting as much attention as the Level 2 super.

LakituWatching Lakitu Super Mario

The lucky lakitu that got to capture Mario's adventure on the Nintendo 64. He attacks with basic lakitu attacks, throwing spinies and such, and can also use his camera.


Level 1: Camera Clash: The Lakitu captures the foe doing something odd, bringing down the opponent's ratings.

Level 2: Hook: The hook from Mario Kart picks up the foe and throws them off the stage.

Level 3: Spiny Flurry: Lakitu tosses 20 spinies at the foe.

120px-Watt-SPM Watt Super Mario

A baby girl may not sound particularly frightening, but Watt can sure fight. She can paralyze foes temporarily or swoop down at high speeds. This hyper Lil' Sparky is fast, can float, and is made for defense, but isn't the strongest. She has a certain electric energy about her. Get it? hehehehehehehe


Level 1: Piercing Blow: Watt dashes into the foe at high speeds, disregarding any defense and kncoking the foe into the sky.

Level 2: Star Power: Watt bursts into joy, blinding enemies temporarily, and rewarding a lot of attention.

Level 3: Turbo Shock: Watt takes in a lot of electricity to increase attack and then releases all of it, paralyzing all foes.

Tingle Artwork (Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland) Tingle The Legend of Zelda

Ummm. I wasn't exactly expecting the lovable fairy man to show up either. He's a lightweight with an okay air game, as he can float with his balloon. He can attack with various dances or summon bodyguards.


Level 1: Balloon Bye-Bye: Tingle attaches a ballon to a foe that sends them floating away. Can be broken easily.

Level 2: Bombastic Balloon: Tingle sends the foe away on a large air balloon. Can be broken if hit 10 times.

Level 3: Tingle's Freshly Picked Rupee Tower: Tingle's tower from "Freshly Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland" pops out of the ground to send the foe flying. Cannot be broken or dodged.

Samus garridk Samus Metroid

While not the most popular heroine of gaming, Samus is well known and a powerhouse. In her armor she is a heavy character, but she can switch to Zero Suit Samus to become lightweight.


Level 1: Zero Suit/Armor On:Samus takes her armor on or off.

Level 2: Zero/Powerhouse: If Zero Suit Samus, the player will become incredibly quick and electric temporarily. If Samus, the player will become invincible but heavy for a while.

Level 3: Power Suit: This super is shared. When used, metal pieces and terrain and items will be pulled to Samus to heal her and increase her defense,  attack, and size, but slowing her down.

Galleom Galleom Super Smash Bros.

A Subspace Army tank and warmonger fought in SSBB. He's a heavy big character, albiet made a bit smaller then in his debut. He can blast missiles and slam down on foes.


Level 1: Charge: Galleom hurls himself at the opponent. Very powerful, but can send Galleom off the edge of the stage.

Level 2: Galleom Tank: Galleom becomes his tank form temporarily. This is similar to the Landmaster final smash in SSBB.

Level 3: Subspace Bomb: Galleom grabs the foe and uses his Subspace bomb to instantly knock the foe away, as well as himself. It is extremely powerful but hurts Galleom's ratings as well.

Duon Duon Super Smash Bros.

Alongside Galleom, Duon is one of the Subspace Army's enforcers. Duon is less strong and focuses on ranged attacks as well as speed. Duon can shoot lasers, vaccuum opponents, and wheel into them. He's slightly uncontrollable though.


Level 1: Red Side: Duon focuses on his red side, becoming much more fast and invincible.

Level 2: Blue Side: All damage done is lessened, Duon has double attack, and he can throw mines in the air. However, he is slower.

Level 3: Duon: Duon has all of the effects from both of the forms except for being slower.

113px-ASR Ulala
Ulala Space Channel 5

The little-known space reporter from Space Channel 5, Ulala is a quick fun character who earns ratings very easily, but is slippery, fast, and weak. She attacks with her two guns, microphone, and dances.


Level 1: Dance: Ulala dances to attract a lot of ratings.

Level 2: Taunt: Ulala taunts the opponent to draw them in, where she sucks up their ratings from them.

Level 3: Space Channel 5: Ulala commentates the match while Evila fights for her, gaining large amounts of ratings.

SSBBRZS SlyCooper Sly Sly Cooper

A legendary thief. Sly is agile and quick, and can steal, sneak around in barrels, and use his cane in battle.


Level 1: Steal: Sly steals an item or ratings from the foe.

Level 2: Thieve: Sly takes double the ratings as well as an item, if the opponent has one.

Level 3: Heist: Sly's crew attacks, stealing 50% ratings from the foe, as well as special points, and an item, if the opponent has one.

SoraKH3 Sora Kingdom Hearts

An amateur upbeat teenager who wields the Keyblade. He is a bit floaty, but can fly. He uses magic and his Keyblade in battle.


Level 1: Kingdom Hearts: Sora rockets forward and attacks with Kingdom Hearts.

Level 2: Kingdom Hearts II: Sora and Roxas team up, doing double damage.

Level 3: Kingdom Hearts III: The new pirate ship ride attack is used to take the opponent away.

250px-Lara Croft (remake timeline) Lara Croft Tomb Raider

A young woman who had to survive on a dangerous island. She's a reboot of another character, designed more realistically. She's athletic and fast, and relies on ranged attacks like her bow and arrow.


Level 1: 2013: Lara Croft fires multiple arrows at the foe.

Level 2: 1996: Lara turns into her polygonal counterpart and shoots foes with her duel pistols.

Level 3: 2006: Lara turns into her Underworld version and shoots a rocket launcher at the foe.

Blackmage Black Mage Final Fantasy

A diminutive quick wizard. This specific Black Mage attacks with various spells and his staff. He's a bit floaty and weak, but is speedy and small.


Level 1: Doom: If successful, a counter of one minute will count down and when it reaches 0, the foe will instantly die.

Level 2: Death: Although it often misses, if successful, the foe will instantly die.

Level 3: Level 5 Death: It almost always misses, but if successful takes two lives from the foe.

Neku Neku The World Ends With You

An antisocial teenager dragged into "The Game". He runs around and uses his partners to attack in battle, as well as Psychokinesis. Neku is balanced.


Level 1: Multipin: Neku uses Pyrokinesis, Ice Blow, and Psychokinesis simultaneously.

Level 2: Polypin: Neku uses Force Rounds, Lightning Bolt, and Cure simultaneously.

Level 3: Pin Storm: Neku uses all the pins from Level 1 and 2 at the same time.

Bubandbob Bub and Bob Bubble Bobble

Two dragons who must brave 100 floors to rescue their girlfriends. They fight uniquely similar to the Ice Climbers, in a duo. They are small and quick and attack with chain attacks and blow bubbles.


Level 1: Bubbles: Bub and Bob spit out five bubbles.

Level 2: Multibubbles: Bub and Bob spit out 10 bubbles.

Level 2: Mega Bubble: Bub and Bob blow out a bubble that covers the entire screen.

IronManSprite Iron Man Marvel Comics

Tony Stark is Iron Man, an armored high-tech superhero. He can fly around and is pretty balanced. He attacks with repulsors and lasers.


Level 1: Mark I: Iron Man gets in the clunkier Mark 1 suit and uses a flamethrower to set the whole stage on fire.

Level 2: War Machine: Iron Man uses the War Machine armor to blast missiles across the screen.

Level 3: Extremis: Iron Man uses the Extremis armor to double his attack, speed, and boost his ratings slowly over time.

WolverineSprite Wolverine Marvel Comics

Wolverine is a mysterious dark man of many names and eras. He fights for the Mutants with his claws, healing powers, and more. In battle, he can use his powers(except for healing factor, which is used in his Supers) and is a fast fighter.


Level 1: Heal: Wolverine regains any ratings that he just lost.

Level 2: Regeneration: Wolverine heals his ratings over time.

Level 3: Healing Factor: Wolverine reaches full ratings immediately.

180px-Batman (Terry McGinnis)
Batman (Terry McGinnis) DC Comics

The Batman of the future, Terry McGinnis isn't as experienced and much more brash. Terry is fast and stealthy, although not as strong. He can use gadgets and his claws in battle.


Level 1: Batcave Contact: Terry calls the Batcave and recieves a large package with an item, super points, and ratings.

Level 2: Batsuit: Terry is given the Batsuit that Batman uses, disabling most gadgets and making him slower, but increasing his attack to twice as powerful.

Level 3: Exosuit: Terry gets his Exosuit, enabling all gadgets and tripling his attacks.

Joker DC Comics

Legend says that a mediocre comic went to a notorious villain after the death of his family and a tragic accident in a vat of chemicals. The Joker is quick and attacks fast although not very strong. He is very triumphant and garners more ratings. He can use various props, knives, guns, and bombs in battle.


Level 1: Confetti Bomb: Joker throws an oversized bomb that blows the foe away.

Level 2: Joker Hammer: Joker uses a warhammer and slams it around crazily, creating shockwaves and if it hits the foe, knocking them off the screen.

Level 3: Joker Gas: Joker blows up bombs everywhere on the stage releasing a large amount of Joker Gas. This has odd effects on the foe, making them walk backward, making them slow, poisoned, or more.

Mulder and Scully The X-Files

FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully belong to the X-Files section. The two fight in a duo like Bub and Bob but overall play more like Batman, because they are of average height and attack fastly. They use firearms. I WANT TO BELIEVE.


Level 1: Double Fire: The two shoot together, doing double damage.

Level 2: Lone Gunman: The Lone Gunman attack, doing triple damage.

Level 3: I Want to Believe: A UFO abducts the opponent, instantly making them lose a life.

Emma Swan Once Upon A Time

Daughter of Snow White. Emma plays like Mulder and Scully, except solo. She attacks with magic, guns, and her sword.


Level 1: Curse: Emma disables the foe from using special attacks.

Level 2: Super Curse: Emma disables the character from being able to attack at all.

Level 3: Ultra Curse: Emma immediately makes the foe disappear, making them lose a life.

Zuko Avatar: The Last Airbender

Once the evil son of Fire Lord Ozai, Zuko broke free to restore order to the world and joined up with Team Avatar. Zuko is balanced and can use fire in his attacks and can change into the Blue Spirit to attack with swords.


Level 1: Combustion: Zuko lights the foe on fire. This lasts for a while and does constant damage.

Level 2: Blue Combustion: Zuko uses combustion with a blue flame, lasting the same but doing double damage.

Level 3: Green Combustion: Zuko uses combustion with a green flame lasting twice as long and doing triple damage.

LukeSKywalker Luke Skywalker Star Wars

Luke Skywalker is the son of Anakin Skywalker(aka Darth Vader), and a powerful Jedi master. Luke uses his lightsaber and the force in battle, and is average.


Level 1: X-Wing: Luke temporarily gets inside his X-Wing, where he can fly and shoot enemies.

Level 2: Snowspeeder: Luke gets inside the Snowspeeder, which is the same as the X-Wing but bombs can be shot and a cable can be used to pick up things.

Level 3: Millenium Falcon: Luke gets in the Millenium Falcon which is larger, faster, and does triple damage.

300px-Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones Indiana Jones

The amazing archealogist, this adventurer is from his younger incarnation. He attacks with his whip and firearms. Indiana is a bit slower and weaker then the regular characters, but uses his knowledge to his advantage.


Level 1: Temple of Doom: Indi hops in a mine-cart. This super works similarly to Captain Falcon's final smash in SSBB.

Level 2: Raiders of the Lost Ark: Indiana opens the ark, instantly knocking out anyone in the radius.

Level 3: The Last Crusade: Indiana takes the Holy Grail and becomes invincible for 1 minute.


Jesus of Suburbia American Idiot

The representative from Jingletown has the floor! JOS attacks with singing, drugs, and propaganda. He's weak and slower then most characters, but his moves earn more ratings.


Level 1: Whatsername: Using his love for Whatsername, JOS recovers ratings.

Level 2: St. Jimmy: Using drug-fueled rage, JOS doubles his attack temporarily.

Level 3: Son of Rage and Love: Using his father's rage and his mother's love, JOS temporarily doubles his attack and recovers ratings.


There are 25 unlockable characters(all characters can also be unlocked by having them join you in story mode).

Image Name Series Description/Supers/How to Unlock
ScribbleNew Scribble Battle Theater

A failed clone of Stick made by a slip of the hand. Scribble walks slowly, has weaker attacks, and has floaty jumps, but every attack done adds a unique negative status effect to the foe.


Level 1: Slippy Punch: Stick's Super Punch, but diagonal rather then horizontal.

Level 2: Flaming Bat: Same as Home Run, but with a fiery bat that burns the foe constantly when they land.

Level 3: Black Sheep: Scribble skips around for a while, causing all controls to reverse and putting the whole stage on fire. Then, he makes the player fall asleep, and wakes them up with a stampede of Black Sheep.

How to Unlock

Die 50 times as Stick.

DimentioSuperPaperMario Dimentio Super Mario

Pleaser of crowds, Dimentio! You'll want to remember his name well as he is a lightweight character who can use blows that are weak but fast, like tiny jackhammers wielded by tiny angry roadworkers and can teleport and fly across the screen. He attacks with magic, like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium!


Level 1: Dimension D: Dimentio triples both his and the foe's attack.

Level 2: Super Dimentio: Dimentio turns into Super Dimentio temporarily where he can fire missiles, do a super jump, but is slow and cannot fly. This form has double defense and double attack.

Level 3: Chaos Heart: Dimentio uses the Chaos Heart to insantly KO the foe.

How to Unlock

Create a battle in Brawl between Joker and Black Mage.

Vivian Vivian Super Mario

The youngest and nicest of the Shadow Sirens three joins the battle. Vivian floats around the stage, attacking with firey magic and hiding in the shadows. Vivian is a shorter and faster character who deals damage over time and uses magic.


Level 1: Infatuate: Using a love spell, Vivian makes the foe confused for one minute.

Level 2: Firey Jinx: Vivian sets the whole stage on fire temporarily.

Level 3: Super Bob-omb: Vivian accidentally drops the Super Bob-omb, causing a stage-wide explosion that will knock the enemy off the screen.

How to Unlock

Play 100 brawl matches as Watt

250px-MarioSuperSluggersPianta Pianta Super Mario

Piantas are the kind-hearted residents of Isle Delfino. This one in specific has been recently praised as a god by the Pianta Cult on the Fantendo wiki. He uses brute force and heavenly powers to attack, but is quite slow and takes double damage from fire attacks. As such, Vivian is a worthy opponent.


Level 1: Followers of HIM: The cult attack in Pianta masks (ala Piantissimo) doing rapid damage from all angles. However, this is pretty weak.

Level 2: Pianta Statue:The Delfino Plaza statue rises up from the ground, stage-wide. This pushes all fighters off of the screen.

Level 3: Pianta, Our Lord and Savior: The Pianta rises up into the heavens and steals all ratings from the foes trapped in the light beams he shines down.

How to unlock our savior

Put the cheat code "PRAY" in the Cheat Code mode.

Pgman Polygon Man PlayStation

A forgotten character left behind by Sony, Polygon Man wishes to use his awful looking graphics to take over the universe and destroy the PlayStation All-Stars. Polygon Man is a heavy slow character that flies around and attacks with character duplicates, lasers, punches, and polygons to attack.


Level 1: PlayStation: Crash Bandicoot , the original Polygon Man, Spyro, and Sir Daniel Fortesque attack at the same time.

Level 2: PlayStation 2: Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank, and the other characters attack at the same time.

Level 3: PlayStation 3: Kat, Colonel Radec, and Nathan Drake (as well as all the characters from before) attack at the same time.

How to Unlock

Buy at the store for 1000 coins(can only be bought after playing as Sly for the first time)

Dartmonkeybt Dart Monkey Bloons Tower Defense

The basic defender and enemy of bloons. Dart Monkey crawls and climbs around like a monkey would and attack with various darts and blasters.


Level 1: Dart Party: Dart Monkey throws 10 darts out at all directions.

Level 2: Catapult: Dart Monkey gets in the background for a limited amount of time and can throw giant rolling spike balls.

Level 3: Juggernaut: Dart Monkey throws one gigantic stage-wide, rolling spike ball.

How to Unlock

Buy at the store for 500 coins.

Scott-Pilgrim1 Scott Pilgrim Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

A 23-year old drummer who falls in love with the beautiful Ramona, and must defeat her 7 exes. He's an average quick fighter who fights rapidly with various video-game weapons and skills.


Level 1: Nega Scott: Scott and his doppleganger battle together, temporarily doubling Scott's attack.

Level 2: The Band: Stephen and Kim join Scott, tripling Scott's attack temporarily.

Level 3: The Seven Exes: The 7 and Scott attack at the same time to do massive damage.

How to Unlock

Play as all video game characters.

150Mewtwo Mewtwo Pokémon

An experiment designed to clone Mew, Mewtwo is a ferocious feline-like Pokémon that likes to stay around caves as a challenge to expert trainers. Mewtwo can use various psychic and energy moves, mainly the ones from SSB  Melee. Mewtwo is heavy and slow, but powerful.


Level 1: Mega Mewtwo X: Mewtwo temporarily evolves into Mega Mewtwo X! In this form he's slow but has double attack.

Level 2: Mega Mewtwo Y: Mewtwo temporarily evolves into Mega Mewtwo Y! In this form, he can fly and is invincible.

Level 3: Armored Mewtwo: Mewtwo dons his armor to become the legendary Armored Mewtwo (known sometimes as Mewthree). In this form he has all of the power his other two super gift.

How to Unlock

Play 20 hours total of Brawl.

MetalStick Metal Stick Battle Theater

The TOTALLY ORIGINAL DONUT STEEL character that is nothing at all like his brother, Stick. Okay, maybe he uses some of his moves. Alright, all of them. But at least he's a heavy high-defense lava immune character. Too bad he's so slow. He's still awesome!


Level 1: Rocket Punch: Although it goes faster then Super Punch and across the stage, it can accidentally let Metal Stick fall off of the stage on a small stage.

Level 2: Chromatic Bat: Metal Stick strikes with a slow heavy hit, that if successful earns 30% ratings.

Level 3: Metallic Madness: Metal Stick uses a magnetic ray to lure all metal onto him and releases, causing an explosive blast.

How to Unlock

Play 100 matches as Stick.

Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie) Banjo and Kazooie Banjo-Kazooie

The bear and bird are ready to fight. Banjo and Kazooie fight together, although Kazooie is inside Banjo's backpack. Banjo attacks with punches, kick, and jumps, and can use Kazooie to shoot eggs and fly. They are balanced.


Level 1: Banjo Show: Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo Jumbo all play together to gather some ratings.

Level 2: Bottle's Ghost: Bottle's Ghost attacks, freezing the foe ice cold and making them constantly drop ratings.

Level 3: Nuts and Bolts: Banjo and Kazooie order pizza and sit around, becoming fat and washed up. In this form, they are slow and fat but do double damage and can attack with Lego cars.

How to Unlock

Buy for 1000 coins.

Kirbyaasfghl;ujytrfdavb tgbtreagfvaegdadrgsdageafbsfbpoop

Kirby Kirby

A pink popopo from the planet Pop Star. Kirby is a lightweight who can puff around. Kirby attacks with copy abilities, swords, hammers, and more.


Level 1: Copy Super: Kirby does the foe's Level 1 super moves.

Level 2: Mega Sword: Kirby sweeps the stage with his sword.

Level 3: Consume: Kirby swallows the stage and the foe whole, taking in all items and stealing a lot of ratings.

How to Unlock

Fight the Level 1 CPU 100 times.

CrankyKong Cranky Kong Donkey Kong Country

Once a carpenter's pet, Cranky is now an old man who still goes on adventures every once and a while. Cranky Kong is rather slow and can't jump as well due to his old age and cane. However, he can jump on spikes with his cane and bounce around. He can attack with various DKC power-ups and his cane. 


Level 1: Balloon Revival: Cranky uses a Balloon to revive himself with 20% ratings when he dies.

Level 2: Kong Family: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, and Dixie Kong all attack with Cranky.

Level 3: Donkey Kong: Cranky turns into 8-Bit Donkey Kong and is able to throw barrels all across the screen.

How to Unlock

Put in the cheat code 1981.

Ultimate-Marvel-vs.-Capcom-3-MVC3-Character-Render-spider-man Spider-Man Marvel Comics

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Spidey is a quick acrobatic fighter who has weak but fast attacks. He can attack with various web weapons like a hammer, trap, and glob.


Level 1: Webstopper: Spider-Man traps the foe in a giant web, freezing them for 30 seconds.

Level 2: Symbiote: Spider-Man gets the symbiote suit, doubling attack and making him faster but drains ratings. He can drain the ratings from foes in this form.

Level 3: Shattered Dimensions: Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, and Spider-Man 2099 attack at the same time, quadrupling Spider-Man's attack temporarily.

How to Unlock

Play as Marvel characters 1000 times.

DrDoomFull Doctor Doom Marvel Comics

Victor Von Doom was horribly disfigured in an awful accident. Now, he wears a dark mask and green cloak and works for world domination, battling the Fantastic Four and now heroes across Earth-616. Doom is a slow fighter who attacks with brute strength and machines.


Level 1: Force Field: Doctor Doom creates a shield to make him invincilbe for 30 seconds.

Level 2: Doombot: Doctor Doom is replaced by a Doombot for one minute.

Level 3: Time Platform: Doctor Doom travels back into time to get full ratings back.

How to Unlock

Play as Iron Man 100 times.

Lobo DC Comics

Lobo is a merciless bounty hunter from the planet Czarnia. Lobo is a slow and heavy fighter who attacks with his hook, bombs, guns, and Space Hog.


Level 1: Copy: Lobo creates a clone of himself who attacks with Lobo, temporarily doubling his attack.

Level 2: The Last Czarnian: Lobo releases a bunch of flying scorpions to attack the foe.

Level 3: Too Annoying for the Afterlife: When killed, Lobo will return with 60% ratings.

How to Unlock

Kill every other character at least once.

Wonder Woman DC Comics

A demigodess and child of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, sent to Earth to protect mortals. Wonder Woman is a balanced fighter who attacks with her lasso and attacks from the gods.


Level 1: Amazon Warrior: An Amazonian warrior assists WW, temporarily doubling her attack.

Level 2: Zeus' Bolts: Zeus shoots down 5 large lightning bolts at the foe.

Level 3: For Amazon: The Amazonians stampeded the stage, charging with their spears to do massive damage.

How to Unlock

Buy for 1000 coins.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones

The bastard son of Ned Stark. Jon Snow has joined the Night's Watch to protect the world from White Walker and Wildlings. Jon is a heavy fighter who uses his sword, a bow, and his horse.


Level 1: The Wall: The Wall comes up, launching foes away.

Level 2: Super Slash: Jon Snow hops onto his horse, rides forward, and slashes with power to knock foes away.

Level 3: Wildling Storm: Wildlings break through the wall, storming the stage and doing massive damage.

How to Unlock

Enter the code "ALLMENMUSTDIE".

Donald Original Outfit Donald Duck Disney

Expecting Mickey Mouse? Aw phooey! Donald is a fast but weak character and a coward. He can do a flutter jump. Donald can switch between his KH form, QuackShot form, and Nazi form.


Level 1: Temper Tantrum: Donald storms around angrily, and although the player loses control, he will do massive damage to foes caught in the storm.

Level 2: Trinity Limit: Donald, Goofy, and Sora attack at the same time, tripling Donald's attack.

Level 2: Nephew Love: The triplets assist Donald Duck, quadrupling his attack.

How to Unlock

Play as Sora 50 times.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Disney

Walt Disney's first original character. After a long hiatus, Oswald has re-appeared! Oswald is a fast but weak character like Donald, but can use various devices to attack with.


Level 1: Two Icons: Mickey assists Oswald, temporarily doubling Oswald's attack.

Level 2: Oh, What a Knight: Oswald attacks with a bowling ball, his shadow, and a lion at the same time.

Level 3: Paint Fireworks: Gus, Mickey, and Oswald shoot paint covered fireworks across the stage, trapping the foe and earning a lot of ratings.

How to Unlock

Play as Disney characters 100 times.

Pocahontas Disney
Pocahontas Disney

Just around the riverbend, Pocahontas joins the scuffle! She's an average character who uses nature in battle, summoning animals, trees, wind, and water.


Level 1: Just Around the Riverbend: T'he stages fills up with water and Pocahontas rows into the foe, knocking them across the stage.

Level 2: Colors of the Wind: Pocahontas stands on a cliff and the wind blows the foe off the stage.

Level 3: If I Never Knew You: Pocahontas and John Smith attack rapidly at the same time, freezing the foe.

How to Unlock

Enter the code "POCAHONTAS"

The Seven Dwarves Disney

Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, and Dopey. Each dwarf has a varying personality, but they all fight together. They attack with pickaxes, and each can help with an ability that fits them. They are all short, fat, slow, and powerful.


Level 1: Heigh-Ho: The stage falls apart, except for a tree which the dwarves stand on, dropping the foe off of the stage.

Level 2: Everybody Pitches In: All seven of the dwarves attack at the same time to do a lot of damage.

Level 3: Mine Carts: The seven get in mine carts, trapping the foe on the rails, with every dwarf riding into the foe, knocking them off the stage.

How to Unlock

Collect all of their stickers.

Spongebob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants Nickelodeon

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and has a show that now sucks but used to be great? Of course, it's SpongeBob! SpongeBob is a lightweight fighter who floats around and attacks with his spatula and bubble weapons.


Level 1: BFFs: SpongeBob and Patrick attack together temporarily doubling his their attack.

Level 2: Jellyfishing: A group of Jellyfish follow the foe, constantly zapping them.

Level 3: Bubble Blast: SpongeBob creates 10 Bubble Bombs, obliterating the foe and stage.

How to Unlock

Use 5 Superstar moves in a match.

Wwowbt Wicked Witch of the West The Wizard of Oz

She really wants those ruby slippers. The witch is a heavy yet fast character who uses spells and flying monkeys to attack. However, she is incredibly weak to water and all water attacks will do double damage to her.


Level 1: The Wicked Witch is Dead: Dorothy's Trailer drops down on the stage.

Level 2: Curse You: The Witch hops upon a broom and sends down various explosives spells.

Level 3: Flying Monkey Brigade: The Flying Monkeys all swoop down on the stage, doing massive damage to the foe.

How to Unlock

Put in the cheat code "WICKED".

Hugh Jackman 2014 Hugh Jackman None

A famous actor most well known for his portrayle of Wolverine. He's a balanced character and attacks with the powers of the characters he portrays, such as Wolverine's claws, a Real Steel robot, and Jean Valjean's moves from ArmJoe.


Level 1: Revolution: Rebels from Les Miserables create a barricade around Hugh to protect him.

Level 2: Real Steel: The arena turns into a ring and a Real Steel robot repeatedly attacks the foe.

Level 3: X-Men: Cyclops, Pheonix, and Beast help Hugh, quadrupling Hugh's attack.

How to Unlock

Play as Wolverine 100 times.

Basic Mii LOLZ Mii Wii

The classical Mii. He takes the appearance and weight and height of the Mii you choose. However, his moves are not customizable and he can use different moves from Wii Sports and moves from various Nintendo games.


Level 1: Wii Bowling: Mii throws 3 Bowling Balls across the screen.

Level 2: Mii Party: Two Miis join Mii to triple his attack.

Level 3: Big Three: Mario, Link, and Pikachu assist Mii, quadrupling his attack.



There are 10 default venues.

Image Name Series Description
FinalDestinationSSBB Final Destination Super Smash Bros. The classical stage set in time and space, with no gimmicks, just straight brawling. This incarnation is from SSBB.
Gpbt2 Glitz Pit Super Mario Located on the flying city of Glitzville, the Glitz Pit is an interesting venue. Guest Stars are 20% more likely to appear in this stage and the stage is bordered by guards, who will throw you off the stage if you are knocked into them. The Glitz Pit reactor randomly appears, knocking characters on the stage away.
THE MOON The Moon The Legend of Zelda The Moon looming over Clock Town, this moon is actually much smaller and has lower gravity, although gravity increases as it begins to crash down into Termina. The Moon Children walk around stealing items as well.
Universe of Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts The universe of Kingdom Hearts 2. Riding the Gummi Ship, the battle will travel across 12 worlds. Twilight Town, Disney Castle, and the Realm of Darkness provide basic brawls; Hollow Bastion povides a moving fight across the Rising Falls, into the Dungeon, and lastly into the Great Hall; Dragons fly and strike in the Land of Dragons; Lumiere takes the player across Beast's Castle in a musical segment; in Olympus Colliseum, random bosses and enemies appear and must be battled to advance; in Atlantica, a rhythm minigame must be played to gain ratings; player ride across a turbulent ship in Port Royal; run from guards in Agrabah; travel across a spinning 2.5D roulette in Halloween Town; travel across the Elephant Graveyard while avoiding the stampeded in the Pride Lands and start all over.
Robot's Dungeon Bubble Bobble A 100-floor dungeon created by robots and ghosts, where Bub and Bob's girlfriends were held. Matches play out like a game of Bubble Bobble would. Players must compete and work together to destroy all enemies on stage to advance, whoever clears the last enemy gets a rating bonus. If the match exceeds 3 minutes, a Ghost will appear to instantly KO whoever it touches. If floor 100 is reached, the match ends, giving the win to whoever came closest.
330px-StarkTowerAvengers Stark Towers Iron Man HQ of Stark Industries, Stark Towers has been through some stuff. Players start out at the bottom floor for a calm relaxed beginning, and are sent up with the elevator into an area where Iron Man suits are held. Watch out for various drones attacking! The battle soon shifts a few floors, where Loki and the Chitauri attack. Finally, the fight reaches the top, where beams of energy rain down and large Leviathans on the small rooftop.
Batcave Batman + Batman Beyond The dark lair of the dark knight. The fight begins with a wave of bats, and takes the fight through time, with Joker attacking and the batmobile racing around. Later on, the Batcave ages into it's Batman Beyond counterpart, with the Exosuit attacking.
Storybrooke Once Upon A Time An everyday city at first, the fight heats up as the curse is broken, taking the fight into a world of magic, castles, and dragons.
Death Star Star Wars That's no moon. The Death Star is a giant space station that starts out in it's first incarnation, with stormtroopers attacking, and soon goes into it's second form, where it is uncomplete and you fight in the Emporer's room.
250px-Avatar World map
The Four Nations Avatar: The Last Airbender Earth, Fire, Water, Air. These are the four nations. The fight circles through each of the nations, on a slippery iceberg in the Water Nation, a village consumed by earthquakes in the Earth Nation, a high-up temple in the Air Nation, and lastly Ozai's burning airship in the Fire Nation.


There are 10 unlockable stages. 9/10

Image Name Series Description/How to Unlock
Paper Arena The Arena Super Mario

The famous Battle Theater arena. It has no gimmicks but does house guest stars more often and has a higher chance of audience participation.

How to Unlock

Complete That Umbrella Show.

Flipside Flipside Tower Super Mario A gateway to 8 dimensions at the very top of Flipside. The stage seems to be like Final Destination at first, but enter a door to go into a small sub stage with various enemies and puzzles. But be careful, the Void grows across the fight, and if it exceeds 3 minute, the Void will swallow the stage and the player will have to fight there.

How to Unlock

Fight as Dimentio 100 times.

Delfino Plaza Delfino Plaza Super Mario The hub of the great Isle Delfino. The stage is large and the players must make use of the fruit, gondolas, and chucking Piantas to win. Just don't get knocked to high, or you'll fall into Corona Mountain.

How to Unlock

Fight as Pianta 100 times.

HGSS Cerulean Cave-Day Cerulean Cave Pokémon A mysterious cave only open to the best of trainers. It houses the powerful Pokémon Mewtwo. It's a large and maze like stage with various areas. Players will have to avoid powerful Pokémon and even face Mewtwo if they are able to find the core of the cave.

How to Unlock

Fight as Mewtwo 100 times.

Glbt Gruntilda's Lair Banjo-Kazooie The lair of the evil witch Gruntilda. The fight begins in the main room with no gimmicks. However, go through a door and you'll enter a new world, each with their own gimmicks. Complete them all to visit the roof of the lair, where Gruntilda will attack and Jinjo statues can be used to fight.

How to Unlock

Fight as Banjo and Kazooie 100 times.

HalberdSega Halberd Kirby Meta Knight's gigantic airship. Players fall onto the deck from a Warp Star and than advance to the interior where they are given swords as Meta Knight attacks. Beat him and move onto the reactor. Break it, and the Halberd will crash into the ocean, where Dyna Blade will randomly strike.

How to Unlock

Fight as Kirby 100 times.

Dailybuglebattletheater The Daily Bugle Marvel Comics The HQ of the famous tabloid of New York, the Daily Bugle. Giant parade floats interrupt the battle as players must avoid crazy fans and fight in style. Peter Parker will also drop in sometimes to try and grab a pic, if he does you'll be stunned though.

How to Unlock

Fight as Spider-Man 100 times.

DisneylandMap Disneyland Disney A famous and beloved theme park. Fights begin on a Monorail into Disney Downtown, and from there players fight across all areas across rides each with different gimmicks.

How to Unlock

Play as Disney characters 400 times.

KrustyKrab Krusty Krab SpongeBob SquarePants

A popular resteraunt located in Bikini Bottom. Players have to watch out for Krabby Patties, wet floors, and the changing temperature. The fight sometimes even comes into the Krusty Hotel sometimes.

How to Unlock

Play as SpongeBob 100 times.







Lapis Edition

An exclusive cut made for the Lapis Wiki was created and released one year after Battle Theater. This edition features 5 additional characters, 5 new stages, three new modes, and much more.


  • Continuing the theme of a show, the character-select screen is a curtain, which opens when the battle begins. Winners are also shown down on by a spotlight.
  • Mewtwo's unlockable capabilites is a reference to SSB Melee.
  • The plot was partially inspired by Dreammix TV World Fighters and Rayman Raving Rabbids.


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